Five Years! It’s my Blogoversary GIVEAWAY

I woke up this morning to my calendar telling me it’s my Blogoversary! This was news on a few fronts: A. I definitely did not remember the date. B. I definitely had no idea that I had a calendar alert set for such a thing! C. How would I celebrate?! Here’s what I decided…it’s all about FIVES! 

There will be FIVE WINNERS who will choose FIVE PATTERNS each. All you have to do to enter is tell me your TOP FIVE in sewing! Top five what you might ask…whatever you want! You can name your top FIVE FABRIC DESIGNERS or your top FIVE SEWING TOOLS or your top FIVE PLACES for sewing inspiration! Plus you get FIVE BONUS entries if your list is something that no one else has listed! Creativity counts my friends:) Just leave your TOP FIVE in the comment section.

My trusty sidekick is napping now but he’s excited to read your entries and randomly draw FIVE WINNERS! Entries open for FIVE DAYS until June 21! I’ll be sharing some fun things during those five days. Get ready!

Entries are open internationally. One entry per person:) The winner will get to choose whichever FIVE May Chappell patterns that their heart desires!

xx LC

87 thoughts on “Five Years! It’s my Blogoversary GIVEAWAY

  1. Five favourite people to be with me when I sew…
    1) My kids
    2) Judith, my friend who only ever does anything by hand
    3) Margaret, from America but lately from around the world.
    4) The person I am making a quilt for, always awesome to have the person there to maybe help or even do a bit of sewing.
    5) Me, to enjoy the peace, process and sneeking love into every stitch.

  2. My top five favourite quilts I’ve made:
    1. The block I made in memory of a friend’s son, who was lost in 9/11. It became a part of the United in Memory quilt project. I made a replica of it as a wall quilt for the family.
    2. The 9/11 quilt I made for myself, to try & deal with the trauma of what happened.
    3. The lap sized rag quilt made with DaVinci themed fabric for myself. It took about 10 years before I ever made myself a quilt to sleep under. It took me 2 days to make it. Pedal to the metal!!
    4. The dog wall quilt I made for my son. It was my very first quilt when I was 22.
    5. The bulls eye made with aunt Gracie fabrics. The blocks are done, the top needs to be pieced. It’s a WIP.

  3. five favorites, finished is better then perfect, shop my way too big stash, making things for friends and family(mug rugs and bowl cozies), sewing for my doll collection, sewing for my biggest fan ( my husband of fifty years), finishing a quilt! congrats on 5 years

  4. My top 5 places to sew/quilt are with friends on retreat, with sewing pals at monthly sew days, with guild members at philanthropy days, at workshops where I’m learning new tips and making new friends, and by myself as I listen to podcasts. I think I could go on but you get the picture. Happy Blogiversary!

  5. Top five notions to aide in sewing:
    1. Awesome thread to compliment my awesome fabric
    2. Iron (I know right but sooo important)
    3. Tailor clap
    4. Me Ripit (seam ripper)
    5. Wine / music (they have just high priority 😁)

  6. Top five sewing moments –
    1. Finishing my first quilt and still seeing my Mom using it.
    2.That giddy feeling I still get every single time I finish something and realise that *I* made that with my own two hands
    3. The first time I went to a brick and mortar quilt store… wow!
    4. Getting my first pattern published
    5.Being lucky enough to work in my favourite quilt store

  7. My 5 favorite sewing tools, in no particular order:

    1-Karen Kay Buckley micro-serrated Perfect Scissors. Wonderful fray-prevention. I have every size and love them all.
    2-Bloc Loc rulers, especially the HST variety.
    3-Dritz 1/4 inch double sized adhesive tape for installing zippers/trim- keeps them in place with no pinning and the adhesive washes out.
    4-60mm Olfa Ergonomic Rotary Cutter – the kind with the “squeeze” handle – makes cutting feel safer and more controlled, plus the 60mm blade makes cutting strips easier.
    5-Frixion pens – I am sure there is science behind it but ink that disappears when ironing is magic to me! I like the ‘click’ style because then I do not lose the caps.

