Deep in the Heart of Texas

I grew up in Dallas, so I always jump at the chance to head “home”. Plus this time I was visiting two of my favorite groups, the McKinney MQG and Stitched with Love. This guild is full of talented quilters! We made Hattie’s Dresden for the workshop and the range of awesome work was…just wow!!

I’m a sucker for a color wheel!! Seriously, almost any pattern looks amazing in color order form.

And I’m loving this low volume version. I’d never seen Hattie’s in neutrals!

Sarah made these beauties and posed with Lori! She’s planning on making it into a tote with one dresden on each side.

Scrappy works well with Hattie’s. This palette is so bright and fresh.

I love when students bring in pretties made with my patterns! Check out this Line It Up Tote

And Designer Star!

Such a wonderful two toned version! Ellen already finished her quilt and you can read more about it here.

More scrappy fun!! I seriously wanted to steal this one! She pulled some excellent scraps and even mixed in different substrates.

Gorgeous spring flowers! Love the accent pieces in the middle.

Another gorgeous color wheel!

Sweet Alice and Catherine gifted me this awesome tee! It’s sparkly:)

This cutie also appeared in class!

I had a mini trunk show for some of my best friends. Thanks Em J for being the quilt holder. This one is Georgia’s Dresden.

Plus I ate excessive tacos and guacamole.

I even slept under a Designer Star quilt made by The Guru’s best friend (and my second Mom!), Sue. This one was quilted by my sweet friend, Sheri.

It’s always great to go back home!

xo LC

The New Shop SALE

I’m sure you’ve been hearing about all the VATMOSS situations with downloadable patterns. (If you haven’t heard, google it.) It’s an annoying situation and nobody seems to have a really good answer on what to do. I decided to make my PDF patterns available here on my site! As an added bonus, they’re all 30% off through Friday, January 16! Check it out here.


Unfortunately, I blocked EU buyers due to the new tax regulations. You can still shop for printed patterns in my Etsy shop. EU shoppers should go here. Worldwide shipping available.


My patterns are also available through your local quilt shops! I’m a huge supporter of shopping local and would love for you to ask them to order for you! They can contact me directly or place an order with distributors. (Tell them to mention this post and I’ll hook them up with free shipping.) I’ll be highlighting each of my patterns this week in a series of posts! It’s going to be fun!!
xo LC

Made with May Chappell Pretties

I love when people email me or tag me with a picture of something made with one of my patterns or tutorials. I’m constantly amazed with the pretties! And I really love when they take it in a new direction! Check out this Fantastically Fussy quilt made by Mia. She changed the way the blocks are set and it’s amazing!


Ann made this beautiful Lazy Sunday! I love the colors; it’s cheerful and serene which is a tough combo to achieve.


Such cute backing too!


This little bag was made with my Fiver Tote tutorial (using the Fiver gets Wider option). Sarah did a great job!


I love the mix of solids with that fun ribbon.


These cuties were made by my awesome friend Debbie!! She did such a great job that I stole them (borrowed;) for my booth in Houston. They’re made with my Dotty Pouch tutorial.


Shanna made this HUGE Lazy Sunday! It’s gorgeous! She made so many great color choices here.


This gorgeous Lazy Sunday was made by BJ! She’s a prolific quilter and fabulous person. I love the colors she chose.


Xandi made this adorable All Sewn Up sewing kit. I want to steal it. The scissor fabric is perfect!


She did a beautiful job!!


These two Lazy Sundays were made by the same person. I feel terrible because I didn’t note who sent them. If you made them (or know who did!), please comment and I’ll update the post! UPDATE: They were made by Lisa Marie! They’re just lovely:)


They’re both beautiful so I had to share!


Debbie made this Fiver Tote for Gail! I love her fabric picks; they’re perfect for the bird loving Gail.


These beauties were made for Seams Like Home in Alaska! I love that they showed multiple sizes. The Designer Star pattern includes information for 10″ to 100″.


These are just a few of the amazing samples! Keep them coming.
xo LC

More Class Fun!

I’ve been teaching a lot the last few weeks, but I’ve not been good about taking pictures! I taught a pouch class at Knit One Smock Too that was so much fun! Seriously, they were just a great group! And check out this pouch!! Love!!! (She was inspired by a pouch I had made.)

