Five Years! It’s my Blogoversary GIVEAWAY

I woke up this morning to my calendar telling me it’s my Blogoversary! This was news on a few fronts: A. I definitely did not remember the date. B. I definitely had no idea that I had a calendar alert set for such a thing! C. How would I celebrate?! Here’s what I decided…it’s all about FIVES! 

There will be FIVE WINNERS who will choose FIVE PATTERNS each. All you have to do to enter is tell me your TOP FIVE in sewing! Top five what you might ask…whatever you want! You can name your top FIVE FABRIC DESIGNERS or your top FIVE SEWING TOOLS or your top FIVE PLACES for sewing inspiration! Plus you get FIVE BONUS entries if your list is something that no one else has listed! Creativity counts my friends:) Just leave your TOP FIVE in the comment section.

My trusty sidekick is napping now but he’s excited to read your entries and randomly draw FIVE WINNERS! Entries open for FIVE DAYS until June 21! I’ll be sharing some fun things during those five days. Get ready!

Entries are open internationally. One entry per person:) The winner will get to choose whichever FIVE May Chappell patterns that their heart desires!

xx LC

87 thoughts on “Five Years! It’s my Blogoversary GIVEAWAY

  1. My top five — 1. Sewing/quilting/hand embroidery. 2. Sewing with girlfriends. 3. Listening to a recorded book and sewing. 4. Sewing on the deck enjoying bird songs and my gurgling fountain and a glass of wine. 5. Getting my work done so I can sew with a clear conscience. Thanks!!

  2. My top five are:
    Old friends, meeting fellow Quilter’s, shopping for that perfect piece of fabric, going on a multi-day quilt retreat and using my new Babylock serger that threads itself!

  3. My top 5 people to sew for: My granddaughters, my grandsons, my daughters and DILs, my sons, and my hubby! :)
    Happy Blogversary!

  4. My Top 5 that I love to sew for others (in order of project size)…
    1.) Baby quilts
    2.) Toddler/child quilts (sometimes made when the baby quilt wasn’t made in a timely manner!)
    3.) Comfort and prayer quilts (lap size)
    4.) Anniversary quilts (large throw size)
    5.) “Just because I love you, and you are SO important in my life” quilts (large throw to bed quilt size)
    *Congratulations* on 5 great (fast) years!!
    Pat T.

  5. My five favourite sewing machines: Bernina 530 Swiss Edition, Singer 301 vintage portable sewing machine, ‘white’ Singer featherweight, Bernina older model, don’t know the number off hand, and whichever sewing machine I buy next!

    • Oh!! I *LOVE* my Singer 301 vintage sewing machine!!
      (Mine is in its vintage cherry cabinet, and is my “go to” machine… Even though I have several others, it is my absolute favorite to sew on!!)
      Pat T.

  6. Top 5…(1) Quilting while listening to a Quilting Podcast (2) Punch Needle Embroidery (3) Pat Sloan fabric line. (4) Favorite Tool….Accuquilt Go Cutter. (5) Favorite Tool…6th Finger Stilleto.

  7. Top five blogs I follow: 1. Lee Monroe 2. Bonnie Hunter 3. Amy Smart 4. Pat Sloan 5. Christa Watson

  8. Places I love to sew:
    5…riding in a car
    4…A Quilting Place quilt shop
    3…my friends house
    2…my red chair
    1…my happy place (home sewing room).

  9. My top five: sitting on the outdoor bench hand sewing while watching my two dogs roam the yard; sewing with a good friend or two; quilting with any number of others; going to quilt shows with members of my small quilt group; planning in my head what quilt design I want to tackle next and what colors/fabric I want to use in that project.

