Terrific Tip Tuesday: Stitch Down

This trick is bag related! When you’re stitching the sides of your bag, you want to sew in one direction, i.e. stitch from the top to the bottom on the left and then the top to the bottom on the right. 

Once you’ve stitched both sides, you can stitch across the bottom. This will prevent your bag from pulling in one direction. If you stitch down one side, across the bottom, and back up the other side, your bag will likely lean a little to one side.

xx LC

Terrific Tool Thursday: Soft & Stable

UPDATE: Dear Blog, please stop posting without the content. Thank you for your consideration. Best. Lee

Do you like to make bags? Or really any 3D sewing object. Then Soft & Stable from Annies should be your go to interfacing. I often substitute it even when it is not the called for interfacing. It is…wait for it…both soft and stable.


As you can see, it is about 1/8″ thick, but it can easily squish. You DO NOT need to cut it away from the seams which is both time saving and leads to stronger bags. I’ve heard some folks complain about the price, but it’s worth every penny! By the time you’ve purchased the multiple other types of interfacing that would be needed to equal the stability of this, you’d have spent more and created an inferior product. I use it in my All Sewn Up Sewing Kit! Try some out; you’ll never look back.

xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Lining Up the Fold

Today’s tip is courtesy of the talented Shea Henderson. When you’re stitching up the lining of a tote or pouch and leaving an opening to turn it right side out, stitch off the edge as shown.

This will make the lining naturally fold in. It’s freaking genius!!
xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Leaving an Opening


I love to make bags! Towards the end, you usually have to sew the lining to the outside with a hole for turning inside out.


Sometimes one might forget and sew the whole thing closed by accident. (I’ve never done it and I’m sure you haven’t either.) I pin all my pins perpendicular to the edge of the fabric, except a horizontal pin to note the “do not sew” area.


Happy Bag Making!
xo LC