Top Five Tools

As part of my Blogoversary celebration, I’m spending five days sharing top five lists. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway on this post! Today, I’m sharing my top five sewing tools. These are more specialty tools but everyone of them I use on a weekly, if not daily, basis! 

The Kwik Klip: If you baste with safety pins, you need this tool! It saves your fingers and fingernails. There’s more here including a video of the Klip in action!

Clover Wonderclips: These clips are lifesavers in the sewing studio. You can use them to clip down your binding, keep your pieces or blocks in order and even clip up your hair in a pinch! More here

Sunflower Thread Cutter: This thing is a must when you’re a chain piecing fool! You can clip apart your pieces in half the time. There’s more info here

The Purple Thang: It has so many uses! You can poke out corners and check your quarter inch seam. You’ll reach for it over and over and keep finding new uses! More here

Perfect Seam Guide: Everyone should check their 1/4″ seam! Even if you’re using a 1/4″ foot, it helps to visually see the 1/4″. More here

What are your favorites? 

xx LC

4 thoughts on “Top Five Tools

  1. Creative Grids 6.5 inch ruler, Purple Thang, 5/8 inch thin straight pins, tweezers, and 2.5 inch by 6.5 inch rulers

  2. #1 Bloc Loc rulers
    #2 Velocity iron
    #3 Creative Grids rulers
    #4 Olfa Tourquoise rotary cutter
    #5 Stripology ruler
    I guess I really lover my rulers!

  3. My favourite is my small magnet, I always have it nearby for picking up stray pins and dropping my needle onto while I am hand stitching. Then it has to be my 24″ ruler which I use all the time, my seam ripper, my clover pins (none others come close), and tiny needles for hand piecing. x

  4. I love the Kwik Klip. It really helps keep fingers from getting sore. The binding clips are a must. Now, I may try holding my hair back with one. I seem to be always looking for a hair thingy in my sewing room!

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