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During Quilt Market (I still need to write my recap!), I had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie from Quilt Addicts Anonymous. She has a fun website full of BOMs, tutorials and tons of cool quiltiness. Plus, she told me she is starting a new podcast called Sit & Sew Radio. Her background is in Communication/TV/Radio so it makes total sense. She used to work for NPR; so obviously I geeked out. Guess who her very first guest is…Me! You can listen to it here

It’s a fun episode! I was once again reminded that my brother and I have the same laugh and I only told about three cheesy jokes which is really low for me. Plus, the other two guests are really interesting! I’ve already extensively checked out the cool bobbin case that’s discussed. 

xo LC

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  1. The bobbin case is great but around $40 for a plastic storage bin is outrageous. That is just unbelievable – more ways to make sewing an expensive hobby.

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