Terrific Tip Tuesday: This End Up

There’s nothing more frustrating when you’re hand stitching than thread that keeps knotting up and tangling. If you thread the end that comes off the spool first, you’ll have less issues. The thread will  travel through the fabric in the more natural direction. 

Wishing you tangle free stitching!

UPDATE: Great comment over on Instagram to help remember this!


xx LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Gripper Pad

You know when you’re hand stitching and your needle just will not come through? I keep part of a can gripper in all my hand sewing kits. Since needles are much smaller than cans, I cut them in half or fourths. It’s just enough to get a good grip and pull the needle through. And there’s usually less stabbing of the hand. 

Plus, those can grippers are often free giveaways! (I scored this one from The Guru who scored it from her mechanic!) Win. Win. 

xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: As Thread Leaves the Spool


We are back with another Carolyn guest post, hand sewing style. When you’re stitching, it’s best to thread the end of the thread that you pulled off the spool first and knot the end you pulled off last.


The thread is less likely to knot up on you. Also, this way, you’re stitching in the same direction that the thread came off the spool.


xo LC