Terrific Tool Thursday: THE Oliso

Okay, full disclosure, I had to actually google whether this was terrific tool Thursdays or Thursday’s terrific tool. It’s been that long since I’ve posted a cool tool! But I am back with a doozy. The Oliso. I know what some of you may be thinking. Is it worth it? Can it really be that great? Do I really need another iron? The answer to all of the above is yes! 

For an iron, it can be a bit spendy. Think of it in terms of fabric. Do I want 15 yards of fabric or do I want the most amazing ironing experience of my life? For those of you who aren’t familiar, what is unique about the Oliso is that it pops up and down. This means you never pick up the iron. When you are quilting all day and pressing repeatedly, it makes a huge difference in how your wrist feels at the end of the day. Here’s a short video.

I have definitely heard rumblings about Oliso’s that leak water. I will say I hear these complaints about most irons. I have no concrete facts on whether this iron or that iron leaks more. That said, I do not use steam and therefore do not ever put water in my iron. None of my irons leak;) I can say that a really good way to prolong the life of your iron, is to use a spray bottle instead of putting water in the iron. 

Another full disclosure, I was given this iron by Oliso last Spring at Market. I wanted to use it a bit before I introduced it on the blog. After a few short months of use, one had to be purchased for The Guru! Iron envy is a dangerous dynamic for a mother daughter duo. If/When this one dies, I’ll be purchasing a replacement stat. My wrist thanks me in advance.

xo LC

My Favorite New Toy

As most quilters know, the quest for a great iron is never ending. Well, the quest ends here! I’ve gotten the best little iron!! It’s a CORDLESS iron from Panasonic.

The guru had shoulder surgery earlier this year and ironing has become a real problem. So she has been looking for a new iron. She saw an ad in The Quilt Life, so we went online to read reviews. We went with the black one based on the reviews. She really needed light weight and cordless was a bonus since she’s a leftie.

Some of the reviews said the iron was not hot enough. To be honest, I’ve even used the medium setting for quilters’ weight cotton. It’s plenty hot! One of the best features is that the water storage container detaches so you can take it to the sink. So convenient!! Once it’s hot (in normal heat up time), you have thirty seconds of ironing before it needs to go back on the base for eight seconds. I got that info from the package because I’ve never gotten to thirty seconds!

We are both sold, another one will be ordered soon! Greatest. Iron. Ever. If you’re in the market, I highly recommend it. And while I definitely try to shop local, this was purchased from Amazon.
xo LC