Terrific Tip Tuesday: Appliqué Cheat

When I make a quilt with lots of appliqué that I plan on densely quilting, I skip the actual appliqué. This quilt is dresdens that I glued down. Instead of stitching them down, either by hand or machine, I just started quilting. 

You’ll want to carefully stitch over each point and cross the edges frequently. This is a great trick to speed up a quilt full of appliqué!

xx LC

An Olympic Sized Hole in My Heart

I’ve taken a bit of a break from the blog for the summer and I’ve really missed it. Don’t worry, it wasn’t a break from working…so I have so much fun stuff to show you in the next few weeks! There were lots of good times this summer hanging out with my favorite co-pilot.


I am an Olympic superfan and might have openly wept during closing ceremonies for three major reasons. A: What will I watch while stitching? Who knew that I could watch so many hours of a cycling road race. B: Why is the dance portion before synchronized swimming not required national vewing? Seriously. Google it. You’re welcome. It rivals some Broadway shows I’ve seen. C: Will college football fill the Olympic sized hole in my heart?

In honor of the Olympics (and because I was too slow for the Fourth of July), I made this cute flag mini. It’s a Thimble Blossoms pattern. These quilts were all the rage on Instagram.


I hosted a little stitching soiree with some sewing buds. We had the ridiculous idea of making a swap item. I made this little cutie with some Liberty lawn. A dresden is always a good idea. Tessa of The Sewing Chick won it!


I received this cute little pouch. It was made by the super talented Sarah of Stitching & Bacon using a Carolyn Friedlander pattern.


The Triad MQG did a swap with the McKinney MQG. I made this colorful rainbow with the pattern from my Craftsy class.


And I also made this Bonnie & Camille dresden! I had two partners:)


The Guru made this awesome Designer Star!


And this gorgeous Blue Ridge mini! I REALLY wanted to steal this before she sent it off. She also had two partners.


I’ve been busy this summer designing two quilts for Quilt Carolina! There’s one version for the Triangle and one version for the Triad. The big reveal will be on October 6. You can learn more about the shop hop here and buy passports from any of the participating shops!


I also started a little cross stitching project this summer. In honor of the National Park Service turning 100, I’m making the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery design. We’ve only gotten one clue, but I’m anxiously awaiting the next clue.


More fun soon!

xx LC

Georgia’s Gratitude 

Quilts of Valor is a wonderful organization dedicated to making quilts for Veterans. Lots of amazing quilters stitch up tons of gorgeous works of art to thank those that have served. They’re having a silent auction fundraiser at America Quilts Expo in Des Moines, Iowa. I was invited to make a quilt! I used my Georgia’s Dresden pattern.  

My pattern is named for my great-grandmother. The quilt I inherited from her is a pretty little 1930’s dresden. Her son Lynn was a B-24 pilot in the Army Air Corps during WWII. So I named the quilt Georgia’s Gratitude! 

I quilted up a storm on this one since it’s a wall hanging. I did infinity loops on all the wedges and shells in the background. Plus a fun little flower in the middle!

It was such an honor to be able to contribute to this organization! I hope my quilt finds a wonderful home!! I not so secretly want to keep it. You can see all the quilts here.

You can also check out a Quilts of Valor quilt that I made here. Plus the Patchwork Threads tee featuring my Designer Star benefits QOV. 

xo LC

Visiting the Houston MQG

This weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting with the Houston MQG. It was nice to be in Houston at a time that Quilt Market wasn’t happening! First off, we ate a lot of tacos…it’s Texas, what did you expect? Next up was a trunk show with more delicious snacks. There are dark chocolate salted caramels. Kate is my favorite. These two items are directly related. (Photo credit to Hillary Jordan.)


And a little cutting demo. (Photo credit to Hillary Jordan.)


The workshop was the next day. I was a little impressed by the PowerPoint upcoming events calendar. I love borrowing awesome ideas from guilds I visit.


We worked on Georgia’s Dresden. Lots of dresden making went down. Here’s Patty and Frieda.


Love all the Reds!!


Kate crowned herself queen.


Not too sure what Stephanie crowned herself;) 


Love Jane’s finish with Patty’s fabric!


Debbie used TULA!! Debbie was also a completely hilarious tour leader and drove me all over Houston!

She’s already finished with her block! (Photo credit to Debbie Grosskopf.)


Loving the Blueberry Park!


Such a great group of gals! Can’t wait to see them again!!

xo LC

Georgia’s Dresden & the Grand Opening

Yesterday was the Grand Opening of Trailer Stash! It was such a great day!! I revealed one of my new patterns (coming out at Spring Market). It’s called Georgia’s Dresden. I’m going to be doing a workshop for this pattern on May 4 with Trailer Stash. There is still space, contact Gina to register! Make sure you sign up for their newsletter so you’ll know about upcong events!



