Making Quilts & Eating Strawberries 

A few weeks ago, I headed down to Florida to teach a few workshops and do a few trunk shows. Upon arriving at The Cotton Patch, I was greeted by the cutest bassets ever! You know it’s a good sign when dogs are involved.

The workshops were loads of fun! Check out those Hattie’s blocks!

Some major fussy cutting happened!

I love to see quilts made with my patterns! Check out this stunning Lazy Sunday made with Kate Spain Canyon.

While I was in Florida, I had to check out the local hotspots. We went to eat at The Columbia. I had my first Cuban and the best guava pastry ever! It’s a good thing that I don’t live too close to that place.

I was pretty excited to find out that it was strawberry season! So we headed to a produce stand. I’ve long had an obsession with hand painted signs. Hand painted signs advertising my favorite food are a double win.

And live sign painting!

My next workshop was with the Orlando MQG. What a great group!! We talked about precision piecing tips and had a fun day! (And they said I couldn’t fit twenty people into a selfie.)

Then it was time for more strawberry eating. There was whip cream on tap.

Next up was manatee watching. The blob on the right is a baby manatee!

Obviously we had to pose with the giant painted manatee and buy a manaTEA steeper.

There’s nothing better than a trip to Florida in the Winter!

xo LC


The New Shop SALE

I’m sure you’ve been hearing about all the VATMOSS situations with downloadable patterns. (If you haven’t heard, google it.) It’s an annoying situation and nobody seems to have a really good answer on what to do. I decided to make my PDF patterns available here on my site! As an added bonus, they’re all 30% off through Friday, January 16! Check it out here.


Unfortunately, I blocked EU buyers due to the new tax regulations. You can still shop for printed patterns in my Etsy shop. EU shoppers should go here. Worldwide shipping available.


My patterns are also available through your local quilt shops! I’m a huge supporter of shopping local and would love for you to ask them to order for you! They can contact me directly or place an order with distributors. (Tell them to mention this post and I’ll hook them up with free shipping.) I’ll be highlighting each of my patterns this week in a series of posts! It’s going to be fun!!
xo LC

Made with May Chappell Pretties

I love when people email me or tag me with a picture of something made with one of my patterns or tutorials. I’m constantly amazed with the pretties! And I really love when they take it in a new direction! Check out this Fantastically Fussy quilt made by Mia. She changed the way the blocks are set and it’s amazing!


Ann made this beautiful Lazy Sunday! I love the colors; it’s cheerful and serene which is a tough combo to achieve.


Such cute backing too!


This little bag was made with my Fiver Tote tutorial (using the Fiver gets Wider option). Sarah did a great job!


I love the mix of solids with that fun ribbon.


These cuties were made by my awesome friend Debbie!! She did such a great job that I stole them (borrowed;) for my booth in Houston. They’re made with my Dotty Pouch tutorial.


Shanna made this HUGE Lazy Sunday! It’s gorgeous! She made so many great color choices here.


This gorgeous Lazy Sunday was made by BJ! She’s a prolific quilter and fabulous person. I love the colors she chose.


Xandi made this adorable All Sewn Up sewing kit. I want to steal it. The scissor fabric is perfect!


She did a beautiful job!!


These two Lazy Sundays were made by the same person. I feel terrible because I didn’t note who sent them. If you made them (or know who did!), please comment and I’ll update the post! UPDATE: They were made by Lisa Marie! They’re just lovely:)


They’re both beautiful so I had to share!


Debbie made this Fiver Tote for Gail! I love her fabric picks; they’re perfect for the bird loving Gail.


These beauties were made for Seams Like Home in Alaska! I love that they showed multiple sizes. The Designer Star pattern includes information for 10″ to 100″.


These are just a few of the amazing samples! Keep them coming.
xo LC

Lazy Sunday takes on Chapel Hill

Last Saturday, I taught my first class at Thimble Pleasures in Chapel Hill! It was AWESOME! We had a wonderful time!!


Melony used April Showers and added some sunshiny yellow!


Jo worked from her massive Kaffe stash! It’s bright and fun!


Shirley pulled fat quarters from her stash! They’re gorgeous; she’s got great taste!!


Gwen is helping her daughter make a gift. I love the fabrics they’ve chosen!!


Jeanne made hers a little larger scale with charms and a jelly roll. It’s going to be gorgeous!!


And Maggie picked some fun bright fabrics! Love seeing a young sewist with so much talent!!


Julia almost finished hers! She totally embraced the randomness of this project!!


Beth also embraced the randomness! She added the pink and lavender to a batik layer cake. Perfect additions!!


Sudi-Laura made this beauty with Denyse! Love!!


