What’s Your Story?

I recently got my hands on the new Intentional Piecing book by Amy Friend (full disclosure: the publisher sent it) and I was immediately hooked. It’s rare to flip through a quilty book and find so many projects that I cannot wait to make! There’s lots of foundation piecing and TONS of unique projects.

I started right in on the Tell Me a Story blocks. I decided to choose not just fabrics I love, but fabrics that represent things I love. I used lime for the tiny frame corners, teals for the frame and a mixture of dots for the corners.

My first block is about travel, then another for ocean animals and obviously one for sewing! In case you can’t read it, it says “a clean house is the sign of a broken sewing machine”. A cheesy joke AND sewing…my heart sings. I already have a pile of future blocks selected.

The other quilt I can’t wait to start is Crazy Eights! I’m pretty sure I’m going to make it with Jen Kingwell lollies!

The best part of this book is how conversational it is. I don’t know Amy personally (just in the online stratosphere) but I felt like we were buds sitting down to make a quilt. The book is well thought out, clever and full of fresh ideas.?I highly recommend it!

It’s available through your local quilt shop, your local bookstore or here with a 30% discount using FRIEND30.

xo LC 

City Sampler: Near the End & Halfway

Everyone is doing so well with their City Sampler blocks. We are making the final blocks with both groups at The Little General! And the Sew Original crew just passed the halfway point! Cydney is doing so well! She’s a master of the fussy cut!


Chris is also doing so well! Her blocks have so many fun surprises!!


The Guru is calling hers The Happiness project. It’s so happy! And she’s so adorable!!


Denise is working on her blocks, but keeping them secret.


Jeannie only had time to make a few, but they’re glorious!!


Shirley went to Quilt Market instead of doing her homework. I still love her though!


Sarah is back on track! Her blocks are so cheerful!


Joan made this month’s blocks!!


And next month’s blocks! She’s a rockstar!!


My blocks! Yep, I’ll be playing catch up!! And Cynthia surprised me with this amazing washi dispenser. It’s the coolest!!


Gail’s blocks are just gorgeous!! Love them!


Cynthia’s are so happy too!


The Guru’s first set! She’s making this for my brother!


Tomoe’s looks so great with the sashing!!


Theresa is still making extras since she’s putting hers on point. So pretty!


Debbie’s are light and airy! I love the sashing!!


I’m off to finish mine. You might have noticed that I also showed zero blocks with the Sew Original group. LOTS of catch up!!
xo LC

Let’s GO Fly a Kite

The new AccuQuilt dies are being released this week at Spring Market. They sent me a few of them!


I definitely squealed with glee when I saw the kite die!! It’s a shape I love, but hate to rotary cut. It’s tedious and hard to cut accurately. This one has the clipped corners that mean no flags once you make the block. Nice!


I also appreciate that the shapes are situated on the die so that your cut pieces have the grain running the right way. Double nice!!


So I picked some fabrics to immediately cut something!


Twenty minutes later I had this! And about half that time was picking my arrangement! I didn’t cut half the background because I think I want to switch to a darker fabric for the outer edge. It’s going to be a pillow!


I stitched up a block! Love it!


I can’t wait to make a whole quilt!!
xo LC

City Sampling

The City Sampler classes at Little General have passed the halfway point…51 blocks complete! And the new crew is just getting started at Sew Original! Everyone is doing such a great job. It’s amazing how different these blocks look with different fabric choices!! Lori & Patti are all caught up. They’re making two sets that are similar so they just showed off one set. They’re using a great selection of Tula fabric!


Joan is still rocking her rainbow of color. Each block is such a little gem!


Sarah showed a sampling of her blocks. Her fussy cuts are fabulous! She’s doing a bit of catch up, but is well on her way.


And here are mine! I started adding the sashing.


Here’s a picture of my blocks so far with lots of sashing!


Debbie’s pink, black and grey blocks are lovely. She added some new fabrics. Gorgeous!


And The Guru’s! She did a great job with contrast so you can really see the design.


Theresa hit it out if the park as usual. Her color choices are impeccable!! She also added a few new fabrics.


Gail’s version is so bright and fun!! She used lots of navy this month because she hadn’t been using it much. Once these blocks are spread throughout the quilt, the navy will be a nice touch!


Tomoe’s black and white version is simply amazing. I’m constantly impressed that she finds enough contrast. But she does!!


Sue also started her sashing! It really ties together her blocks. Love!!


