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I’m beyond excited to share some big news with you today! I’m a BERNINA Ambassador!! I’ve been sewing on a BERNINA since birth so it’s no surprise that I still love them. I currently stitch on a BERNINA 530 Swiss Edition (It’s red and adorable!) and travel with a BERNINA 350 Special Edition. There are lots of reasons why it is my machine of choice, but it all comes back to this.


Perfect stitches every time. They’re straight. They’re consistent. I know exactly what I’m going to get. It’s all about the stitching. As I was thinking about sharing this news, I came up with a few ideas on what to talk about; there will be lots of fun things to come with this opportunity. There are some tutorials already in the works for the We All Sew blog that I’m pretty pumped to share. But I decided to talk about my favorite BERNINA feet. Here is my top five!

The #37
This little gem is commonly referred to as the quarter inch foot. Piecing for quilting would not be the same without it. It’s so easy to get a perfect 1/4″ seam every time! This foot basically lives on my machine. I get asked a lot why I use the 1/4″ foot without the guard. (The #57 has a guard along the right edge.) The easiest answer is that I’ve been using a 1/4″ foot longer than the #57 has been around. The other reason is that I can see everything better. I know exactly what the right edge of my foot looks like when the fabric is perfectly aligned with the foot. If you like the guard, use it! If you’ve never tried it, try it! You might find that the guard makes it easier for you. I’m a big believer in trying them all!


The #39
This is the foot I use for decorative stitching. I used to prefer an open toe foot (#20) until I discovered this perfect foot. It’s clear so you can easily see everything and it smooths out the fabric as it stitches. I’ve found with an open toe foot, you would get bunching of the fabric in the middle; that never happens with this foot. I use it for all of my machine appliqué and fancy stitching. There is a center red mark on this foot that is great for when I’m doing machine appliqué.


The #29
There are SO MANY options for free motion quilting feet! I’ve tried them all and this is the one that I come back to again and again. It’s not too large, but I find that it smooths the fabric as I work. It rarely gets hung up on a seam because the edges are slightly rounded. Plus, I can see everything because it is clear. I definitely recommend trying them all and finding what works for you.


The #54
If you’ve ever tried to stitch on vinyl, you’ll understand why a teflon foot is genius. The teflon makes the foot glide over the vinyl like it is fabric. I have the zipper teflon because most of the time that I am stitching on vinyl, I am putting in a zipper. I tend to use vinyl on pouches. It’s easy to straight stitch with the zipper foot when needed as shown here.


The #10
There is no way that I could write about my favorite feet and not mention the #10. Any comment that I’ve ever received on straight top stitching, I owe to this foot. It has a little guard that glides along the edge of the fabric so that your stitching is straight. It’s magical. Completely magical. You can also try a blind hem foot (#5 on BERNINA) as it has a similar guard. It’s not the same, but in a pinch, it works!


BONUS: The Walking Foot
I had to put in one more! We’ve all watched as the feed dogs move our fabric along from below. Well, the walking foot basically is a feed dog for the top of your fabric. It works well when there are multiple layers, such as straight line quilting. I use it a lot in bag making too!


This is where my feet live! This box came with the original 830 that my mother bought not long after I was born. She then passed it on to me. While I’ve moved on to newer machines, the box stayed.


Happy Stitching!

xx LC

12 thoughts on “BERNINA Ambassador 

  1. This is the best news! When I learned to make a pouch, I knew if i could find “that girl who taught me” I could buy ” one of those good machines”! Bernina should have contacted me and they would have come to their sense more quickly….So happy for you!

  2. Congratulations!! I am so proud of you and truly excited for you for this opportunity! Love you! E

  3. I also love my Bernina 530 Swiss Edition. It is so beautiful! I love the discussion of the feet, and I may add a teflon foot to my collection. My machine also came with the BSR foot for quilting, and I love it. I may try some of the other attachments one of these days, though. My sister inherited our mother’s Bernina, and it is still going strong at approximately 45 years old. I also have a Bernina that I bought from a school that had used it for HomeEc classes. It was great for my kids to learn on, and still works well.

  4. Yay you!!! Couldn’t have selected a bigger, better cheerleader!! Thanks for the info, I’ve sewn a Bernina for years, but a couple of those feet I haven’t tried, I will!!
    PS: you should include your blog addy for some of us who have new computers and it isn’t bookmarked yet or for new Bernina peeps. xo

  5. I first had a portable Singer that I took to college in the dark ages — the 60s — but have loved my first and second Berninas since I got the first one 25+ years ago. I use the 37 most, too, but mine is so old and oft moved on and off for the zipper foot or walking foot or whatever that the 37 is illegible. Somehow I always remember what it is regardless. I didn’t know about the 10 — that must go on my “to buy” list. Thank you for this list of your favorite feet. I constantly learn things from you.

  6. I usually sew on a Pfaff but I own one of those giant Berninas I refer to as Big Mama. Although I’ve taken a few classes I have yet to attempt to use it because I find the computer so daunting and because I know if something goes wrong I’ll have to get it to the dealer (it’s about 37 lbs) I wish I had stuck with my first idea, to get a smaller model.

  7. Congratulations! I love my Bernina 830 and I’m eager to try out some of these feet. I tend to only use the walking foot and the standard (I think it’s 00), but that 1/4 inch foot is fabulous! I sure hope I have one. And I’m gearing up to try free-motion quilting, so your suggestion there is invaluable. Thank you.

  8. Congratulations on being a Bernina Ambassador. I applied, but didn’t qualify. But I’m a huge Bernina fan! My first machine was the 830 in the red case, purchased for $650 one year after my mother had bought a Bernina 830 for $550! I still have mine, and wouldn’t consider parting with it! It’s a workhorse, kind of like owning a Featherweight, which I also have. Can’t have enough sewing machines can you? After being at QuiltCon, I’d love to trade in my Bernina 440 (won in 2012 for a Best of Show quilt at the Machine Quilter’s Showcase) for a 770 QE that I tried for the first time during QuiltCon. Bernina makes great – albeit, pricey! – sewing machines!

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