We had such a wonderful time! It was a room full of talent and positive attitudes!! I’m looking forward to heading back there soon! I’ve got Fantastically Fussy on June 14, Modern Cross on July 28 & Designer Star on August 30!
xo LC

More Samples of City Sampler

We are back at it with the City Sampler class at The Little General! Cynthia played catch up AND started her sashing. The sashing is PERFECT! It’s Tula and cooler colors so the blocks pop!!


Sarah didn’t bring any of her blocks with her! But who wants to miss out on a photo?! She did however almost catch up with the class! Yay!


Lori & Patti are also keeping theirs secret. I’m sure they’re awesome, but we didn’t get to see!


Joan’s were as perfect and rainbowy as usual! She’s focusing on the colors that she’s missing right now.


Sue’s are also looking wonderful! It’s such a happy quilt with all that bright Kaffe!


Gail brought two months worth since she’d missed the last class. I love all the navy; it brightens the other colors!


Tomoe is continuing to work on her blocks and that sashing is making them sing! Love!!


Theresa’s are also looking awesome. She’s adding a few fabrics here and there to balance out the colors.


She somehow had time to whip up this Lazy Sunday in between! Love it!!


And mine! They’re more stark than usual, but I still like them!


The crew over at Sew Original is still going strong! Denise is waiting on some fabric, but she still finished these beauties!


And The Guru! The Happiness Project is coming right along!! Love those fussy cuts!


Chris is doing great! She’s building her Tula stash and some amazing blocks to go with it.


Shirley is also building her Tula stash! I love the fabrics she’s a added to complement Tula.


Jeanie has wonderful fabric combinations. They’re looking great! And she entertains everyone with names for each block!!


Cydney is adding more and more Tula as she goes! The fussy cuts are spot on!! Love!


And mine! I’m loving this quilt more and more as I go! I might even like it more than my original.


xo LC

Color Me Happy

My sweet friend Wendy asked me to donate a quilt for her Junior League fundraiser. I wanted to make something that would appeal to the masses. I decided on Color Me Happy by V&co. This is such a great line. There are quite a few prints that I’m going to need more of!!

I used my Lazy Sunday pattern. Mostly because it’s quick and easy!


I did machine bind this. I’ll be honest; I still don’t like it. But time was tight and I needed to get her done! The yardage for Color Me Happy wasn’t out yet, so I backed in pink Noteworthy. I really like it!!


I quilted with my favorite infinities. The thread was a huge debate because there are so many values and colors in this quilt. I opted for the variegated pink. Thanks to all my Instagram peeps that weighed in!


I hope your event was a huge success, Wendy!!
xo LC

Chapel Hill, Here I Come!

Exciting news!! I’m going to be teaching at Thimble Pleasures! Have y’all been to there?! It’s an awesome quilt shop in one of my favorite North Carolina towns!


I’m teaching Lazy Sunday on May 10!


And Wonky Stars on June 14!


I’d love to see you in class and if you find yourself in Chapel Hill, you’ll definitely want to check out Thimble Pleasures!!
xo LC

Lazy Sunday Quilt Along

Y’all have probably seen my Lazy Sunday pattern. I’ve shown you a few I’ve made here and there. And now, my good friend Chrissy over at Sew Lux Fabric is hosting a quilt along.


Today, we are supposed to check in with our supplies. I’ve bought mine, does that count? They’re somewhere in the postal system in North Carolina. I’m using this cute Valentine’s bundle! I bought two and a charm pack so I could mix it up. I’m planning on using the charm pack for all the squares and then I’ll have fourteen fat quarters for the rest. It’s more than enough.


There are prizes…May Chappell patterns and Sew Lux gift certificates:) Join in the fun! And Sew Lux has layer cakes on sale today if you need one!!
xo LC

It Was a 19 Aurifil Year!

As 2014 begins, we all reflect on 2013. 2013 was the year of free motion quilting for me! I made it a goal to study, improve and most importantly just practice free motion quilting. I’m not likely to get better by sleeping under a quilt, so I best start quilting like a fool. The year started with a voile string quilt. It’s fairly busy, so I practiced a different pattern in each square.


I figured out that loopy curvy shapes are easier for me than angular shapes.


Next up was a mini for a swap. I did some straight line quilting to stabilize it before I went to town.


Pebbling is relaxing to me. Because they’re organic (read: don’t need to match), they’re much easier than some other designs.


Because these fabrics kind of became solids, I needed to be neater in my quilting! Everything showed!! I love busy prints because I can try something new and no one will ever see it.


For the Understanding the Rainbow sample, I appliquéd around the circles as part of he quilting. Then I did little shell shapes in the white. The quilting REALLY showed. One thing I’ve found is that if your consistent in the density, you can hide mistakes. What really stands out is a different amount of spacing in the design.