  10. My top five are:
    1.Taking the time to actually look at nature and get inspiration for sewing from it. Nature always combines colors perfectly and creates amazing designs.
    2. Finding that perfect piece of fabric that either jumps up and slaps you in the face when you walk in the shop door or is hidden in the corner under bad lighting but comes to life when given a chance.
    3. My Bernina 1260. 25 years old and just as amazing as the day I brought it home.
    4. My Creative Grids Rulers that make cutting so much easier.
    5. The smile on the recipient’s face when they receive their quilt or other fabric gift.

  11. Congratulations on your Blogiversary
    My top 5 tools are
    1. Rotary cutter
    2. Wonderclips
    3. Seamripper
    4 my sewing machine
    5 and lastly the spare bedroom in which I create and hoard my stash

  12. Congrats on your Blog Anniversary
    5 Audiobook series to listen to when you quilt
    1. Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich
    2. In Death Series by JD Robb
    3. The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne
    4. Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer
    5. Game of Thrones….George Martin

  13. Five reasons I keep buying stuff:
    1. It’s a brilliant new tool (Wonder clips)
    2. It’s a new line of fabric that will be OOP before long and I MUST have it because it’s
    most beautiful fabric I have ever seen.
    3. I saw a quilt on my IPad and I want one EXACTLY like it.
    4. I saw a quilt on my IPad and I want one made with different fabric.
    5. I don’t want to be sewing in the middle of the night and run out of something (not
    that I ever sew at night….)
    6.I have my first and only granddaughter (enough said?)

  14. HI Lee, Congrats on your 5th!
    My five:
    1. Color, color, color.
    2. My quilt group, which has met monthly for 25 years.
    3. Making baby quilts for those special little persons in my life.
    4. The soothing rhythm of machine quilting.
    5.That feeling of accomplishment when a quilt is finished.
    Thanks Lee.

  15. 5 health benefits of quilting
    1. Decreased anxiety
    2. Decreased depression
    3. Increase in joy
    4. Motivation to get things done
    5. Increased socialization bc you want to share your joy with everyone

  16. 1.stash busting to myself 3.instagram inspiration 4.repurposed items patterns Thanks for the chances 💖

  17. Top five sewing sensations!
    1. The feeling of seams perfectly nested.
    2. The rythem of Thimble Lady style of hand quilting.
    3. The “everything is alright in the universe” feeling when I thread a needle successfully on the first attempt.
    4. The intimate closeness of a quilt draped across my lap as I hand quilt.
    5. The satisfying feeling of connection to hundreds of years of seamstresses as I pull my needle and thread through a complete stitch.

  18. Happy Blogiversary!!
    1. helping a friend learn how to use their sewing machine.
    2. sewing or quilting with friends.
    3. finishing up and getting a picture of the finished project.
    4. looking at other people’s quilts.
    5. finding a new, great vintage sewing machine in working condition.

  19. Top Five:
    1. sewing dresses for Great Granddaughters,
    2 sewing quilts for Great Granddaughters.
    3 sewing curtains for Great Granddaughters room,
    4 sewing purses for Great Granddaughters,
    5 not sewing stuffed things for Great Granddaughters.

  20. Fat Quarter Shop, Creative Grids, Splash Rotary Cutter, Judy Niemeyer, Jacqueline de Jonge.
    cork at

  21. My TOP five: My quilting buddies first and foremost; my Block of the Month activities, which include my quilting buddies; my quilt retreats, which also include my quilting buddies; my fabric and pattern stash; and last but not least, my quilting studio, lovingly referred to as “BarbieLand” by my DH. :-)

  22. Top five 1) my small group ‘the churndash chicks’ 2) the annual sewcation week – I just returned yesterday ❤️ 3) my lovely Bernina 440 4) Alison Glass fabric 5) Sewline pencil and there is so much more