Then I taught the Lazy Sunday class at Studio Stitch. Regina & Jerrie are really funny, so we laughed through the whole class. And their quilt tops are gorgeous!! Regina worked from her stash and Jerrie used a Sphere layer cake.


I taught a voile string quilt at Studio Stitch. Once everyone has finished their blocks, it’s tons of fun to arrange them every which way!


We loved the chevrons!


But this also got top votes! These beauties are Kathy’s!


I love this arrangement. It’s the one I use the most often. Nancy’s blocks are so serene.


Nancy made chocolate cake. It was delicious!


We played around all night!0


I taught the AccuQuilt wedge at Sew Original. These are Denise’s. She’s using Leah Duncan Tule with solids. Love! I’m plotting to steal it!!


And the Designer Star class is underway at Sewingly Yours!


This wasn’t for a class, but Theresa made this with my All Squared Up pattern! I love it!! Theresa was my very first (and only:) ) student in my very first class. She’s amazing and talented!! And just a really great person. It makes me happy that she still takes my classes years later!


She also made this one because Theresa is nothing if not an overachiever!!


I’m starting to book up classes through the Fall! Lots of great ones coming up!
xo LC

And the Awesome Shirt Goes To…

Thanks to everyone who entered the Giveaway!! The Chihuahua spent the evening helping me with this quilt and picking two lucky winners!


Sometimes his version of helping really works against me. He chose number 19 & 88!



Jo and Nicole! Congrats y’all! I will email you for your address and you’ll get a sweet shirt from Patchwork Threads and a Designer Star pattern!



For those of you that didn’t win, you still have until Tuesday to order your shirt!! Use the MAYCHAPPELL10 coupon code! Remember that 20% of proceeds go to Quilts of Valor!!
xo LC

It Was a 19 Aurifil Year!

As 2014 begins, we all reflect on 2013. 2013 was the year of free motion quilting for me! I made it a goal to study, improve and most importantly just practice free motion quilting. I’m not likely to get better by sleeping under a quilt, so I best start quilting like a fool. The year started with a voile string quilt. It’s fairly busy, so I practiced a different pattern in each square.


I figured out that loopy curvy shapes are easier for me than angular shapes.


Next up was a mini for a swap. I did some straight line quilting to stabilize it before I went to town.


Pebbling is relaxing to me. Because they’re organic (read: don’t need to match), they’re much easier than some other designs.


Because these fabrics kind of became solids, I needed to be neater in my quilting! Everything showed!! I love busy prints because I can try something new and no one will ever see it.


For the Understanding the Rainbow sample, I appliquéd around the circles as part of he quilting. Then I did little shell shapes in the white. The quilting REALLY showed. One thing I’ve found is that if your consistent in the density, you can hide mistakes. What really stands out is a different amount of spacing in the design.


Sometimes there are three loops and sometimes four, but I kept the spacing consistent.


I was starting to feel really good about my pebbling at this point, so I went a little crazy and decided to do this.


I pebbled all of the background of a Designer Star. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I used a pale grey thread so my work showed!


While I was recovering from that experience, I did all over loops on my granny squares. There’s a lot of white background so the quilting does show, but to me this quilt called for something simple and almost utilitarian.


I’ve discovered that it’s much easier for me to do dense quilting that is custom to my piecing than to do an all over design. It’s easier for most people to draw a close to exact 1/4″ circle than a 3″ circle, so it would make sense that smaller is easier. FMQ is drawing with thread. Dense is easier, but boy is it time consuming!!


Next up was another mini quilt for a swap! This one was for a quilter I really admire, so I wanted the quilting to sing!!


This was dense quilting! And intense quilting!! Lots of my go-to shape…infinities. I find that shape easy to stay consistent with. With FMQ, you have to do the shapes that work for you!


This quilt was in celebration of the Accuquilt Barn Quilt competition. (I got second!) And it also became the cover quilt for the Accuquilt version of Designer Star.


Lots of (stressful) solids led to lots of infinities. I’m not really into switching thread a million times to match so I usually just pick the best overall color and go with it. For this quilt, I used a winter white.


The Mod Tree Wallhanging is one of my more popular tutorials. It’s also my personal favorite! I used pebbling to mimic snowballs all over the background.


