Sewing with The Guru

The Guru (aka my Mom) and I love to work on projects together! And we’ve just finished two. First up is a quilt for our friend Lisa. We made her a Designer Star with the blues of Saltwater. The background is FreeSpirit Solid in Pearl. It’s a soft grey and I love it! It works great with cool colors. Lisa loves blue and the ocean, so Saltwater was an easy choice.


We went ahead and washed it so she could use it right away. It crinkled nicely! I quilted with an all over shell design.


Once of my resolutions for 2014 is to label every quilt. I have the labels…why don’t I use them?! I’ve started early and been labeling like a madwoman. Spoiler alert: The Guru’s real name is Ann:)


Our second quilt is for my sweet Aunt Laurie! Laurie celebrated a significant birthday on December 19. The Guru is one of four kids (she’s number three) and Laurie is married to her older brother John. So all of the siblings (except John; I’m sure he got her something better!) and their spouses decided to go in together and make Laurie a quilt. The Guru did the piecing and I quilted! Laurie lives by the ocean and likes blue. (This seems to be a common theme…) We again chose Saltwater! This time we made a Lazy Sunday!


And I labeled it! Mack the Chihuahua offered some assistance.


I really wanted to keep this one! I quilted with my usual infinities. And we bound in the stripe.


Last week, The Guru went down to her hometown. She took one of my quilts to show off. I told her that it wouldn’t be a bad thing if the binding got sewn while she had it;) Pauline was a huge influence on The Guru’s love of sewing; she’d lived near my grandparents. The Guru also visited with her other sewing idol, her Aunt Ann! Ann could do things with a needle and thread that I’ve never even thought of. She snapped a photo of Pauline looking at my quilt! I feel lucky to learn all the things these ladies taught The Guru.


Now back to Christmas sewing. I haven’t started my brother’s quilt, but that worked out last year! So, away we go!!
xo LC