    I love lots of other tools, like my sharp Tula Pink scissors, Gypsy gripper, Sew Kind of Wonderful Quick Curve Ruler, folding travel cutting mat, etc. but I narrowed it down.

  8. 1. My first quilt
    2.Village Fabric (Amy has lots of my favorite fabrics)
    3. All the colors and fabrics in my scrap bins
    4. Ginabean’s quilting skills
    5. The quilt I just finished!!!

  9. Congratulations! What a great milestone and a fun way to celebrate it. My top five are:
    1. Favorite thing about piecing is the line where two prints meet;
    2. Favorite process in quilting is piecing;
    3. Favorite tool is my Gingher snips;
    4. Favorite how-to book is the old Cunningham/Marston Quilting with Style;
    5. Favorite group of quilters is the Galloping Horsewomen. Four of us have been meeting monthly for 20 years to critique each others’ work.

  10. Five reasons I didn’t finish that quilt.
    1. Too many quilts I want to start. I find a minimum of five quilts I want to make every day. It takes me months to make one.
    2. I put it away. Out of sight = out of mind.
    3. Need to build up my skill level before I can finish it.
    4. Need to use up existing stash so I start a new project.
    5. Waiting to remember why it was unfinished in the first place.

  11. My inspiration comes from visiting the beach:
    1. The ocean waves, the various hues and tones
    2. The wildlife above and below
    3. The beautiful variety of people sun bathing and enjoying lie
    4. All the colors from the rides and the boardwalk at night
    5. The glorious sunrises and the moonshine over the ocean

    Congratulations on five years.

  12. Top five fabric designers
    1. Denyse Schmidt
    2. Heather Ross
    3. Cotton & Steele
    4. Anna Marie Horner
    5. Bonnie Christine

  13. 5 favorite items in my sewing room:
    Red fabric
    15″ creative grids square ruler
    New sewing machine
    Ironing station

  14. Top five quilt related threads:
    1. Aurifil 50 wt for Piecing
    2. YLI Silk thread for Appliqué
    3. Mettler cotton for free motion quilting on my domestic sewing machine
    4. Superior Omni thread for longarm quilting pantographs
    5. Superior King Tut thread for modern longarm quilting

  15. Top 5 Reasons I love my vintage Singer Sewing Machine:
    5. It is fast!
    4. It sews so straight!
    3. It has the original manual and accessories.
    2. It was very easy for me to learn how to use it (I just got it 2 weeks ago). No bells and whistles but it sees like a dream!
    1. It belonged to my grandmother and my mother before me. There is a small piece of tape marking 1/2″ in my grandmother’s writing…she is with me every time I see.

    Congratulations on 5 years!

  16. 1. My sewing machine(s)
    2. Olga folding cutting/iron mat
    3. The quilt I finished for my Grandmother (she passed away before their 25th)for parents 25th Anniversary-they received it their 51st.
    4. Rotary cutter
    5. My porcupine stiletto.

  17. My top five places to sew
    In my own sewing room
    Retreat with the Quilted Fox in St Louis
    St Louis Modern Quilt Guild October Sew-In
    Quilt Bee Sew-In at Janies
    Hand sewing in my comfy chair.

  18. Top five in sewing ~
    1. My husband who supports my quilting addiction
    2. My quilting buddy and best friend – Shirley
    3. Quilting retreats
    4. Lodi Valley Quilt Guild
    5. My Featherweight sewing machine.

  19. Five top things I like about quilting
    1. I go into the zone – where time suspends when sewing
    2. Chain piecing and looking at the the chain before it is cut. Always so cute, like mini bunting
    3. Selecting the fabric colors for a Project
    4. Feeling of accomplishment at end of sewing day
    5. The thrill of how beautiful the project looks as it comes together

  20. It was fun to scan the various answers on the way to the comment block. I didn’t want them to influence me but some were up my alley already. Most others filled me with ‘oh, yeah’ thoughts as well. My five desires for quilting right now:
    1. Five uninterrupted days to sew.
    2. Five projects at different stages of planning, construction, finishing…just for variety.
    3. Five friends to chat with and bounce ideas off of, to laugh and share while sewing.
    4. Five audiobooks for quiet time,
    5. Five days of healthy meals prepared by someone else.

