Visiting the Houston MQG

This weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting with the Houston MQG. It was nice to be in Houston at a time that Quilt Market wasn’t happening! First off, we ate a lot of tacos…it’s Texas, what did you expect? Next up was a trunk show with more delicious snacks. There are dark chocolate salted caramels. Kate is my favorite. These two items are directly related. (Photo credit to Hillary Jordan.)


And a little cutting demo. (Photo credit to Hillary Jordan.)


The workshop was the next day. I was a little impressed by the PowerPoint upcoming events calendar. I love borrowing awesome ideas from guilds I visit.


We worked on Georgia’s Dresden. Lots of dresden making went down. Here’s Patty and Frieda.


Love all the Reds!!


Kate crowned herself queen.


Not too sure what Stephanie crowned herself;) 


Love Jane’s finish with Patty’s fabric!


Debbie used TULA!! Debbie was also a completely hilarious tour leader and drove me all over Houston!

She’s already finished with her block! (Photo credit to Debbie Grosskopf.)


Loving the Blueberry Park!


Such a great group of gals! Can’t wait to see them again!!

xo LC

4 thoughts on “Visiting the Houston MQG

  1. Looks like a great time in Houston! Stay longer and head north next time! Loved the colors used!

  2. Hey, I see a quilty friend in the second pic; this is such a small world! The dresdens are beautiful! And, yes, besides the barbeque, the tacos are a must in H-town. Glad you enjoyed it and hope you visit again soon!

  3. Did your “driver” take you by The Beer Can House? It’s a must-see when you are in Houston!
    Love those dresdens –they are a must-try for me.

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