Tuesday Tip: Interfacing Scraps

Storing interfacing is always a problem. I posted a bit ago about how I write a selvage on my interfacing . But I never really know what to do with scraps! Someone suggested storing interfacing rolled in a toilet paper roll. I’ve since found it to be the perfect solution for interfacing scraps! For larger interfacing scraps, you can wrap a piece of paper around to write your label.

xx LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Traveling with Rulers

It’s Tip time! Today’s tip comes from my friend Emily Herrick. When you’re packing for a retreat or a class, rulers can get very unruly (pun intended), try looping them together with a binder ring!

You’re also much less likely to lose one!

xx LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Gripper Pad

You know when you’re hand stitching and your needle just will not come through? I keep part of a can gripper in all my hand sewing kits. Since needles are much smaller than cans, I cut them in half or fourths. It’s just enough to get a good grip and pull the needle through. And there’s usually less stabbing of the hand. 

Plus, those can grippers are often free giveaways! (I scored this one from The Guru who scored it from her mechanic!) Win. Win. 

xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Smooth Pillows


Today’s terrific tip is pillow related. I’ve been making a lot of pillows lately and sometimes I use the store-bought forms, but sometimes I make my own. When you buy Poly-fil, you have to work with it or it’s lumpy. Start by pulling out a lump, and pull it apart at least three times.


Keep pulling until you get little pieces and then put those in the pillow bit by small bit.


This leads to a lump free pillow every time! If you still have lumps, pull it apart more. There’s going to be a very exciting Terrific Tip Tuesday next week…get ready!

xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Display Tools


Fall Quilt Market is over. There will be much sharing (and oversharing) about it next week. But it’s time for the Friday edition of Terrific Tip Tuesdays!! This is a display/photo shoot tip. I discovered these little bendy things at Home Depot. They’re technically called rubber reusable twist ties and come in multiple sizes. They look like this and are very pliable.


Trust me, they’re a huge asset for photoshoots. You can tie them, bend them and make them do lots of things. And they very easily hold up things like this!


Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday to The Guru!
xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Extra Binding


My quilty buddy Dana is visiting today for her book signing and workshop!! So obviously I asked her to guest tip! This is brilliant!! When she makes binding, she makes one whole yard, regardless of what the pattern calls for. That way, she has plenty of already made binding ready for her small projects!


So no need to calculate!! Plus, you’ll always have enough binding!


(Cute binding photo courtesy of Heather at The Sewing Loft, another sewing buddy that I got to hang out with today.)
xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Thread Pull


I’m back with another thread related tip. This one is for the preservation of your machine. When you’re going to rethread your machine, clip the thread at the top and pull from the bottom so that the thread moves through the machine in the direction that it’s designed to travel.


The discs that the thread travels through control your tension. Repeatedly pulling thread backwards through them causes damage. This is bad.


Be kind to your machine!
xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Striped Binding


I love stripe binding! In fact, I’ve got a whole section of my stash that’s stripes for binding. I really like the pattern to align on my stripes as misaligned stripes are quite distracting. I start with my two pieces of binding.


Then I take one piece and press a 45 degree angle. I’ve already removed selvages.


Align the pressed seam to the pattern of the other piece. It’s practically camouflaged! Although full disclosure, this print has a hand drawn aspect that makes a perfect match impossible.


Pin in place. I’m a non-gluer, but a dot of appliqué glue would also be appropriate.


Sew along the line that you pressed.




Perfect striped binding every time!


xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Wonders of Washi 3

We are back to the wonders of washi tape for today’s post…with a little safety thrown in! It’s unsafe to throw a rotary blade in the trash. It’s unsafe at home but it’s REALLY unsafe when you’re at a retreat or taking a class. Since we all have washi in our sewing kits (right?!), just tape it to some scrap paper. It’s much less likely to injure anyone!


All the same rules apply to needles! Just fold a piece of washi around the tip!

Happy Sewing & Disposing!
xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Paper Blade

Today’s tip is an oldie but a goodie! If you like to paper piece, you know you have trim up the paper when you’re done with the block. But you also know that using your rotary on paper will dull the blade. So label a second rotary with a P and put your dull fabric blade on it. Each time the fabric rotary gets a new blade, the paper rotary gets the old blade. (And the old paper blade goes in the trash!) If you don’t have two rotary cutters, just put a P on the old blade with a sharpie and switch out the blade when you’re cutting paper.


Now that you have a paper rotary cutter, you’ll find a million uses for it!
xo LC