Terrific Tool Thursday: Kwik Klip

It’s time for one of my favorite tools! I baste with safety pins and that can kill your fingers. The Kwik Klip not only saves your fingers, it also makes you go faster.

You just slide the clip underneath the pin and then press the safety pen down to close. It makes basting (slightly) less annoying! Here’s a video of the Kwik Klip in action.

xx LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Ironing Batting


Thanks for all your kind words on last week’s post and a huge thanks to those of you that linked up or shared your tips in the comments section. (I’ve emailed a winner!) I’m back today with a new tip! I press the quilt top and backing to the batting when I’m making small quilts (usually anything up 45″). Basically if I can fit it on my ironing board, I do it. I start with the backing and then do the front.


Then I pin baste as I normally would. It makes for a smoother quilt.

xo LC