I wish I was perfect all the time, but alas, I’m not! Here are the errors that I know about in my patterns. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you find something.

MC002: Designer Star Quilt (prior to Revised 09.2014)
— The backing yardage should be 4 1/2 yards not 4 1/4 yards.

MC004: All Sewn Up Sewing Kit 
— On Step 14, the binding will measure 1 1/4″ once pressed in half.

MC005: Lazy Sunday Quilt (prior to Revised 12.2013)
— Layouts for ALL sizes are now included. If you have a pattern without them, email me a photo of your pattern and you’ll receive a PDF of all layouts.
— Total blocks needed for Queen is 144.
— Total blocks needed for King is 162.

MC009: Line It Up Tote (prior to Revised 03.2017)
— Two pieces of lining need to be cut the same size as the largest piece of linen. 

MC010: Blue Ridge Quilt (prior to Revised 10.2014)
— For the trunk, cut 1 width of fabric for table Runner, Wall Hanging & Throw.
— For the trunk, cut 2 widths of fabric for the Twin, Double, Queen & King.

MC015: Hattie’s Dresden Quilt (prior to Revised 06.2015)
— Under Step 2, the 4″ blade should be 3 1/4″ & 2 1/2″ not 3 1/2″.
— The Wall Hanging Background Requirements are 5/8 yard not 1/3 yard. 

MC015: Hattie’s Dresden Quilt (prior to Revised 09.2015)
— The Table Runner Color Fabric Requirements are 2 FQs not 4 FQs. 

MC022: Another Lazy Sunday (prior to Revised 02.2017)
— Layouts show the blocks rotating in the opposite direction. If you would like a revised pattern, email me a photo of your pattern and you’ll receive a PDF of revised layouts.

MC023: Lulee’s Garden (prior to Revised 02.2017)
— Cutting Chart Revised for Clarity
— Revised Material Requirements

 MC029: Blooming Dresden Quilt (prior to Revised 10.2017)
— The templates provided DO include seam allowance.



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  1. Thanks! I was just getting to pressing my first set and noticed that and wondered what the measurement should be. I will correct my pattern and send you a photo when I finish.
    Judy Rudolph

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