My Craftsy Class is LIVE

Well, not LIVE technically since I filmed it a few weeks ago. But it’s now available for purchase (Full disclosure: I get paid if you buy my class;) I’m pretty excited to tell you about my class, but honestly the best way to hear about it, is checking out the trailer here. It outlines the class and really gives you a preview of the information covered. Plus, there’s a picture of Mack the Chihuahua. Oh, did I mention that link gives you $20 off!?!


This class focuses on techniques to be an efficient piecer while maintaining accuracy. It’s full of ideas and tools to make things easier and more precise. There are two patterns included in the Class Materials to “practice” what you’ve learned but the class is designed for you to apply to all your projects! Here’s one of the included patterns.


It’s designed for Advanced Beginners and beyond! Basically, you should have successfully made a quilt before. Whether you’re on Quilt 2 or Quilt 92, you’ll discover something new!


Now that I’ve talked about the class, I should introduce you to Craftsy in case you’re not familiar! Craftsy is a site where you can learn all kinds of things, from photography to painting to gardening to cake decorating. (Hello, I will be master of the cupcake by summer’s end!) They also have a really great platform where you can share your projects. The best part about their classes is no expiration date. You can watch as many times as you want FOREVER. The site is interactive, so you’ll be able to make notes and post questions anytime. You can also see previously asked questions. I’m a successful graduate (that’s not a thing; I made it up) of a few Craftsy classes: Next Steps with your Walking Foot with Jacquie Gehring, Sewing Fashion Knits with Linda Lee & Start Foundation Paper Piecing with Elizabeth Dackson. These are just a few that I’ve enjoyed, you should check out the full catalogue!


I try to keep it real in the class and I think it’s a lot like taking a workshop from me in person. There’s a tense moment where I accidentally sew over a pin and freak out! HAHA! Sewing over pins is bad. It’s always bad. If you’re going fast, it can shoot up at you. And if you’re going slow, it can still knock your machine out of alignment. It’s bad.


I can’t wait to hear what y’all think and start answering questions! And seeing projects you’ve made!! Let me know:) Oh and the giveaway winner of the class is jansteffe, so check your email if that’s you!

xo LC


6 thoughts on “My Craftsy Class is LIVE

  1. Congratulations Lee! How exciting, your own Craftsy class!! I love following along on your quilting journey. (PS…I just signed up)! ;-)

  2. You go girl!! Congratulations Lee! Like Cathy above, I have just been thrilled to be following your journey :) I haven’t signed up yet, but soon! HUGS!

  3. I can’t wait to take this class! I LOVE Craftsy classes (bought one this morning on Brioche knitting!!). I love that you can slow the speed of the video; mark the video to review if you like something you see and watch it anytime you like. I know that yours will be great! (although you might not be the star if Mack is involved). This will be the first of many that you make…

  4. Started your class last night and it’s like you’re hanging out in my sewing room with me! So proud of you, friend! xoxo!

  5. I was thrilled to see you had a class on Craftsy when I logged in this morning. I was at the Wish Upon A Quilt retreat in March and you came and gave us a trunk show. It was outstanding! And I’m taking your class next weekend at Wish. Now I can have you in my sewing room with me? Yes please! Looking forward to it. Congratulations!

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