Love All Around TUTORIAL


Lately I’ve been feeling as though there’s a lot of negativity going around, from the election to world affairs to right here in our own quilting community. I decided to create a block called Love All Around. It’s all about coming from a place of love and kindness. Quilting brings me joy and I love sharing that with all of you! Let’s all try to take a second to send a note of support, offer a word of kindness, cheer for the underdog or offer a helping hand. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Or maybe keep thinking and find something nice to say!

This year, I’m going to make this block whenever I see kindness in my community! I want 2017 to be a year with Love All Around! I’m expecting to end the year with a sea of hearts…and an epic quilt. I’ve started spreading the love by asking a few of my stitchy friends to join in the fun!! I was more than a little overwhelmed when almost everyone said YES! The quilting world does love to spread love. The best part of sharing a tutorial is that everyone makes a unique block (and a few fun extra ideas!). Everyone will be posting today and through the weekend. Check out all the blocks:

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Let’s get started! Grab some scraps (or a dreamy stack of half yard cuts as I did!) and let’s get started spreading some love!

Love All Around Block Tutorial
Finished size: 8″ (Remember, this means it will be 8 1/2″ when you’re done making it and 8″ once sewn into your quilt.)

Use a 1/4″ seam throughout.

Supplies: Fabric A & Fabric B (hearts): One 6″ square and four 2 3/4″ squares of each. Fabric C (corners): Two 3 1/4″ squares. Fabric D (background): Four 4 3/4 x 2 3/4″ rectangles and two 3 1/4″ squares. *All the pieces are oversized for trimming, so if you’re a smidge short on fabric, it’s okay!


Making the Hourglass Unit: Place the two 6″ squares on top of one another. Cut in half diagonally. Make sure to align the 45° line along the bottom edge for a perfect cut.


Cut in half diagonally in the opposite direction as well.


You will only need two of each fabric opposite one another. Save the extra pieces for another block!


Stitch the triangles together in pairs as shown. Press to the darker fabric.


Align the seams and lock them together to stitch along the diagonal. Because you’re stitching along bias edges, they can be stretchier. I pin each end and the two seam allowances in the middle.


Trim the hourglass unit to 4 1/2″. I used my Bloc Loc ruler. Make certain that the center of the block where all four points meet is at 2 1/4″ on your ruler. Also make certain that the 4 1/2″ trim line will land where the two fabrics meet as shown by the pins in the picture.


If you don’t have a bloc loc, your trimming will look like this. Use the 45° line (marked with washi tape) and make certain that the center points meet at the 2 1/4″ mark (shown by the pin).


This is what you should have!


Making the Flying Geese Units: Put a piece of tape on your sewing machine showing the center needle line. Place a 2 3/4″ square on a 4 3/4 x 2 3/4″ rectangle. Align the top corner with the needle and the bottom of the corner with the tape edge. Stitch through the middle of the square diagonally keeping the bottom corner along the edge of the tape.


Repeat so that you have two with Fabric A and two with Fabric B.


Trim a 1/4″ from the seam line. It just needs to be neat, not perfect! I use scissors, but you can also use a rotary. Press towards the dark.


Place a matching square on the other corner of each piece. Stitch through the center of the square as you did in the previous step.


Repeat for all four flying geese units. Press towards the dark.


You will have this.


Trim to 4 1/2 x 2 1/2″. I used a Bloc Loc ruler.


If you don’t have the Bloc Loc available, make sure to center the point and have the point be 1/4″ from the edge as shown by the center pin. Use the 45° line on the ruler (marked with washi) to align the seam. Trim to 4 1/2 x 2 1/2″ as shown by the outside pins.


Making the Half Square Triangles: Place a piece of tape along the 1/4″ mark of your machine to extend the mark. Place a 3 1/4″ square of Fabric C and Fabric D right side together. Align the top corner of the square with the edge of your 1/4″ foot. Align the bottom corner of the squares with the edge of the tape. Stitch two lines each 1/4″ from the center line.


Cut apart the triangles. Press towards Fabric D/Background.


Trim to 2 1/2″.


Assemble the Block: Place all the units as shown.


Sew together as three rows of three units. As you stitch the flying geese unit, make certain that your 1/4″ seam crosses right at the point of the flying geese unit.