  21. My top five favorite items I use to make a quilt:
    1. pretty, bright, coordinating Fabrics
    2. A pattern I enjoy like Lazy Sunday by you know who
    3. Aurifil 50wt #2600
    4. Flatter unscented
    5. Panasonic cordless iron

  22. My top 5 favoites are:
    1. Getting a new quilting magazine/ catalog in the mail.
    2. Ordering and awaiting a new fabric order in the mail.
    3. Seeing new fabric lines by my favorite designers and looking for just the right pattern to use.
    4. Watching “How To” videos.
    5. Visiting all the local quilting stores all in 1 day (only have 4 within 30 miles) 😍

  23. five favs of mine not mentioned yet :-)
    1. dedicated sewing space
    2. magnetic pin holder – old skool right? so easy tom toss pins at it and swipe it around to pick them up.
    3. dry iron – again old skool
    4. medical adjustable rolling stool
    5. yeti cup w/lid and straw – hot stays hot, cold stays cold, spills don’t happen.

  24. Top 5 places to quilt –
    1. Friday nights with my girlfriends
    2. Retreats with the Dream Team
    3. Service Projects with amazing women
    4. Handwork with my hubby
    5. In my room with good music

  25. My top five quilt books I have used in 2017:
    1. Last Minute Patchwork & Quilted Gifts, Joelle Hoverson
    2. Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns, Barbara Brackman
    3. Quilting with a Modern Slant, Rachel May
    4. Intentional Piecing, Amy Friend
    5. 100 Modern Quilt Blocks, Tula Pink

  26. My five favorite tools are:
    1. Martelli Rotating cutting mat
    2. Wonder Clips
    3. Aurifil 50 wt. Thread
    4. Clover seam ripper
    5. Bernini Stitch Regulator for my machine
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  27. top 5 places to sew?
    1. The front room
    2. The sewing room
    3. The car
    4. March retreat
    5. April retreat

  28. Oh my, but you’re a blogger-baby! :-) Still, congratulations! It’s always good to reach a milestone. My Top Five is a list of essential tools for domestic machine quilting:
    1) Use the best sewing machine your money can buy, preferably one that comes with a walking foot, and darning foot or free motion quilting foot.
    2) Invest in good quality thread that doesn’t shed lint such as Aurifil or Wonderfil.
    3) Use a quality brand of quilting needles such as Klassé.
    4) Use original formula Neutrogena hand cream on your hands to help guide fabric under the needle and make your hands soft. Without gloves, your fingers are free to grasp threads.
    5) Get comfortable! Make sure your chair allows your arms to be level, or slightly above the height of the sewing bed. And whatever helps you relax, do it. Music, an audiobook, or silence. Have a happy free motion quilting experience!

  29. congrats Lee!!
    My top five projects quilts:
    – your all sewn up pattern
    – my dear jane quilt (in progress)
    – a quilt for my second son
    – aeroplane bag from sew sweetness
    – find a new idea to organize a french QAL for 2018 !!
    Fingers crossed!!!

  30. Congrats on your 5th blogiversary! My “Top 5 in Sewing”:
    1) I loved meeting five fabric designers in real life (Denise Schmidt, Aneela Toey, Tula Pink, Lu Summers, Kaffe Fasset)
    2) Being able to call my quilty friends ‘my best friends’
    3) Walking into a house and finding Victorian tiles that are a quilt design and a cathedral in Ireland with AH-MAZE-ZING quilty floor tiles
    4) Finally putting a binding on a quilt that was started 5 years ago!!!
    5) My 5 favourite quilt colours are green, navy, red, aqua and grey

  31. Top 5
    – a sewing machine that makes sewing a joy
    – fabric that I love
    – my dies to cut fabric
    – getting quilt ideals from nature, tile floors, wallpaper, etc
    – picking fabric to make a quilt

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