The workshop will be a great day. We will learn all about making dresdens, baby border dresdens and balance in scrappy quilts. Plus, you’ll learn options for appliquéing.


Gina will have the trailer parked at WinMock and we will be in the barn. It’s a gorgeous space with lots of room for sewing and laying out the projects. Plus, a yummy lunch is included. 



I had a little trunk show highlighting my patterns and upcoming classes. Remember, you can see my full teaching schedule here.


The trailer is adorable! Basically, there’s cuteness everywhere.



Anywhere that has boxes of Liberty is a happy place.


Love these Cotton + Steel basic bundles!


She’s carrying Flatter and Soak, two of my go-to products!


Check out the adorable (and delicious) cupcakes!


And loads more of pretty Liberty on rolls!


Congrats Gina on your opening! I’m so proud of you and happy to be a part of it!

xx LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Sewing to the Edge


It’s time for another Terrific Tip Tuesday! I love Dresden plates!! Here’s a tip to get a clean edge. I like to machine piece the wedges and then hand appliqué the Dresden plate down. Start by cutting the wedges.


Sew a 1/4″ seam across the top with right sides together. Turn the tip inside out. Voila!


Put right sides together.


Using your 1/4″ foot, start sewing about 1/2″ from the edge using back stitch.


When you get to the edge, begin stitching forward to the bottom of the wedge.


Your thread tails will be 1/2″ from the edge.


And you’ll have a clean edge for appliqué!


This is a great technique any time you don’t want your thread tails peeking out. I do the same thing when I’m leaving an opening in the lining of a bag.
Happy Tuesday Sewing!!
xo LC

A Holiday Swap

I’m in an online bee with a great group of talented folks! We call ourselves The Usual Suspects. And we decided to do a holiday swap. We were supposed to make an ornament, send a cool card and send a gift either handmade or from our sewing studio. No purchasing. Well I had my sweet friend Pam! I decided to make Pam a pouch and fill it with goodness! I went with a scrappy outside.


I added some cool trim to each side. I’ve been obsessed with the Robert Kaufman yarn dyes since they came out! They’re gorgeous AND they have awesome looking selvages. I used the selvages on each side to frame the patchwork.


Last summer while I was in Paducah, I bought a really cute little charm that I planned to use for a zipper pull. This was the perfect project!


It has a (totally true) little message on the back. I really wanted to keep this pouch:)


Pam loves handwork and had strongly implied she’d love some Cosmo thread. I use Cosmo and Anchor for my embroidery. So I went to Knit One Smock Too and bought the same colors I have. That’s legit right?! They’re in my sewing studio; I just got her fresh skeins. And I put in a cool needle threader (again, I have the same one:) For her card, I found an embroidery design that was on a greeting card. So cute! And my favorite needles.


I used a scrap from Winters Lane for my ornament. I quilted around the little tree.


And I labeled it!! I actually labeled all these presents but I figured one picture would suffice.


A while back, Pam had emailed me and asked if I wanted to do a little swap between us. Obviously I couldn’t say, “I have you in the suspects swap.” So I kept quiet and we decided to swap a small to medium gift. I decided on a pillow!


I used selvages! I’ve been hoarding selvages for ages and I will one day make a quilt:) A lot of these came from John/Quilt Dad…thank you!! He was giving them away on Instagram and I have fast fingers.


I already know I’m going to make another one because it was so fun to make. And The Guru was super disappointed it wasn’t for her! And this is what Pam made me!! Have you ever seen a more perfect Dresden?! And the quilting!! I love love love it!!!


It’s amazingly perfect for me!! Pam is crazy talented! And there are puppies:) Handmade Christmas is the best!
xo LC

Meadow Flowers Quilt TUTORIAL

I love Fall! The pretty leaves and the crisp weather are the best. Not to mention the apple cider! But then Winter sets in. It’s cold and the trees are bare. And I start dreaming of Spring!


Sometimes my quest for the fresh colors of Spring invades my sewing studio. So when Chrissy over at Sew Lux Fabric asked me to choose another Curated Collection, I knew I wanted happy colors! So…I bring you Waiting for Spring! It’s eight half yards of Spring colors!! You can see it here!

CC-WaitingforSpringLogoNaturally I had to make a new pattern with this yumminess! AccuQuilt had sent me their new Fall collection and I’ve been playing with clams and hexies. But there’s also a great wedge die in the line up. It will make a 38″ circle with a 19″ center and forty pieces. So I’ve decided to offer this as a FREE online tutorial!


