Five Years! It’s my Blogoversary GIVEAWAY

I woke up this morning to my calendar telling me it’s my Blogoversary! This was news on a few fronts: A. I definitely did not remember the date. B. I definitely had no idea that I had a calendar alert set for such a thing! C. How would I celebrate?! Here’s what I decided…it’s all about FIVES! 

There will be FIVE WINNERS who will choose FIVE PATTERNS each. All you have to do to enter is tell me your TOP FIVE in sewing! Top five what you might ask…whatever you want! You can name your top FIVE FABRIC DESIGNERS or your top FIVE SEWING TOOLS or your top FIVE PLACES for sewing inspiration! Plus you get FIVE BONUS entries if your list is something that no one else has listed! Creativity counts my friends:) Just leave your TOP FIVE in the comment section.

My trusty sidekick is napping now but he’s excited to read your entries and randomly draw FIVE WINNERS! Entries open for FIVE DAYS until June 21! I’ll be sharing some fun things during those five days. Get ready!

Entries are open internationally. One entry per person:) The winner will get to choose whichever FIVE May Chappell patterns that their heart desires!

xx LC

Four Years! GIVEAWAY

Today is my blogoversary! It’s been four years since I started my little corner of the interwebs. I love chronicling my projects, sharing my students’ work and teaching a tip or two. I’m always torn about how to celebrate. There have been some fun giveaways and recaps. This year I decided on GIVEAWAY! There’s a bit of a twist…I’m going to create a large size flat rate box of quilty goodness specifically for the winner! What might you win? Scraps and fat quarters and maybe even a yard or two from my stash!

I’ll have to choose a notion or two that I love! Maybe it’ll be my favorite pins? Maybe it’ll be a tool I’ve featured? Bottle of Flatter anyone? I bet there will be patterns!

And finally, I’ll be making something! From mini quilt to pouch to tote…it could be anything! So how do you enter? Just leave a comment below telling me about you! Share your favorite colors, patterns, designers and anything else you want. US & International welcome. Entries open until next Tuesday, June 21! Mack the Chihuahua will select a winner using his magical powers (and/or the random number generator). And I might even choose a bonus winner with a really good answer!

xo LC

Fun Happenings Around the Quilting World


I love cruising around the online sewing and quilting world. There are so many fun things out there. Here are some talented ladies that I love stalking on Instagram, Facebook and of course on their lovely blogs. Online groups are such a great place to explore new techniques. We thought it would be fun to share with our readers what our online buds are up to! You’ll find a quick description of what each is all about followed by a link for more info on signing up or sewing along. There’s something for everyone! Check them out!! You’ll have fun!

patchwork posse quilt group

Online Quilt Group by Patchwork Posse – The online quilt group is similar to your local quilt guilds. We provide you with full access to a community & forum with monthly exclusive patterns- including Block of the Months, Sew Alongs, swaps, and guest designers and more! You will have access to the group – any time, any where! We are open 24/7 so you can check in, share, print and participate around your personal busy schedule.

This yearly quilt group is designed to expand your sewing and quilting skills, introduce you to designers from around the world, and provide a community to share and be inspired. How does it work? After purchase you have access to a private facebook group and to all the patterns for one full year (from date of purchase) PLUS, there is something new in the group weekly- chat, patterns, guest, and more. 

Love to sew, share, chat? You’re just what we need in our online quilt group! Come join the fun! Plus, spoiler alert, there will be a May Chappell exclusive pattern later this year! 

more info- click here!


The Hey Mama! Sew Along by QuiltChic is a free quilt block of the month program. We are on block 9, but all of the patterns are available for pdf download. I will also be including finishing instructions for the quilt. This is for any level of quilter, from beginning on up.

Join me for the Hey Mama! quilting sew along! A fun, free block of the month in which you can still participate.

more info- click here!


Think Big Sew Along- by Amy Ellis is all about making the quilt you want to make! There’s 10 blocks in the book, all 18”, which makes for a fast finish no matter how big or small. I walk you through all the math so you can make the right quilt for you whether a pillow or king size bed quilt!

I’m hosting a quilt-along starting next week (August 3rd) with three of the blocks included in the book so we can be creative together. I’ll be sharing all my tips for making these blocks and hopefully learn something new from all you too! Ready to Think Big? Stop by!