  23. You are so funny. I love your ‘five’ questions. My list is five sewing aids that aren’t really sold for sewing. 1. Scotch brand strips for marking my scant 1/4 on my vintage machines 2. Elmers glue sticks . I use these to put in zippers. No pins!
    3. Plastic shoebox for smaller rulers that slip,slide and get buried 4. Salt cellars . I buy them at antique shops and make chairside pin cushions. Great for swaps 5. Tool caddy- a,rotating, 3 tiered round plastic thing from office store. It has a deep central hole for scissors/ rulers, shallow bins for bobbins,clips, and 3 deep bins for thread nippers,pens,pencil

  24. Top 5 reasons to turn off the sewing machine:
    “Honey, I’m home!”
    “Mom, did you say she could cut her hair?”
    “Let’s go out for dinner tonight, Honey.”
    “It’s 2am already?!”
    “Oops, sorry Mom!”

  25. My Top Five Reasons to Quilt:
    1. Stupid show on tv that my dh wants to watch
    2. I want to make a special gift for someone special
    3. Long weekend – extra day to do something that makes me happy
    4. Proving that the fabric purchases are actually being used
    5. I’d go crazy if I’m not quilting!!

  26. My top five reasons I love quilting. #1 The many new friends that I have made! #2 The joy I feel in making quilts for others as gifts. #3 I love that I have a hobby that I love to fill my days of retirement. #4 I attend four retreats a year with my quilt group that are full of laughs and a chance to get away from home. #5 I have gained this absolute love of fabric.

  27. Happy Blogiversary!
    My top 5 things to inspire me for a quilt”
    1. Tilework in Home Dec mags, but especially museums and churches
    2. Woodworking projects in magazines and on the net
    3. Math Books–geometry, baby, that is what it is all about for my piecing You can find some fun, funky patterns in there
    4. Architectural designs
    5. My friends..most of my quilty peeps have wonderful, creative minds.

  28. Top five quilting notions:

    Quilters Ruler brand ruler

    Lint roller to remove clippings from every surface

    Seam ripper

    Clover Chaco liner pen style

    Richard Hemming & Son large eye needles

  29. Top 5 Unusual Things I have taken a picture of and filed under “Inspiration for Future Quilts: 1. Chicken’s Actual Feet/Footprints 2. Bathroom floor in National Park 3. Doohickeys at hardware store I don’t know the names of 4. Rumpled piles of laundry
    5. Sidewalks, often grimy

  30. 5 years already! Happy Blogoversary and wishes for many more!

    Top 5 Reasons Why I Sew:

    1. It’s my favorite creative outlet. If don’t let my creative juices flow, they get tangled up and form a really ugly mess that makes for a very high-anxiety household!
    2. I get to make pretty things! Those pretty things can be given to friends, relatives, strangers or adorn my home.
    3. My habit/addiction/skills/talents keep me home. Once in a while I venture out to a fabric shop, but most of the time I am here (and present for anyone who needs me in an emergency) spending time on my craft.
    4. I’m able to call the extra bedroom in the house “mine”! No one wants my fabric, machines, threads and all of the pins on the dining room floor! Yes, it’s best to keep all of my supplies in one room where I can easily close the door.
    5. Sewing gives me a very good reason to procrastinate. If I have a project that needs to meet a deadline, the housework has to wait and we just have to order meals in!
    duchick at mchsi dot com

  31. Happy Blogoversary. 1. I love the colours I see in the quilt shops and at guild meetings.I find it therapeutic. 2.I love the feel of fabric- the softness, the texture, the weaves. 3. \I love trying to figure out how the pattern is made- the puzzling out and technical aspect. 4.I love the feeling of satisfaction when I learn a new skill.5. I love it when the recipients are happy with my humble attempts.

  32. Happy Blogoversary, My top 5 colors for using in quilting and making bags are:
    1 black
    2 blue
    3 green
    4 purple
    5 white

  33. Happy Blogoversary, My top five sewing tools are:
    1. EZ quilting thread cutter
    2. Rotating mat board
    3. Frixion marking pen
    4. Karen Buckley scissors
    5. Aurifil thread
    Thanks and have a great day.