Let’s get started!

Supplies: You’ll need seven half yard prints for the flower petals and one more for the printed flower centers. (The bundle is just the right amount:) You’ll have enough left from these for the binding. You’ll also need 2 1/2 yards of white (I used this tone on tone.) and 1 yard of green. (I used Bella Green Tea.) The quilt finishes 61 1/2″ square, so you need 4 yards for backing. You’ll also need appliqué glue, freezer paper, tape, a mechanical pencil and basic sewing supplies.

Cutting the Squares: Cut the white into eight 21″ squares. Cut one green 21″ square.

Cutting the Wedges: I used the AccuQuilt with the new 9″ wedge die. You’ll need ten white wedges and eighty print wedges. (I cut twelve of each color and had four extras.) I cut a 10″ x width of fabric of each of the seven prints, as well as the white. This was enough to cut all the wedges.

NOTE: If you don’t have this die, you can use a dresden ruler. You might need to adjust the  amount of wedges to form 1/4 of a ring. But you should just get an AccuQuilt because I cut all these wedges in about twenty minutes!


Sewing the Wedges: You’ll fold the top (wider) edge of each wedge in half right sides together and sew across with a 1/4″ seam.


Turn the wedge right side out and push out the point. I used a chop stick.


You should have this. (Plus ten white wedges that I left out of the picture.)


Pressing the Wedges: Press each point flat. Take care to center the seam so that your point is even. (The two folded edges should have the same measurement.)


Now you should have this. (Again, plus ten white wedges that I left out of the picture.)


Piecing the Wedge Sets: You will now piece them together into eight sets of ten. You will make one all white set; the rest will be made of a mix of prints. Align the top folded edge and do not worry if the raw edge at the bottom does not align perfectly.


Press in one direction.


Appliqué the Petals Down: Lay one petal set on the corner of a white square. If the edge of your piece does not align exactly, you need to align the shorter piece with the edge and let the longer piece hang over as shown. Don’t put all the excess on one edge; you’ll want to split the excess so that a small amount hangs over both edges of the background square.


Use appliqué glue to hold the petals in place.


Appliqué along the folded edge.


Making the Flower Centers: I use the freezer paper technique for appliqué. Using a piece of freezer paper, mark a center point (under the tape in this picture) and measure out 11″ from this point. Using a string taped to a mechanical pencil and measuring 11″, connect these dots.


It is more important that you have a nice clean arch than that it is exactly the right measurement.


Cut out the arch. Don’t cut the bottom corner, but do draw lines showing the 90° corner. Gently press the wax side of the freezer paper to the right side of your center flower print.


Trim a 1/4″ seam.


Peel the freezer paper off the front.


Lay the freezer paper on the wrong side of the fabric with the wax paper side up.


Press the 1/4″ seam of fabric down.


Make sure you have a clean smooth edge.


Appliqué the Flower Centers: Lay the center on your background square (with the petals already appliquéd down). Lift the fabric and use the drawn corner to align with the white background square.


Glue baste and appliqué down this edge. Lift up your fabric; you do not want to appliqué it to the background square.


This is what you should have.


Trimming: Trim the seam of the petals to be 1/4″ matching the flower center circle.


Using the background square as a guide, trim off the excess of the flower centers and the petals. It should measure 21″ square.


You should have this.


Trim the background square 1/4″ from the appliqué seam of the petals. This will reduce bulk.


You can use the same freezer paper template for all nine flower centers. You’ll make three with the print and six in green. Repeat the steps to make nine blocks. Use the finished quilt image for placement.

Finishing the Quilt Top: Piece the nine squares as you would a nine patch. Press the top and bottom rows out and the center row in towards the center square.


The quilt finishes 61 1/2″ square. Happy Spring!!


I quilted this one on the Bernina quilting frame. More on that tomorrow!!


Let me know if you have any questions! And remember to add pictures of your Meadow Flowers to the Made with May Chappell Flickr group.
xo LC

Elemental Color

All of my classes are great fun to teach, but my color classes hold a special place in my heart. I love color! I recently introduced my Elements of Color class at Sewingly Yours. The class was a great success and I’m already looking forward to teaching it again next quarter. My original sample was just a quilt top…but now I’ve quilted it!!


I declared 2013 to be “the year of FMQ”, so I’ve been trying to really focus on that.


Infinity loops and pebbles are definitely two of my go-to shapes. But I can see that I’m getting better!


I’m going to keep working. I might even try a new shape soon;)


I think this one might need to live in my sewing studio!


xo LC