The corner unit seam will lock with the flying geese unit seam as shown.


A pin is your friend.


Press the top and bottom rows towards the corners. Press the center row towards the hourglass unit. Stitch the rows together and press the seams towards the hourglass unit.


Spread the love!!


I’ll be filling my year with lots of mementos of kindness. These blocks would also make a fun gift when you see a kind act or need to send a little love. Make them your own!!

xx LC

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

Yesterday was Christmas Eve aka the day I start my brother’s present! It’s become a tradition!! You can read about past adventures here and here. I chose these fabrics.


I decided on a table runner with my Blue Ridge pattern. He just redid his house and has a new dining room table. I’m not going to lie, when he opened it, he did say, “What’s a table runner?!”


I couldn’t have done it without the Bloc Loc. Total life saver.


I finished just before bedtime. I just had some hand binding left to do. The quilting was fun and fast, a perfect combo. I wrapped it up!


Here it is in all its glory!


I kind of want to keep it!


I remembered to label it!! Success!


What will I make next year?!
xo LC

Epic GIVEAWAY Winner

I am thrilled with all the excitement over my Blogoversary giveaway!! I took great care to choose my favorite things to share with you. And without further delay, the winners are…


Bel will receive a $50 gift certificate to Sewlux Fabric! You’ll find fifty ways to spend your $50!

And the winner of the ginormous box of awesome is…breezy barkley!


A whole lot of awesome is coming your way!! Mack the chihuahua was napping on the job, so my sweet friend Tessa did the honors! I’m already excited to top this giveaway next year!!
xo LC

My Favorite Things GIVEAWAY

Today’s my blogoversary! Obviously I had to plot a giant giveaway!! I decided to focus on my favorite things. One lucky winner will get all this loot!!! You read that right…all this!!


Now I want to highlight some of my favorites. I love my AccuQuilt! It makes cutting strips and odd sizes so much more fun!! AccuQuilt gave me a GO! Baby and die to giveaway. So exciting!! This little machine will change your quilting. It cuts things perfectly and so fast! I chose the equilateral triangle die to include in the prize. This die is great because there are three sizes. I use the GO! a lot for odd shapes…the shapes that are a hassle to rotary cut. Trust me, you’ll love it!


There’s no greater notion than the Bloc Loc. Seriously, it’s freaking genius! I wrote a whole post about it’s awesomeness. I’m not usually keen on specialty rulers; I tend to stick with just my usual ruler. But these are brilliant! There’s a ridge that the seam fits in so you can properly trim the HST. Did I mention that it’s genius?!


Carolyn Friedlander sent some of her amazing patterns! Shirts is my favorite!! I host the All Shirts Swap which is great fun. Round Two is wrapping up and Round Three will start soon. This is a great little foundation piecing pattern!! Plus she included her two newest patterns! They’re gorgeous; I can’t wait to make them.


My favorite ruler is not a toss up. It’s the 6 1/2 x 12 1/2″ from Creative Grids. It measures 1/2″ in one direction and full inch in the other. Plus the grippiness of Creative Grids cannot be beat. I use it about 95% of the time.


And for the rotary cutter, look no further than Olfa. This is the one I use. It’s really heavy duty. Plus you can open just one side of it which protects everything in front of the blade. Flimsy rotary cutters are dangerous. It’s a tool that we use a lot, so invest in a good one that does the job. I’m not sure how long I’ve had this one, but it’s definitely many years old. Rotary cutters are a very personal choice, but choose a sturdy one!


When it comes to thread, my top choice is Aurifil. It’s my favorite. I piece with 50wt. I use 40wt to construct bags, topstitch and for quilting. Aurifloss is a yummy embroidery floss! Aurifil is fabulous and about 90% of the time, it’s my pick!! Included is a set of various weights as well as a large spool of 50wt!


I love this nail polish!! Soak partners with fabric designers to bring the most delicious sets of colors together. The Denyse Schmidt set is the best!! Love.


As for batting, I almost always choose the same thing! I LOVE Quilters Dream Select. It’s mid loft and 100% cotton. And perfect for every quilt! I’m including a cut off my roll that’s approximately 90 x 90″. Try this batting and you’ll never look back. It’s dreamy. Instead of including a picture of batting (that’s not very interesting), here’s some yummy quilting.