Her cube block is great!


And the group at Sew Original got started with their first set if blocks! They now believe me that fabric selection and cutting is the time consuming part!! Here are Cydney’s! She’s doing a Anna Maria Horner heavy rainbow. Beautiful work!


And Jeannie! She gave each of her blocks a great name. She’s using lots of Acacia. Great job Jeannie!


Shirley is also using Acacia! Her blocks are wonderful!! It’s such a happy quilt!


And Denise! She’s doing a rainbow and using lots of Tula fabric. I love it! She’s waiting on some fabric to arrive for a few of her blocks!


And The Guru! Do I have the best Mom in the world or what?! She’s willing to make another Tula quilt so she can be my guinea pig. She’s calling this one “The Happiness Project” and using Sweetwater Wishes. They are happy!!


And mine! I’m using a Carolyn Friedlander print from Botanics for the main print with splashes of bright colors.


These blocks are so much fun! If you haven’t made one, you should!! And if you live in the Greensboro area, there’s going to be a new group starting soon at Studio Stitch! Details soon.
xo LC

Rolling with Accuquilt

So a few weeks ago this arrived on my doorstep from Accuquilt! It came in the biggest box I’ve ever seen:)


Since my previous mode of transport for my GO! was the cardboard box it came in, (I’ll spare you the photo!) things were definitely on the upswing. I packed it up for my hexagon class. The GO! plus all my fabrics for a quilt fit easily in the main compartment. And you know me, there were options, so I probably packed about 12 yards.


And check out how genius this is…an elastic strap to hold the top open while you unload your crap treasured items! It took me a minute to figure out what it was, but it’s genius!!


There’s a roomy front pocket where I put my mats and dies.


And a (GENIUS) large back pocket for strip dies and large cutting mats! It’s removable too!!


This is one swank bag! It’s quite sturdy and could probably double as a sewing machine roller bag in a pinch. I can’t wait to load it up for my next retreat!


And now some eye candy from the class! Sue’s gorgeous version in Acacia!


Jo’s honeycomb quilt in golds and yellows! And one green:)


And Shanna with her Full Moon Lagoon! Love it!!


Denise bailed before the photo opportunity. But her version is High Street with light grey triangles. Love it! I really enjoy Accuquilt classes because they’re always so relaxed! Apparently cutting is stressful!!
xo LC

Lazy Sunday Quilt Along

Y’all have probably seen my Lazy Sunday pattern. I’ve shown you a few I’ve made here and there. And now, my good friend Chrissy over at Sew Lux Fabric is hosting a quilt along.


Today, we are supposed to check in with our supplies. I’ve bought mine, does that count? They’re somewhere in the postal system in North Carolina. I’m using this cute Valentine’s bundle! I bought two and a charm pack so I could mix it up. I’m planning on using the charm pack for all the squares and then I’ll have fourteen fat quarters for the rest. It’s more than enough.


There are prizes…May Chappell patterns and Sew Lux gift certificates:) Join in the fun! And Sew Lux has layer cakes on sale today if you need one!!
xo LC

Challenge Accepted

It’s Ladies Night here at May Chappell! Two of my favorite ladies, Chrissy of Sew Lux Fabric and Sarah of Stitching and Bacon, and I decided that we needed to add one more CHALLENGE before the holidays! And obviously, we want you to join in the fun!


Each of us have chosen a bundle from Chrissy’s shop based on the theme Ladies Night! This is mine! You can buy it here!


And this is Sarah’s! Love those colors! You can buy it here!


And Chrissy’s! I want them all!! You can buy it here!


And here is the challenge part. You get to make anything!! I’m pretty sure that mine is going to become a holiday gift;) You’ll just need a completed project in time for the link up party. If you choose to make a quilt, you need a finished top. All projects welcome…bags, decor, quilt tops…endless possibilities! The link up will be December 10 through December 23! Details about that will follow. You can enter up to three times (one per palette). You’ll be able to link from Flickr or a blog. (Let us know if you need another way:) But basically, you just need to make something inspired by ladies night and you could win prizes!! The prizes are pretty sweet: gift certificates, patterns and maybe even a little something handmade! Sarah’s in charge of the handmade and word on the street is that she makes rockin’ pouches. You can sew with any of our bundles or from your stash. If you sew from your stash, you can choose any of the three palette options!




