Terrific Tip Tuesday: Cutter Clean Up

Today’s tip is pretty simple, but also pretty life changing if you don’t know about it. I learned it from Adam, the awesome tech who works on my sewing machines. You can remove and clean out the cutter on the side of your machine. This might not be true for all machines, but if it’s true for yours, prepare to basically have a brand new cutter. This picture is of my BERNINA 530 and it works on my 350 as well!

Once you pull out all the thread, the cutter works perfectly!

xx LC

5 thoughts on “Terrific Tip Tuesday: Cutter Clean Up

  1. Works on my 440qe! Unfortunately I cut myself while putting back on…totally my fault as I hadn’t noticed the vertical knife had dropped slightly and was preventing the unit from sliding back in. Just pay attention;)

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