Terrific Tip Tuesday: Batting Scraps

It’s time for another Terrific Tip Tuesday! Today’s tip is something I’ve heard about from quite a few people; it’s such a goodie though, I had to share. Whenever I make quilts, I always end up with a bunch of random batting scraps. Label the scraps with the approximate measurement and you’re far more likely to use them!

Remember, it’s always better to label on the small side of the measurement. You don’t want to be short! Lucky me, The Guru did it for me!

xo LC

5 thoughts on “Terrific Tip Tuesday: Batting Scraps

  1. Well, I guess I need to go measure the pile, because I really never look in it. Good idea to get me to use up my stash too.

  2. this is one of the best ways to be sure to use up those scraps — I also bundle like battings together if I have different kinds (in the past this has been the case but since i now buy batting on the roll not so much)

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