Stitching a Bunny

Who needs an adorable quick finish?! I got this darling little kit from Alyssa of Penguin + Fish fame. If you’re not already familiar with her cuteness, you need to check it out. She’s quite talented and her site is full of unique critters.

I started my bunny after dinner tonight and it’s just before bedtime. I’m already blogging and he’s found his forever home in my studio. What?! I originally thought he’d be Easter decor, but I’m thinking he’ll stay out year round.

The kit includes everything you need from the floss to the hoop. The directions are clear and concise. There are diagrams for each stitch if you need a reminder (or a beginning course!). You can find the kit here

Alyssa might even draw something fun on your package!

xo LC

Stitching With Lorelai GIVEAWAY

I hope that everyone has enjoyed all of the Stitching with Lorelai projects. I am pretty sure that I need to stitch up all of them! My house needs its own Gilmore corner.

Here are all the projects for easy access:
Monday, November 14: Lee Chappell Monroe of May Chappell
Tuesday, November 15: Corey Yoder of Coriander Quilts
Wednesday, November 16: Tessa Walker of The Sewing Chick
Thursday, November 17: Sarah Lowry of Stitching & Bacon
Friday, November 18: Elizabeth Dackson of Don’t Call Me Betsy

I was a bit torn about which design to use for my post, so I’m sharing my other designs here as a bonus! I pulled some of the best gilmorisms! First up is “I Smell Snow!” and you can download the design here. As all true Gilmore lovers know, all good things happen in the snow!


Next up is a pretty common word. But to none other than the fabulous matriach, Emily, it is a come hither pick up line! In fact, it’s a line she “learns” from Lorelai! Hello. Don’t go saying it to too many men now:) You can download this design here.


And one more! I’m pretty sure that this is my life motto as well! I can hear The Guru snickering as she reads that;) You can grab this design here.


I’ve loved checking out all the goodness on Instagram under #stitchingwithlorelai. Remember, you have until December 1 to post to that hashtag and be entered for a $50 gift certificate to Sew Lux Fabric! Enter often:) And peruse all the cuteness that’s popping up already. Y’all are some speedy stitchers!

Who’s ready for a surprise GIVEAWAY?! Claudia who is the dealer of all things embroidery and beyond over at Snuggly Monkey has generously offered a $25 gift certificate. And it’s pretty easy to enter! All you have to do is comment on ANY of the Stitching with Lorelai blog posts. So, there are up to six entries per person! You can comment on anything you want, but if you’re looking for a topic, how about #teamdean, #teamjess or #teamlogan? Enter before Wednesday, November 23 at noon est.

Here are links to all of the awesome projects of Stitching with Lorelai one more time:
Monday, November 14: Lee Chappell Monroe of May Chappell
Tuesday, November 15: Corey Yoder of Coriander Quilts
Wednesday, November 16: Tessa Walker of The Sewing Chick
Thursday, November 17: Sarah Lowry of Stitching & Bacon
Friday, November 18: Elizabeth Dackson of Don’t Call Me Betsy

I think all dedicated fans will want to check out this pledge. Don’t be a spoiler!


The really important thing is that we are now WITHIN a week of A Year in the Life!! Can you stand it?!

xx LC


Terrific Tip Tuesday: Embroidery Snap

I love embroidery, but I’m not always the best with detailed notes about what I’m doing. I’ve started snapping a picture of the project and the threads (with color numbers showing) to help jog my memory.

Now if I could just find the thread!

xo LC

PS: This design is by Patty Sloniger and part of her Into the Deep collection.

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Traveling with Threads


Today’s tip is for travel! I love to embroider or hand stitch while I’m flying or in the car, but I hate trying to thread a needle in a mobile vehicle. No matter how smooth the flight, it’s frustrating! I take a post it note and fold in nearly in half using the not too sticky surface to hold the thread ends and needle.

