Terrific Tip Tuesday: Traveling with Rulers

It’s Tip time! Today’s tip comes from my friend Emily Herrick. When you’re packing for a retreat or a class, rulers can get very unruly (pun intended), try looping them together with a binder ring!

You’re also much less likely to lose one!

xx LC

Here Comes Emily

The Triad MQG is about to host another exciting speaker! Emily Herrick of Crazy Old Ladies fame will be coming to speak with the guild and teach a few workshops at Village Fabric Shop. Her guild presentation is Tuesday, April 26 at 6:30 pm. We meet at South Fork Community Center on Country Club. Her first class will be Wednesday, April 27 from 10-1. We will be making this adorable hand embroidery project. 


Then Wednesday night, she’ll be teaching this mini! It’s based on her Big Game quilt and a Village Fabric Shop exclusive. I’ll be making it for my uncle. So awesome!

Emily is a really fun person so be sure to check out one (or all) of the events! You can register for the classes by calling the shop directly at (336) 779-6155.

xo LC


Spring in Minneapolis

It’s time I finally recapped the market experience this year. Spring Market is different; it’s smaller and travels to different cities! This year, it was in Minneapolis. I love Minneapolis so I was pretty excited. We packed up the booth! Same booth as Fall Market with different insides. And new quilts!

Since it’s Fathers’ Day, I will give a shout out to my awesome Dad, aka the booth builder! Those are my notes and directions for the booth that he’s putting it together. It’s really a miracle that he still takes my calls.

At the close of the first day of set up, this is where we were! We had walls and everything unloaded.

Back in the hotel room, there were lots of shenanigans with these two amazing ladies! Angela of Bunny’s Designs/Fabric Supply and Nicole of Fist Full of Fabric are my dear sweet friends who volunteered to help me with booth set up. We had to put pillow forms in a lot of pillows! I really could not have done it without these gals. I’m lucky to have them as friends!!

At the close of day 2, we had this! I was pleased that the bed frame actually worked out and only collapsed once (with me underneath it and my phone ringing). Hattie’s Dresden hung on the back wall and Squiggly Bits & Salem Square adorned the bed.

This is a version of Squiggly Bits made with Cotton + Steel¬†basics. I had pieced the rows and was running out of time and my sweet friend Tessa of The Sewing Chick finished piecing the rows, quilted it and bound it. She’s the best! I love the square quilting she did.

This pillow is a scrapalicious version of Salem Square made with Hello Darling from Bonnie & Camille. It was made by Chrissy of Sewlux! She’s awesome:)

And here are two more made by dear friends! This Blue Ridge table runner was pieced and quilted by my dear friend Sarah of Stitching & Bacon. See that gorgeous Liberty pillow? Nicole not only helped me in my booth, she quilted that! And didn’t even bat an eye when I suggested 1/4″ straight line quilting. She’s good peeps!

One of the best parts of market is seeing what everyone else is up to! Carolyn‘s booth was perfection, as always. She has a new block of the month that’s stunning! And had a neat hand sewing element in her booth.

I had to visit my friends at AccuQuilt! They were showing off the GO! Big which is fabulous and that cute animal quilt which had a bunch of animals all made from the owl die.

Melody was showing off all the pretty new Cotton + Steel fabrics. Their booth is always so clever. And full of vintage things that I want to steal for my house.

Dear Stella had a lot of great projects!

Emily Herrick is one of my favorite people at market. She’s really funny and obviously quite talented. Her booth won an award for creativity and her new line is sodalicious!

Tula‘s booth was quite inspiring! Her Eden book offered free patterns (and pillows to make with the scraps!), as well as a guide to make this rainbow Butterfly. And the most exciting news?! Wide backs! They’re gorgeous!!

I love visitors to my booth! The Pinks came by! Tula, her Mom Kat and her brother Cameron. They’re tons of fun and absolutely hilarious! My Salem Square, mixing Eden with True Colors is to the left and Hattie’s Dresden made with True Colors is to the right. I do love to sew with her fabric:)

Sara of Sew Sweetness stopped by. She is really so sweet! She made a dress with the wide back fabric from Tula’s new collection that was just clever and awesome!

Heather Bailey stopped by! I made Georgia’s Dresden with her Clementine line. She’s quite inspiring!

The adorable Miss Kingwell stopped by for a nap! Squiggly Bits is made with her first line for Moda, Gardenvale. It’s deliciously scrappy.

I failed to get a picture of her cute face, but it’s always great to see Jacqueline of Soak! ¬†There was an emergency handmaid delivery because Minnesota was still experiencing winter!



I had to head over to the announcement of the newest shops in Quilt Sampler because one of my fave shops is in it! Lynn of Stitched with Love posed for me! Congrats Lynn and crew! Well deserved recognition for a great place!

And now I must start getting ready for Fall Market!

xo LC

This Little Designer Went to Market: Part 4

Welcome to the final installment of my Quilt Market recap! It was just such an inspiring experience that I can’t stop talking about it! It was nice to call this place home for a few days.


I loved this bow tie display at Cotton + Steel! So pretty.


Emily Herrick’s booth for Rustique was so cool! I really like this line and can’t wait to make a quilt for my parents with it. I love that it has the rustic/cabin/outdoor feel with a fresh modern look!


Harvey! How cool is that?!


And then it all came down in an instant. Goodbye Carolyn’s little booth!


It was insane how quickly the pretty was packed up.


We had a fun little friend for the trip home!


I introduced Carolyn to Sheetz! Priorities people. And schmiscuits are a priority.


I picked up a lot of loot! And fear not, I’ll be spreading the love!!


Someone was very happy to see me. But still holding a small grudge for my absence.


I can’t believe this is the only picture Carolyn and I took together. At breakfast. Twenty minutes before she went home. It was such a blast my friend! You’re so crazy talented that it blows me away!!


I’m already ready for my next Quilt Market adventure!
xo LC