Terrific Tool Thursday: Ironing Mat

This week’s Terrific Tool is one that I use almost every day. It’s also something that I didn’t even know I needed until I had it! It’s an Ironing Mat made by Bo Nach. It’s a bit thicker than most mats with the added benefit of being perforated, but still see-thru.

The mat works great for appliqué. I use it to protect my iron from interfacing. It allows steam to penetrate because of the holes. I use steam with this mat on interfacing that calls for a damp pressing cloth.

If you’re local, I’ve spied these at both Village Fabric Shop and Sew Original.

xo LC

Terrific Tool Thursday: Sewline Glue


I’m always on the hunt for tools to make appliqué easier. I came across this glue by Sewline which works well for appliqué AND a whole bunch of other things! I’ve started using it on English Paper Piecing and even the corners of my binding.


It’s the consistency of a glue stick. And the best part…water soluble so it easily washes out. The glue is blue as you apply it so you can see how much you’ve used. 


xo LC

Terrific Tool Thursday: The Mini Iron

If you’re like me, you wish you could transport your entire sewing room when you take a class or go on retreat! One thing that makes me particularly crazy is using a not so strong mini iron or having to lug my regular big iron with me. Then I got this!

It’s the perfect size for travel! And the cord wraps up very neatly. The best part…it’s very hot! I don’t tend to use steam, but it does steam. I picked mine up locally Sew Original.

xo LC

Terrific Tool Thursday: Moda Match Maker

Before I even had this in my hot little hands, I knew it would be a Terrific Tool! It’s just such a genius idea…giant swatches of solids that easily separate so you can pull palettes. Thank you Moda

It’s called the Match Maker. I’m already plotting for next year’s Color Stories!! There’s even a little spot for notes on the back which would keep you organized during a big project. 

I scored this from Moda at Quilt Market, but they’re hitting stores now and are already available at Sew Lux.

xo LC

Terrific Tool Thursday: Soft & Stable

UPDATE: Dear Blog, please stop posting without the content. Thank you for your consideration. Best. Lee

Do you like to make bags? Or really any 3D sewing object. Then Soft & Stable from Annies should be your go to interfacing. I often substitute it even when it is not the called for interfacing. It is…wait for it…both soft and stable.


As you can see, it is about 1/8″ thick, but it can easily squish. You DO NOT need to cut it away from the seams which is both time saving and leads to stronger bags. I’ve heard some folks complain about the price, but it’s worth every penny! By the time you’ve purchased the multiple other types of interfacing that would be needed to equal the stability of this, you’d have spent more and created an inferior product. I use it in my All Sewn Up Sewing Kit! Try some out; you’ll never look back.

xo LC

Terrific Tool Thursday: Magnetic Case

So you know when someone posts something cute on social media and you HAVE to check it out and then before you know it, your cart is full of awesome?! Good, it’s not just me! Well, that happened when my friend Asha posted some cute pins and I found this cute shop Snuggly Monkey on Etsy and they had these cute embroidery kits from Sublime Stitching.


They’re magnetic! What?! It’s the greatest thing to ever happen to my on the go sewing. I straight up had loose needles in my purse before this! It’s so handy and it’s a hard case so they don’t get bent.

xo LC 

Terrific Tool Thursday: Roxanne’s Glue

I’m a big fan of appliqué and I glue down my pieces to stitch. This glue, Roxanne’s Glue Baste It, is awesome. It’s very thin glue and washes out easily.


Plus the super fine tip makes it easy to put small dots along the edge. It’s more expensive than some of the other glues, but I use less of it, so it evens out.

xo LC


Terrific Tool Thursday: Hot Iron Cleaner


There’s nothing worse than a dirty iron. It never fails that it will leave a spot in the middle of your white fabric. I’m a fan of Hot Iron Cleaner. 


The package suggests putting 2″ of the cleaner on your hot iron, but I’ve found using a smaller amount works better. It sort of reacts like butter in a hot pan. I find that using smaller amounts (about 1/2″) and repeating the process works best. I use fabric scrap to clean. It keeps my fingers from burning and is trash anyway!

xo LC 


Terrific Tool Thursday: Olfa Folding Mat


This tool is from Olfa! Olfa is the maker of quality cutting tools for quilting. It’s a folding cutting mat. When it’s open, it looks like a normal mat. (I actually worked really hard to get an angle so that you could see where the folds are because it is really flat.)


Then you fold it up! This mat is 17×12″. It’s also available in 24×17″.


It’s perfectly flat! The thickness is very similar to a regular cutting mat, but perfect for travel! I have a few travel cutting mats, but generally they are not the best mats. This one is just like my usual mat, but portable.


These are readily available, so ask your local quilt store to order you one. There also at Joann, so it’s a great coupon opportunity.

xo LC

Full disclosure: I was given this mat for free from Olfa with no obligation to say anything about it. I regularly buy and use their products. I’ve included it as a Terrific Tool because I genuinely think it’s awesome.

Terrific Tool Thursday: Twist & Select

Today’s Terrific Tool is something that I never even knew I desperately needed. I got a box of cool notions from Dritz and this thing called the Twist & Select was in there. Basically, it looks like a lipstick tube and you twist down the magnet bottom and fill it up with needles.


Then when you need needles, you twist up and they all pop out like this. You can easily see all the needles and choose the one you want. Then twist them back down and put the cap on.


It’s pretty swank!

xo LC