Wrap the threads and tuck in the ends. The post it is just sticky enough to hold the thread, but not sticky enough to leave residue. Label the post it too! Sometimes you don’t get quite all your stitching done and you won’t remember! It’s easy to throw a bunch of these in your bag and with the needle point tucked away, they’re travel ready.


xo LC

Fragments Crossed TUTORIAL

Here is a link to all of my TUTORIALS.

Today I’m really excited to share a new tutorial with you! I saw this fabric at Quilt Market in the Dear Stella booth and really wanted to cross stitch it. So I did! Isn’t that fabric great?! The name of the line is Fragments and the center print is called Cross Stitch, so obviously it was meant to be.


I owe a huge shout out and thank you to Martha from Knit One Smock Too for patiently helping me choose the floss for my cross stitch. I wanted to find all the perfect colors and she’s the best!


This was so much fun to piece! And a great hand stitching project to boot!! My floss colors are slightly lighter than the fabric so that the stitching pops.


You can find a complete step-by-step TUTORIAL on the Dear Stella blog here! Another huge thank you to Jessie at Dear Stella! I love working with Dear Stella fabrics and it was great to work with you on this project. Here are a few more pictures because I just can’t stop myself!


I quilted so that the pieced cross stitched blocks popped.


xo LC







Terrific Tip Tuesday: Pressing Delicates


Sometimes you need to press something, but you don’t want to literally press it flat. This can be true of certain textiles such as seersucker. But for me, it’s always my embroidery projects. They’ve been stuffed in a bag and wadded up for years stowed neatly for a few weeks with minor fold lines and I want to press them without flattening the stitching. There are fancy pressing cloths for this, but nothing works better than a washcloth!


Keeps the stitches “safe” and the fabric pressed!


xo LC

I’m in Stitch!

UPDATE: Pattern available here through F&W.

Big news on the blog today!! I’ve got a project in the latest issue of Stitch (Summer 2014)! It’s on newsstands now and available at Sew Original if you’re a local.


It’s called the Beach Creature Wristlet. It uses hand embroidery and basic bag construction. Since I learned hand embroidery from the amazing Martha at Knit One Smock Too, we are going to team teach this project. It will be in July, so check their schedule!


I’m pretty excited about this! Not the least of which is that MY NAME is just below TULA PINK! You know I had to point that out:)


xo LC

Handy Handwork

I’ve never been much of a fan of handwork. The guru does most of my hand binding and I avoid embroidery like the plague…until now!! I stopped by Knit One Smock Too a few weeks ago and saw this adorableness made by Martha. It’s from Aneela Hoey’s Little Stitches book.


So I signed up for her class. She’s a FABULOUS teacher. She’s very clear and knows her stuff! She explains things really well and simplifies the steps. Previously, all my embroidery “skills” were “self-taught” so she was a welcome addition to my skill set. If you’re local, you need to take a class from her:) This is my practice cloth from class.


After class, I finished my little snow globe. Is it a little more wobbly than Martha’s? Yes, yes it is. Am I cool with that? Yes, yes I am. As Martha would say…it’s a towel!


Then I decided to use my new (mad) skills for my pincushion swap. My partner loves the beach:) So I did a little starfish.


It went well. One of the things that Martha taught us were granitos. They’re awesome and I was able to do graduated dots on the starfish legs.


I finished it off with ric-rac. I’ve loved this look since I saw it in the Liberty Love book.


I also sent her a one of my Christmas Tree pinnies from my Twelve More Weeks of Christmas series. She seemed pretty happy:) Perfection.


I got this adorable pinnie from my friend Leona. She always makes the cutest things!!


I also decided to use my newfound skills for the hoop art swap for my Usual Suspects bee. My partner has not received it yet, so it’s still a surprise!! Sewing is Amazeballs!


I’ve now organized my floss and bought all new needles under Martha’s direction. I’m very excited about my new car ride activity!


I’m finding embroidery to be really relaxing. Are you an embroidery fan?
xo LC