I literally cannot say enough about my love of Clover Wonderclips. If you don’t have them, go buy them immediately! You cannot have too many. I’ve got a box of 50 and a bag of 100. I use them for everything!!


And what’s my most favorite…FABRIC! I’m always a lover of rainbow fabrics (that become rainbow quilts)! Dear Stella does a fabulous job of the rainbow pack! These gorgeous chevrons come in every color under the sun. And these are really usable. Some chevrons have so much contrast that they’re difficult to quilt with; these are perfect!!


Violet Craft gave me some sample fabric to share with y’all! She’s one of the nicest people and the metallics in her new line are gorgeous and subtle!! No one has this fabric…it’s the scraps from her market samples! So pretty!


The amazingly sweet Bonnie Christine bundled up some of her gorgeous Sweet as Honey prints. The corals and yellows in this line are among my favorites!


And the adorable Sara Lawson will send the winner a fat quarter bundle of her new Jungle Ave line for Art Gallery! It’s bright and fun and I have a pattern coming out soon that features it.


I, along with the rest of the sewing community, am obsessed with Cotton + Steel! I would love to say that I got bundles of it to giveaway. But I didn’t. You’ll want the full line when it comes out though. So yummy. But Melody did pull from her stash for y’all! A half yard of her awesome grandmother print and some typewriters!! She’s the best!!! And I pulled an Alexia and Rashida print from the C + S bundles I got.


I also raided my stash for more! Here are 75 cuts of fabric (from fat eighth to half yard). This is 15+ yards of fabric!! Included are some of my favorites…Tula Pink, Laurie Wisbrun, Denyse Schmidt & Emily Herrick. There are lots of gems in here!


One of my favorite things is shopping local!! I’m blessed to have so many awesome shops nearby. My heart will always belong to Sew Original. Going there is like going home and Shirley Bailey, the owner, is Guru 2! You’ll always learn something by going to your local shop. You’ll see something new and be inspired. For my modern hipster fix, I love The Little General and Gina, the owner is a total sweetheart! And Sewingly Yours offers a lovely mix of modern, traditional and batik. Plus Theresa, Juanita and their whole staff are so great! Knit One Smock Too offers both fabric and yarn, as well as tons of smocking and embroidery supplies. Every needle craft need can be met there! Shirley and Martha are fabulous people. I’m lucky enough to travel the state teaching and shopping. Favorite love to Studio Stitch in Greensboro, Linderellas in Southern Pines, Thimble Pleasures in Chapel Hill, Stitch in Time in Franklin and Carolina Foam in Black Mountain as well!! Remember to shop local and support your shops!

I love to shop online too! My friend Chrissy and her mom Linda run Sewlux Fabric! They’ve got a great offering with lots of Moda and other quilt shop quality brands. They ship quickly and have great customer service to boot! And they’re offering a FIFTY DOLLAR GIFT CERTIFICATE to an international winner for this giveaway!!

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty!! There will be one winner of all of the loot!! And one winner of the gift certificate!! The favorites prize is only open to US addresses and the International prize is only open to International folk! As always, there are lots of ways to enter!
1. Leave a comment about what your favorite post on is.
2. Follow my blog with Bloglovin or RSS feed.
3. Like me on Facebook.
4. Follow me on twitter.
5. Follow me on Instagram.
6. Follow me on Pinterest.
7. Subscribe to my blog via email.
8. Post, tweet or blog about the giveaway for extra entries. (One for each time you do it!)
There are lots of ways to get an entry; you can do just one or all of them. If you’re already a follower, that’s great! It counts as an entry!! Please post a separate comment here for each entry! Your comment here is the entry. If you’re international, please write INTERNATIONAL in your comment. Entries open through 5 pm est on Monday, June 23. Mack the Chihuahua will select both winners; he tends to use the random number generator. Don’t send bribes; I watch him like a hawk.
Let me know if you’ve got any questions!! Good luck!!
xo LC

Stash Bash

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of going to The Stash Bash! I’ve spent the whole week recovering and trying to catch up on sleep!


It was hosted by Chris aka Frecklemama. She is as much fun in person as she is online!! Love her! This awesome gift was made by Jill. And we all signed it!


