Terrific Tip Tuesday: Putting the Pull Back On


It’s Tuesday again! Time for another tip. You know the moment when you accidentally cut off the zipper pull?! If you’re like me, you realize it right as you’re doing it. If you’re The Guru, you calmly say “rats”. Rats doesn’t quite cover it for me. %*#? Once you’ve calmed down, this is what you do. Cut just a few teeth off of one side of the zipper pull.


Gently pull the pull back on. I say gently but it does take a bit of a tug. But don’t pull too hard! This is generally not the happiest of situations, so an angry gently. It will pop back on! Sometimes the teeth are a bit off so unzip and zip the zipper (without pulling the pull off!) and you’re back in business! In this project, they’re a bit misaligned, but the difference can be hidden in the seam allowance,


xo LC

3 thoughts on “Terrific Tip Tuesday: Putting the Pull Back On

  1. I have pulled the zipper pull right off on several occasions and have tried to put the pull back on… got frustrated and ripped the whole zipper off and started over. I hope I never do it again.. but you know that is in unrealistic land… I am going to pin this just in case.. Thanks! :)

  2. Thank you for this tip. I try to stay away of sewing in zippers since I stopped making garments and just quilt now :), but I will keep this in mind, for my next pouches I hope to make!!

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