Terrific Tip Tuesday: Bobbin Leftovers

Sometimes, once I am finished quilting with a bright color, I have just a bit left on the bobbin. I go ahead and use this in the bobbin while piecing bright fabrics.

This is less wasteful and gets the bobbin empty and ready for its next color. I use Aurifil 50 weight for all my quilt piecing and a lot of my quilting, so I am not mixing weights, only mixing colors!

xx LC

Tuesday’s Tip: Bobbin Labels

Today’s tip is brought to you by the mysterious bobbins that clutter my sewing room. I don’t know about y’all, but I can never find an empty bobbin (except the one in my machine;) and I never know what’s on them. So I just have to guess…or empty the thread:( So, I have a solution!

I bought reinforcement dots and a thin sharpie.

And I started labeling!

Obviously, you have to remove the label while you sew, but it’s been working well for me!
xo LC