Sometimes there are three loops and sometimes four, but I kept the spacing consistent.


I was starting to feel really good about my pebbling at this point, so I went a little crazy and decided to do this.


I pebbled all of the background of a Designer Star. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I used a pale grey thread so my work showed!


While I was recovering from that experience, I did all over loops on my granny squares. There’s a lot of white background so the quilting does show, but to me this quilt called for something simple and almost utilitarian.


I’ve discovered that it’s much easier for me to do dense quilting that is custom to my piecing than to do an all over design. It’s easier for most people to draw a close to exact 1/4″ circle than a 3″ circle, so it would make sense that smaller is easier. FMQ is drawing with thread. Dense is easier, but boy is it time consuming!!


Next up was another mini quilt for a swap! This one was for a quilter I really admire, so I wanted the quilting to sing!!


This was dense quilting! And intense quilting!! Lots of my go-to shape…infinities. I find that shape easy to stay consistent with. With FMQ, you have to do the shapes that work for you!


This quilt was in celebration of the Accuquilt Barn Quilt competition. (I got second!) And it also became the cover quilt for the Accuquilt version of Designer Star.


Lots of (stressful) solids led to lots of infinities. I’m not really into switching thread a million times to match so I usually just pick the best overall color and go with it. For this quilt, I used a winter white.


The Mod Tree Wallhanging is one of my more popular tutorials. It’s also my personal favorite! I used pebbling to mimic snowballs all over the background.


Again, I used a soft grey. I also think grey is easier to see as you’re quilting. Sometimes I can’t tell where I’ve quilted when it’s white thread on white!! The black blanket stitch is part of the quilting and the first stitching I did when I put the quilt sandwich together.


This quilt is busy busy busy!! But I didn’t want to mess it up! This is my Scrappy Star.


I did all over infinities in every direction. I used a light grey thread. I was able to really practice infinities since this is bed sized and the quilting barely shows!!


Then came my All Squared Up quilt. The quilting needed to complement the piecing.


The quilting shows on the pattern cover. I was pleased with how consistent it was. I’m not much into marking. I find it difficult to stitch along markings. I tend to count instead. For example, there are five loops in each triangle.


Next up was the Lazy Sunday and more busy prints to hide the quilting! I did shells on this one.


And infinities on this one!


And more shells on this one! Practice! Practice!! Practice!!!


I also made two Taffy Quilts this year. The first was made in Blubird Park. I did custom quilting with infinities, loops, shells and swirls.


The quilting showed in some places and less so in others. I quilted fairly densely since this was a shop sample. Dense quilting hangs nicely.


This is the quilt where I discovered my favorite new thread! It’s Aurifil 4060. It’s a variegated neutral. Love!!


The second Taffy is brighter Spring colors. I used a mix of infinities, loops, shells and curves on this one too!


I want to frame this picture when I look back at the beginning of the year to now! Is it perfect? No, but I have improved so much. Practice really does make perfect better!


All these quilts (and many others that weren’t major players in my FMQ journey this year) were pieced with Aurifil. I have a habit of keeping the empty spools. It’s exciting to see the inside of an Aurifil spool; it’s sort of like a unicorn sighting. I sometimes quilt with Aurifil, but these are just the piecing spools. 2013 was a year of 19 spools. Color 2310 is my favorite, but any neutral is fair game.


May 2014 bring you a full bobbin, a sharp rotary blade and a full stash!
xo LC

Lazy at Linderellas

Well I’m a week late posting this, but this class was amazing, so you must see what they made! Last Saturday, I taught Lazy Sunday at Linderellas. It was such a great group full of old friends: Wendy, Pat & Connie and new friends: Colleen & Katie! Carl got us crackers!


Wendy is using Sweetwater Noteworthy. I really really really love this line!! It has such fresh colors and cute little prints. She added some spots from Amy Butler which look great.


And Pat is doing High Street! I love this! I’ve made it with this line as well; it’s amazing how different it looks though! Gorgeous!!


This class was tons of fun! There was lots of chatter and laughing, two things I strongly support! (Random side note: For everyone who knows my cousin Cam, how much do Wendy and Cam look alike?!)


And Colleen! Colleen is Connie’s daughter, so I felt like I already knew her:) She’s making this for her house and selected fabrics to match! I love that it has a full range from light to dark. Very pretty!!


And Katie! Katie is fresh off her Quilting 101 class with Linda and ready for more! She sews a straight seam and that’s half the battle! This is a gift for her Mom and it’s a really cute patriotic line. Awesome!


I think this pretty much sums up how much fun we were having!


I’m sure I will see this group again! Everyone finished all their blocks, so hopefully we will see finished quilts soon:)
xo LC