Terrific Tool Thursday: Moda Match Maker

Before I even had this in my hot little hands, I knew it would be a Terrific Tool! It’s just such a genius idea…giant swatches of solids that easily separate so you can pull palettes. Thank you Moda

It’s called the Match Maker. I’m already plotting for next year’s Color Stories!! There’s even a little spot for notes on the back which would keep you organized during a big project. 

I scored this from Moda at Quilt Market, but they’re hitting stores now and are already available at Sew Lux.

xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Selvage Labels

Selvages are great! They can tell us who designed the fabric, who manufactured it, what it is called, what inks printed it and where it’s printed. And we throw it all away. A lot of folks have designed great quilts/totes/skirts/pillows/pinnies using them and I’ve saved mine (albeit in trash bags) with the best of intentions. But my favorite use of late is an addition to my quilt back or binding.


Here I showed all the selvages of all the lines I used. This is my City Sampled Quilt from a while back. 


Now we have another thing to hoard…

xo LC