Think Big with super sized quilt blocks, and quilt along with Amy.

more info- click here!


National Sewing Month Series by The Sewing Loft– Love fabric scraps but not sure what to make? Well, The Sewing Loft has you covered! During National Sewing Month they are shifting gears and focusing on all things scraps. There will be challenges, projects, storage solutions and SO many creative ideas. And I almost forget to mention, one mother load of a giveaway to help keep your needle moving! It’s shaping up to be one massive party.

Love fabric scraps but not sure what to make? The Sewing Loft has you covered! Check out all the fantastic things they have in store for you during National Sewing Month!

more info- click here!
Mini Quilt Club by Canoe Ridge Creations- Join Megan at Canoe Ridge Creations for Round 5 of the Fresh Mini Quilt Club – Starting August 1st, 2015! Over the course of six months Fresh Mini Quilt Club members will receive six fresh, modern mini quilt patterns on the 1st of each month — they’ll all be a surprise, yay! Each mini quilt will measure between 18″ & 24″, along one side, making them a quick & easy project. Whether you have been wanting to give quilting a try, or have been it it for years, this mini quilt club is for you! Register before August 1st for only $19.99!
HOW DOES IT WORK? On the 1st of each month, club members will receive a fresh, modern mini quilt pattern right in their inbox. This easy-to-follow & printable pattern will come complete with color diagrams and step-by-step instructions. Remember, each new design will be a surprise!
WHY MINI QUILTS? Mini quilts are quick + easy projects, they don’t take large amounts of fabric (budget friendly, yay!), are great for trying out new quilting techniques, and look great in your home!

WHO SHOULD JOIN? Everyone! Each mini quilt design will feature basic patchwork techniques — perfect for beginners & the more advanced quilter.

Round 5 of the Fresh Mini Quilt Club with Megan of Canoe Ridge Creations starts August 1st — register for this 6 month club today! Do you love mini quilts? Join the Fresh Mini Quilt Club and each month you’ll have a new mini quilt pattern sent directly to your e-mail — full color diagrams & step-by-step instructions ready to print right from your home!
more info- click here!

And here’s the info that I shared with their crews:


Back of the month with May Chappell – Want to design interesting quilt backs? Sometimes they’re as much fun as the front. May Chappell’s new club called Back of the Month is like a block of the month for quilt backs! Each month, you’ll get a pdf outlining a quilt back design idea. Each will focus on a way to design an interesting back, bringing elements from the front (and using all those scraps!). Since obviously quilt backs are all different sizes, there will be lots of information about sizing things and applying the designs based on what you have. Here are the details: On the 15th of each month, you’ll get an email from Send Owl to download a pdf. The subscription lasts for 6 months and is only $12. You have until August 14 to join. You’ll automatically receive Month One when you sign up! Come join the fun!!

Learn creative ways to design your quilt backs with May Chappell’s Back of the Month Club!

more info- click here!

Hope yall will enjoy checking out the happenings!

xo LC

Join the Back of the Month


I love to design interesting quilt backs! Sometimes they’re as much fun as the front. I’m starting a new club called Back of the Month, it’s like a block of the month of quilt backs! Each month, I’m going to publish a new pdf outlining a quilt back design. Each will focus on a way to design an interesting back.


I love to bring elements from the front (and use all those scraps!). The label is also important to work in.


Since obviously quilt backs are all different sizes, there will be lots of information about sizing things and applying the designs based on what you have. I always try to conserve fabric, especially if it’s a hard to find one.


Here’s the details!

1. On the 15th of each month, you’ll get an email from Send Owl to download a pdf. Starts July 15, 2015.

2. The subscription lasts for 6 months and is only $12. You can subscribe here.

3. You have until July 14 to join! UPDATE: Enrollment has been extended until August 14. You’ll automatically receive Month One when you sign up!

It’s going to be fun! Hope you’ll join in! Tomorrow is GIVEAWAY day so I hope to see you back here!

xo LC


Trailer Stash

Have y’all seen the new Trailer Stash photos popping up over on Instagram?! My dear friend Gina Allen (of Ginabean Quilts fame) has remodeled a Shasta trailer and made a mobile fabric shop full of the most hard to find treasures: from Liberty to Yuwa to Merchant & Mills. Seriously, she’s gathered up all the loot that usually requires scouring the internet!


