To the Outhouse & Don’t Forget Your Shirts Swap

I’ve hosted a few rounds of the All Shirts No Shoes swap. It’s been great fun and I’ve been amazed by the talent and creativity of this community. Shirts 3.0 is coming to a close. The shirts are all heading off to their new homes! We exchanged around 200 shirts which is amazing considering it’s the holidays!


So it’s time for the next round…with a twist! Carolyn has a fabulous new pattern, Outhouse. It’s meant for swapping! So instead of Shirts 4.0, we are doing the “To the Outhouse & Don’t Forget Your Shirts”! That’s right, we are swapping both SHIRTS and OUTHOUSES!


The patterns are awesomely detailed! Here are the rules.
1. You will get back the same amount of shirts/outhouses that you mail in. You can make five or five hundred. All the same fabric or different:) You can send just shirts or just outhouses! If you send 7 shirts and 12 outhouses, you’ll get back 7 shirts and 12 outhouses.
2. Ship your shirts to me by April 1. If you’re international, try to ship by March 20:) Once you sign up, I’ll email you my address. Signing up is how you get my address; it’s not a commitment to participate. I’ll update and post reminders about the swap here on my blog.
3. All items must come from a SMOKE FREE home.
4. You must include return postage. Please send a self addressed stamped envelope; it’s much easier for me.
5. If you’re international, I will send a PayPal request for return postage.
6. When you mail your package, please attach a notecard to the inside of a gallon bag as shown. It should have the following info:
A. Your Name
B. Your Mailing Address
C. Your Email
D. How many shirts/outhouses you sent.
E. Any special requests you have for the shirts/outhouses you’ll get back. (“I hate orange.” “Anything is great!” “No florals please.” “Masculine prints only.” “Love pink!”) I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to adhere to this, but I’ll try!!


7. Use the hashtag #outhouseshirtsswap on Instagram! Find your fellow swappers:)

A few details about the sewing!

1. Background for the shirts is white or cream. It can be anything that fits in this family, but it must be quilt shop quality (Robert Kaufman Kona, Moda Bella, FreeSpirit Solids). Robert Kaufman Kona from Joann is acceptable too! (Robert Kaufman has confirmed that if it says Robert Kaufman Kona, it is the same.) It should be solid; no tone on tones or prints. Carolyn’s white on white crosshatch is also a go!


Background for the outhouses should be light neutral. Prints are great as long as they’re more tone on tone. Carolyn’s crosshatch prints are great! Solids are also fine!!


2. The colored fabric is up to you! Use modern fun fabrics. No batiks or civil war prints please!


3. Remember to use a shorter stitch length and quality neutral thread. I use Aurifil, but it’s up to you. (Aurifil is pretty awesome though so I highly recommend it.) Make sure your seams are 1/4″!


4. Leave on your paper! And sign the back with your name, blog (if applicable) and location.



Are you in?! SIGN UP here! Signing up is not a commitment to send shirts; it is the list that I will send my address to:)

Do you need a pattern? They’re both available directly from Carolyn! Email Include your name, paypal email, which pattern you want and mention this swap for free shipping during December. The patterns are $12 each.

Go forth and make outhouses and shirts!

xo LC