  34. Top 5 fabric lines:
    1) Katie Jump Rope (D. Schmidt)
    2) Loulouthi (AM Horner)
    3) Summersville (L. Summers)
    4) Doe (C. Freidlander)
    5) Shimmer(J. Sampou)

  35. My top five reasons to sew – 1) I get to cut things up and put them back together 2) my own set of tools that Hubby can’t touch 3) I have an excuse to not parent some times (sorry hub, I just need to finish this block) 4) I get to make something with out a boss telling me it is wrong or it sucks 5) because it makes me happy

    And bonus point- because people like you inspire me to keep creating and expressing myself

  36. Happy blogaversary. When I think about sewing my top five that come to mind are !: Bonnie and Camille are my favourite fabric designers because they create happy fabric and all of their designs work so well together. 2: EPP, especially hexagons. The first block I ever made was an EPP dresden block and I have been hooked ever since. 3: Liberty lawn fabric is the most amazingly soft fabric you can find. 4: My favourite quilt book is Sunday Morning Quilts, and one day I would love to make every quilt in the book. 5: Sewing friends who help when I get stuck and are my personal cheerleaders. x

  37. Happy blogaversary! How about Top 5 Sewing Blunders ;) 1. (Hand) Sewing my shirt to my block – doh!, 2. (Hand) sewing my thumb to my block when quilting (yes! I do it often!), 3. Using all large print for 6″ intricate block (newbie) – ugly!, 4. Forgetting to change bobbin back from wild colour – ugh, 5. Sewing over pins and snapping needles – doh, do it too often :) Thanks. That was fun x

  38. Happy anniversary! I love (1) quilting with my cat, (2) quilting with my girlfriends, (3) quilting with red wine, (4) quilting in any weather (rain or shine, it’s all “quilting weather”!) and (5) quilting with a good movie on in the background which I’ve already seen. Actually, having a girlfriend over to quilt, with my cat nearby, the TV on with a rom-com in the background and glasses of red wine for each of us would pretty much be Heaven on Earth!

  39. 1. Quilt Tshirts
    2. People, Places &Quilts (Summerville, GA)
    3. Retractable Olfa 45 rotary
    4. Stacy Ies Thu
    5. Bonnie Hunter

  40. Top 5 shows to binge while piecing/binding…
    1. 30 Rock
    2. Parks and Rec
    3. Call the Midwife
    4. Anne with an E
    5. Fuller House

  41. Happy anniversary!! Love my notions with (5) Creative Grid square rulers, (4) Gingher rotary cutter, (3) Bloc-loc flying geese rulers, (2) Perfect Corner ruler, and (1) Steady Betty Betty Bridge.

  42. My top five reasons to SEW!
    1 – Sanity – it’s my escape from stressers and my way to have some time to myself
    2 – Creativity – there’s nothing like creating something yourself
    3 – Repurposing – Love making something new from something old & unused
    4 – Love – nothing says I love you like something you made yourself
    5 – Pride – my kids always say…Give it to Nonnie, she can fix anything!

  43. Places for inspiration:
    Ocean fishing
    Working in the garden
    Hiking Mountain Trails
    House sitting for dear friend w/amazing quilt studio
    Working at the V.A. Hospital, teaching newbie quilters to sew on Quilts of Valor

  44. Five unusual items I found in my Great Grandma Dora’s button jar:
    1. A tortoise shell handled, still sharp, straight razor.
    2. Three 1 cent “new” 1938 stamps featuring George Washington (the first stamp designed by a woman)
    3. A double strand, choker length necklace of heavy, black, faceted glass beads.
    4. One rusty jack.
    5. A set of four large, hand carved, square wooden buttons.

  45. My Top 5 Favorite Quilt Patterns:
    1. Mariner’s Compass
    2. Cleopatra’s Fan
    3. Lone Star
    4. Swoon Blocks
    5. Supernova Stars

    Happy blogoversary!

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