She’s having a Grand Opening! It’s Sunday, March 15 from 1 to 5. It’s at WinMock at Kinderton (168 East Kinderton Way, Bermuda Run, NC 27006). Everyone is welcome!


I will be there with all my quilts and patterns (and a surprise or two up my sleeve!) And she will have the trailer bursting with all the fabric goodness that you could ever need! Look how adorable it is and it’s not even stocked yet!

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 8.01.33 PM

She’s going to be doing workshops at WinMock. I will be teaching Georgia’s Dresden on Monday, May 4! I’ll be revealing the pattern during the Grand Opening. Gina is also opening up a Sewing Studio and I’ll be teaching there as well! I have a Color Study Workshop scheduled for Friday, May 1 and my Clutched class on Thursday, April 9. You can register for these classes during the grand opening or by contacting Gina directly.


See you there!

xo LC

My First Booth Part 1

I’m still on a bit of a high from my first booth at Houston Quilt Market! The Guru and I packed up her Subaru Outback and drove. We were packed to the max!


It was a tight fit, but we got it in! We love a good road trip!!


Setup started bright and early at 10am. We found our spot and got everything unloaded.


My awesome Dad built my booth. We designed it together; there will be a separate post all about that! My Dad is good peeps.


We got the walls up pretty quickly! And then the real work started.


It looked like this at the end of the first day. We had All Squared Up hung on the back wall. We had also made the discovery that we were a row short on carpet squares. I’m still not sure what went down, but nothing a few beige bath mats in the corner couldn’t fix.


We hung the posters and yard sticks.


And then it was done!! Ta-da!


There were a lot of details in the booth. I wanted it to feel like my house. I love pieces with history and family connections. All the crates came from my cousins. The thread belonged to my Aunt Ann. I picked up that driftwood on the banks of Lake Superior.


The antique postcards in the corner are all from places I love. The crib belonged to my grandfather and his siblings.


I included a picture of May Chappell in the booth. Here’s the story on why I named my company May Chappell.


We were able to go to a few school houses. Carolyn’s was great!! She introduced this new pattern, Outhouse. Obviously a swap is in order; details on the blog this Wednesday!


We also loved Shea Henderson’s schoolhouse introducing her new book School of Sewing. I got zero pictures of it, but the book is awesome and deserved a shoutout. To be continued…
xo LC

Made with May Chappell Pretties

I love when people email me or tag me with a picture of something made with one of my patterns or tutorials. I’m constantly amazed with the pretties! And I really love when they take it in a new direction! Check out this Fantastically Fussy quilt made by Mia. She changed the way the blocks are set and it’s amazing!


Ann made this beautiful Lazy Sunday! I love the colors; it’s cheerful and serene which is a tough combo to achieve.


Such cute backing too!


This little bag was made with my Fiver Tote tutorial (using the Fiver gets Wider option). Sarah did a great job!


I love the mix of solids with that fun ribbon.


These cuties were made by my awesome friend Debbie!! She did such a great job that I stole them (borrowed;) for my booth in Houston. They’re made with my Dotty Pouch tutorial.


Shanna made this HUGE Lazy Sunday! It’s gorgeous! She made so many great color choices here.


This gorgeous Lazy Sunday was made by BJ! She’s a prolific quilter and fabulous person. I love the colors she chose.


Xandi made this adorable All Sewn Up sewing kit. I want to steal it. The scissor fabric is perfect!


She did a beautiful job!!


These two Lazy Sundays were made by the same person. I feel terrible because I didn’t note who sent them. If you made them (or know who did!), please comment and I’ll update the post! UPDATE: They were made by Lisa Marie! They’re just lovely:)


They’re both beautiful so I had to share!


Debbie made this Fiver Tote for Gail! I love her fabric picks; they’re perfect for the bird loving Gail.


These beauties were made for Seams Like Home in Alaska! I love that they showed multiple sizes. The Designer Star pattern includes information for 10″ to 100″.


These are just a few of the amazing samples! Keep them coming.
xo LC