So start sewing!! I did;) Well, cutting at least…accuquilt style.

xo LC

City Sampled with Tula

Have y’all seen all the amazing City Sampler blocks cropping up all over the internet?! There are some awesome blocks in Tula Pink’s new book City Sampler: 100 Modern Blocks. I’m teaching this as a nine month class at The Little General right now. (It’s full, but if you’re interested, a new session will start at Sew Original in January.) My quilt is currently being quilted…I cannot wait to show it off! But in the meantime, I wanted to share each of my blocks!

These blocks are seriously fun to make! They finish 6″, but there are A LOT of pieces! Because I decided to set my blocks on point, I needed 113 blocks. I made thirteen blocks twice; I often altered the second version a bit. I used 100% Tula Pink fabric. I had saved up every piece of fabric ever designed by Tula and used each one in this quilt. I did not supplement with any other fabrics. There are about eight that I used twice. I owe a HUGE debt of gratitude to lots of my quilty friends that helped me with prints that I was missing! There are too many to name, but Mel was a HUGE help!! Thanks friends:)

Enjoy the eye candy!

xo LC

IMG_9679 IMG_9681 IMG_9682 IMG_9683 IMG_9684 IMG_9685 IMG_9686 IMG_9687 IMG_9688

IMG_9689 IMG_9690


IMG_9691 IMG_9692 IMG_9693 IMG_9694 IMG_9695
IMG_9697 IMG_9698 IMG_9699 IMG_9700 IMG_9701 IMG_9702 IMG_9703 IMG_9704 IMG_9705 IMG_9706 IMG_9707 IMG_9708 IMG_9709 IMG_9710 IMG_9712 IMG_9713 IMG_9714 IMG_9715 IMG_9716 IMG_9717 IMG_9718 IMG_9719 IMG_9720 IMG_9721 IMG_9722 IMG_9723 IMG_9724 IMG_9725 IMG_9726 IMG_9727 IMG_9728 IMG_9729 IMG_9730 IMG_9731 IMG_9732 IMG_9733 IMG_9734 IMG_9735 IMG_9736 IMG_9737 IMG_9738 IMG_9739 IMG_9740 IMG_9741 IMG_9743 IMG_9744 IMG_9746 IMG_9747 IMG_9748 IMG_9749 IMG_9750 IMG_9751 IMG_9755 IMG_9756 IMG_9757 IMG_9759 IMG_9761 IMG_9762 IMG_9763 IMG_9764 IMG_9765 IMG_9766 IMG_9767 IMG_9768 IMG_9769 IMG_9770 IMG_9771 IMG_9772 IMG_9773 IMG_9774 IMG_9775 IMG_9776

IMG_9778 IMG_9779 IMG_9781 IMG_9782 IMG_9783 IMG_9784 IMG_9785 IMG_9786 IMG_9804 IMG_9788 IMG_9789 IMG_9790 IMG_9791 IMG_9792 IMG_9793 IMG_9794IMG_9795IMG_9796 IMG_9797 IMG_9798 IMG_9799 IMG_9800 IMG_9801 IMG_9802

Swooning Over Here

Do you ever have a day (or weekend) where you have a giant To Do List, but you just want to work on something else?! Well, this was one of those weekends! I have a million things that I should be sewing, but instead I swooned! It all started at Linderella’s; I saw the gorgeous Winter’s Lane.


I am just really in love with this line! I almost never make things from just one line. I love mixing fabric too much. But I knew I had to have an all Winter’s Lane quilt!! So I decided to Swoon:) I’ve made plenty of swoon blocks, but I don’t have a swoon quilt…yet! So I cut!


And cut some more! These are the nine pairings I chose. Each swoon uses two fabrics. I chose Kona Snow for my background. LOVE!


Swoon is mostly HSTs (half square triangles) and flying geese. I started to dream of a trimming fairy about halfway though the stack of HSTs. A pressing fairy would be nice too!


I used the bloc loc and I’d estimate it cut my time in half…if not more. You don’t even have to look; it just locks in. Everytime.


I also used the bloc loc for flying geese. Equally amazing!!


I love pretty trimmings! I save them for packages.


I’ve finished all the HSTs and flying goose units. (I stole the phrase “flying goose units” from the bloc loc video. Is that what they’re called? I have no idea, but I like it! So that’s what they’re called now!!)


And I’ve pieced together the first block!!


I must return to my list for now, but it was a great break!! And quite productive! I think this quilt will be mine. Only eight more to go!
xo LC