Terrific Tip Tuesday: Appliqué Cheat

When I make a quilt with lots of appliqué that I plan on densely quilting, I skip the actual appliqué. This quilt is dresdens that I glued down. Instead of stitching them down, either by hand or machine, I just started quilting. 

You’ll want to carefully stitch over each point and cross the edges frequently. This is a great trick to speed up a quilt full of appliqué!

xx LC

8 thoughts on “Terrific Tip Tuesday: Appliqué Cheat

  1. background white, and then the applique’s make the dresdens, correct? How many dresdens per quilt? What size quilt? Love the colors!

  2. I love this tip. I don’t usually do applique but just took a Shannon Brinkley class on scrappy applique, and I’d like to do the stitching down this way, with the quilting. Another great tip.

  3. Good tip, do you have a tutorial on how you place the applique for stabilizing it and how much you fold under? I am new to applique. Thank you.

  4. You’re right about going slow over the edges of the fabric. I’ve done this and it is SO easy for the foot to fold the edge back a tiny bit. But if done with care, it’s a great time saver! Thanks!

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