I went with three of my super awesome sewing friends (they’re part of this group!) and we had the best time!! There were also some pretty amazing sponsors which led to pretty amazing swag bags and prizes throughout the weekend! Nicole, Tessa, me & Melissa!


As with all retreats, it’s really about the people!! So much talent! So much laughter!! So many new friends!!! I am already looking forward to seeing them next year!


I’ve been on sewing retreats before, but this was a totally different (completely awesome!) experience. First off, it’s at a camp! Anyone that’s ever heard me talk about camp knows I LOVE CAMP! Seriously, I once broke my leg on the first day of camp and stayed five more weeks (in a cast). I LOVE CAMP! This was a more cushy version with really nice bunks! This is me on my bunk!


And Tessa on her bunk!! So much quilty goodness in the bunk house!


Melissa braved the top bunk!


We sewed in the main lodge which had a GORGEOUS VIEW of the lake! So much natural light!! I want to sew in this room forever!


Our path through the woods!

IMG_3462And over the bridge!


We had a fat quarter swap!! These ladies are all so much fun! Jenny, Marcia & Laurel! And I got some really cute fabrics!!


There was a Designer Star Patchwork Threads sighting on Katie!!

IMG_3464I worked on a lot of things while I was there. I made this little pouch to hold all my bloc loc rulers. I used blind machine appliqué and a little hand embroidery!!


I also made a Designer Star with Bonnie Christine Reminisce. This line has great colors!


Nicole worked on MY medallion!! I love it!!!


Beth from Stash Fabrics brought part of her store to the retreat! A great pop up shop!! She is the sweetest person too! Love her!


And she has an awesome new website, so make sure that you check it out. Seriously, she’s got the best taste. She’s transitioning from Etsy to her own site, so if you don’t see something you want, let her know. I bought Dreamin’ Vintage from her. I cannot wait to sew with this!!


My Secret Sewing Agent (aka magical fairy that left presents at your sewing station) was awesome!! It was Lisa aka Modern Balabusta. She’s the best and spoiled me with Denyse and more!! She was also one of my favorite people on the retreat!


And she made me this ADORABLE selvage needle case and more yummy fabric and snacks! That’s a text bundle!!

IMG_3441I had my dear friend Tessa, so I spoiled her with lots of fun things!! And I managed to keep it a secret for the whole weekend which was amazing.


Tessa used my All Sewn Up pattern to make this for her secret agent. It’s so awesome and I wanted to steal it!!


Everything Tessa makes is just perfect!! LOVE!! The handmade tab…genius!


I got a surprise from a sweet friend! It’s going in my sewing studio!!
All of the swag was awesome, but this was a real highlight. Aurifil in the same color in every weight! I cannot wait to make a sampler with this!! I think it will be cool to stitch out all the weights side by side.

I also won this super awesome phone case/wallet! Love!!


It is easy to get caught up in all the “things” that we got! From pretty handmades to the awesome shirts from Sonya, but this weekend was so much about the people! I loved meeting each and every one of them. I left feeling so inspired by so many amazing women!! I will be there next year and hope everyone will be back!! I wish every weekend was a sewing retreat!
xo LC

A New (GENIUS!) Toy

A few weeks ago, a bunch of my friends from Sew South met up for a weekend of sewing! There was lots of sewing, talking, eating, drinking, laughing and of course…the passing along of tips and ideas!! Chrissy brought a bloc loc ruler! It’s the greatest invention for trimming HST’s (half square triangles). Seriously. Greatest. Invention. Ever.
Here’s how it works…
You sew your HST. I use the method where you make two HST’s at once.


Cut them apart.


Press the seam.


And this is where the magic begins!! Place the bloc loc ruler on the HST. There’s a groove in the ruler for the 1/4″ seam. Trim.


Slide the ruler to the other edge and align the HST with the desired size of your HST.


Voila! It’s brilliant!! And makes trimming HST’s so much faster!


The ruler I got will trim sizes up to 6 1/2″. I’m going to be honest, if I’m making larger HST’s, I just trim off the flags, I don’t trim the edges:) But there is a larger bloc loc ruler available if you need it!

Chrissy and her mom have an awesome little online shop, Sew Lux where you can get the bloc loc! They have wonderful customer service and tons of other cool things that you’re going to want. Consider yourself warned;)
xo LC