Again, I used a soft grey. I also think grey is easier to see as you’re quilting. Sometimes I can’t tell where I’ve quilted when it’s white thread on white!! The black blanket stitch is part of the quilting and the first stitching I did when I put the quilt sandwich together.


This quilt is busy busy busy!! But I didn’t want to mess it up! This is my Scrappy Star.


I did all over infinities in every direction. I used a light grey thread. I was able to really practice infinities since this is bed sized and the quilting barely shows!!


Then came my All Squared Up quilt. The quilting needed to complement the piecing.


The quilting shows on the pattern cover. I was pleased with how consistent it was. I’m not much into marking. I find it difficult to stitch along markings. I tend to count instead. For example, there are five loops in each triangle.


Next up was the Lazy Sunday and more busy prints to hide the quilting! I did shells on this one.


And infinities on this one!


And more shells on this one! Practice! Practice!! Practice!!!


I also made two Taffy Quilts this year. The first was made in Blubird Park. I did custom quilting with infinities, loops, shells and swirls.


The quilting showed in some places and less so in others. I quilted fairly densely since this was a shop sample. Dense quilting hangs nicely.


This is the quilt where I discovered my favorite new thread! It’s Aurifil 4060. It’s a variegated neutral. Love!!


The second Taffy is brighter Spring colors. I used a mix of infinities, loops, shells and curves on this one too!


I want to frame this picture when I look back at the beginning of the year to now! Is it perfect? No, but I have improved so much. Practice really does make perfect better!


All these quilts (and many others that weren’t major players in my FMQ journey this year) were pieced with Aurifil. I have a habit of keeping the empty spools. It’s exciting to see the inside of an Aurifil spool; it’s sort of like a unicorn sighting. I sometimes quilt with Aurifil, but these are just the piecing spools. 2013 was a year of 19 spools. Color 2310 is my favorite, but any neutral is fair game.


May 2014 bring you a full bobbin, a sharp rotary blade and a full stash!
xo LC

Sewing with The Guru

The Guru (aka my Mom) and I love to work on projects together! And we’ve just finished two. First up is a quilt for our friend Lisa. We made her a Designer Star with the blues of Saltwater. The background is FreeSpirit Solid in Pearl. It’s a soft grey and I love it! It works great with cool colors. Lisa loves blue and the ocean, so Saltwater was an easy choice.


We went ahead and washed it so she could use it right away. It crinkled nicely! I quilted with an all over shell design.


Once of my resolutions for 2014 is to label every quilt. I have the labels…why don’t I use them?! I’ve started early and been labeling like a madwoman. Spoiler alert: The Guru’s real name is Ann:)


Our second quilt is for my sweet Aunt Laurie! Laurie celebrated a significant birthday on December 19. The Guru is one of four kids (she’s number three) and Laurie is married to her older brother John. So all of the siblings (except John; I’m sure he got her something better!) and their spouses decided to go in together and make Laurie a quilt. The Guru did the piecing and I quilted! Laurie lives by the ocean and likes blue. (This seems to be a common theme…) We again chose Saltwater! This time we made a Lazy Sunday!


And I labeled it! Mack the Chihuahua offered some assistance.


I really wanted to keep this one! I quilted with my usual infinities. And we bound in the stripe.


Last week, The Guru went down to her hometown. She took one of my quilts to show off. I told her that it wouldn’t be a bad thing if the binding got sewn while she had it;) Pauline was a huge influence on The Guru’s love of sewing; she’d lived near my grandparents. The Guru also visited with her other sewing idol, her Aunt Ann! Ann could do things with a needle and thread that I’ve never even thought of. She snapped a photo of Pauline looking at my quilt! I feel lucky to learn all the things these ladies taught The Guru.


Now back to Christmas sewing. I haven’t started my brother’s quilt, but that worked out last year! So, away we go!!
xo LC

Pattern Project Love

One of my favorite things is when someone shares a project they made with a May Chappell pattern. It’s a thrill for me and I’m constantly inspired by the awesome work and amazing fabric choices! And now I shall treat you to a portfolio of eye candy!!
This Designer Star was made by Cindy Holby of King. She used Rock ‘n Romance by Pat Bravo for Art Gallery.


This gorgeous Designer Star was made by Jill! She’s also a Papanana’s customer in King. Love the scrappy border!!


And a MINIATURE version made by Linda of Linderellas! This is the 10″ size! That’s some tiny piecing:)


Sue made this beauty! It’s a baby quilt for a baby whose last name is fox so she used the Les Amis fox fabric!!


There have also been some great All Sewn Up sewing kits popping up around the blogosphere. This was made by Christine and she blogged about her process here.


And these were made by the talented Jan Bran!


I LOVE this fabric!!


And my dear friend Debbie has been making Lazy Sundays like it is her job! I guess it’s a good thing that they’re so fun and fast!! This gorgeous one is Kate Spain Sunnyside!


And a holiday version! Also Kate Spain!


Kelly Wood made this gorgeous quilt! She blogged about it here! Thank you for your kind words about the pattern:)


It is so fun to see these and I love it when you add them to the Made with May Chappell Flickr group!! All the patterns are available in my Craftsy shop:) All images used with permission. Keep creating!
xo LC

A Busy Week!

Last Saturday was my Designer Star class at Linderellas! For me, walking into Linderellas feels like coming home; it’s bright & cheerful and Linda & Carl are the best! We had a blast! We half square triangled (Is that a verb? It is now!) like nobodies business.


A few of the students are newer to quilting, but everyone did great!


First up is Connie! She considered doing a 10″ version, but we talked her off the ledge. The 10″ version is gorgeous, but requires very precise cutting and piecing; a great project to spread out over a few days! I was so excited to finally meet Connie. She had won a giveaway and she’d been registered for the class I had to cancel for my trip to Nebraska. We’ve chatted via email, but hadn’t met. And she is delightful! And made a beautiful Designer Star!


And Shirley!! She’s made two quilts on her own and this was her first class! She sews a PERFECT straight stitch which is not all that common among new quilters:) Getting a nice 1/4″ seam is the first step to quilting. She did an amazing job! She’s great fun and I’m looking forward to seeing her in another class.


Here’s Tabitha’s! She’s also new to quilting, but is an accomplished garment sewer. She was also full of entertaining stories, which we love! She did an excellent job. I think she’s a fan because she left the shop with materials for another quilt! New quilter alert!!


And Michelle! She somehow alluded being in my picture. Michelle has taken quite a few of my classes and I love having her! She used Kate Spain’s new line Sunnyside; I NEED a Sunnyside Designer Star! The layout…


And she’s already done!! Amazing!!


Tuesday night was class two of the evening City Sampler at The Little General! I couldn’t wait to see everyone’s blocks! And I definitely was not disappointed! This is Sarah (British Sarah as I call her since I have a few friends named Sarah:). She’s questioning the colors of the blocks that we put down at the bottom. I’ve suggested she wait to see if she needs to remake them. No need to start that now when they might end up fitting in with the whole quilt.


And Joan!! She’s an overachiever and has made lots of blocks! She’s doing a rainbow version and has lots of cool fussy cuts in there!!


And The Guru! That’s right, The Guru is in the house for City Sampler:) She is using Denyse Schmidt’s new line Florence and mixing in solids and a few complementary prints! I’m loving what she has so far!


And mine! I’m making one along with the group! It started out to be mod red, white and blue. But I added lime and grey:) It is completely different than my Tula version which makes me happy!


Last night was the makeup class for my voile string class at Studio Stitch! Cathy couldn’t make it, but Mary and Justiann had fun! Mary is going to lay hers out in chevrons. Stunning!


And Justi us doing lattice. She is using a lot of those V&A voiles. I love them! Plus she selected a plum background to set them off. Amazing!


I really enjoy teaching and getting to meet so many amazing people! And I already cannot wait to see next week’s City Sampler class!
xo LC

Ready to Learn?

It’s that time again! I have a new teaching schedule. I’m pretty pumped about all the new classes coming up this quarter- there are some new patterns and lots of fun things that you can make for holiday gifts! I am teaching at all the usual locales. Let me know if there is something that you want to take that is not working with your schedule and we can work something out! You can download a pdf here. See you in class:)

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 3.43.57 PMScreen shot 2013-09-24 at 2.57.08 PMScreen shot 2013-09-23 at 3.44.36 PMScreen shot 2013-09-24 at 2.54.05 PM

xo LC