Terrific Tip Tuesday: Perfect Line Up

Today’s Terrific Tip is from Elizabeth Dackson of Don’t Call Me Betsy. She visited NC recently and was kind enough to share a tip! She’s a master of foundation piecing. When lining up two pieces, it works well to just stitch a small area.

Then you can check it before you sew the full piece. This is a trick I often use in patchwork, but I’ve never applied it to paper piecing. There’s much less seam ripping if it doesn’t work out!


xo LC

Outhouses & Shirts Deadline Approaching

We just have a couple weeks before the mailing deadline! It’s April 1. Here are all the details of the swap. I love receiving all the packages! This will be the first time that we are doing both outhouses and shirts. Remember, you get back as many outhouses as you send and as many shirts as you sent. They are not interchangeable.

I have sent out an email with the mailing information. If you did not receive it and are participating, please email me. LC at maychappell dot com. Let’s see those shirts! Let’s see those outhouses!!

xo LC

To the Outhouse & Don’t Forget Your Shirts Swap

I’ve hosted a few rounds of the All Shirts No Shoes swap. It’s been great fun and I’ve been amazed by the talent and creativity of this community. Shirts 3.0 is coming to a close. The shirts are all heading off to their new homes! We exchanged around 200 shirts which is amazing considering it’s the holidays!


So it’s time for the next round…with a twist! Carolyn has a fabulous new pattern, Outhouse. It’s meant for swapping! So instead of Shirts 4.0, we are doing the “To the Outhouse & Don’t Forget Your Shirts”! That’s right, we are swapping both SHIRTS and OUTHOUSES!


The patterns are awesomely detailed! Here are the rules.
1. You will get back the same amount of shirts/outhouses that you mail in. You can make five or five hundred. All the same fabric or different:) You can send just shirts or just outhouses! If you send 7 shirts and 12 outhouses, you’ll get back 7 shirts and 12 outhouses.
2. Ship your shirts to me by April 1. If you’re international, try to ship by March 20:) Once you sign up, I’ll email you my address. Signing up is how you get my address; it’s not a commitment to participate. I’ll update and post reminders about the swap here on my blog.
3. All items must come from a SMOKE FREE home.
4. You must include return postage. Please send a self addressed stamped envelope; it’s much easier for me.
5. If you’re international, I will send a PayPal request for return postage.
6. When you mail your package, please attach a notecard to the inside of a gallon bag as shown. It should have the following info:
A. Your Name
B. Your Mailing Address
C. Your Email
D. How many shirts/outhouses you sent.
E. Any special requests you have for the shirts/outhouses you’ll get back. (“I hate orange.” “Anything is great!” “No florals please.” “Masculine prints only.” “Love pink!”) I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to adhere to this, but I’ll try!!


7. Use the hashtag #outhouseshirtsswap on Instagram! Find your fellow swappers:)

A few details about the sewing!

1. Background for the shirts is white or cream. It can be anything that fits in this family, but it must be quilt shop quality (Robert Kaufman Kona, Moda Bella, FreeSpirit Solids). Robert Kaufman Kona from Joann is acceptable too! (Robert Kaufman has confirmed that if it says Robert Kaufman Kona, it is the same.) It should be solid; no tone on tones or prints. Carolyn’s white on white crosshatch is also a go!


Background for the outhouses should be light neutral. Prints are great as long as they’re more tone on tone. Carolyn’s crosshatch prints are great! Solids are also fine!!


2. The colored fabric is up to you! Use modern fun fabrics. No batiks or civil war prints please!


3. Remember to use a shorter stitch length and quality neutral thread. I use Aurifil, but it’s up to you. (Aurifil is pretty awesome though so I highly recommend it.) Make sure your seams are 1/4″!


4. Leave on your paper! And sign the back with your name, blog (if applicable) and location.



Are you in?! SIGN UP here! Signing up is not a commitment to send shirts; it is the list that I will send my address to:)

Do you need a pattern? They’re both available directly from Carolyn! Email info@carolynfriedlander.com. Include your name, paypal email, which pattern you want and mention this swap for free shipping during December. The patterns are $12 each.

Go forth and make outhouses and shirts!

xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Paper Blade

Today’s tip is an oldie but a goodie! If you like to paper piece, you know you have trim up the paper when you’re done with the block. But you also know that using your rotary on paper will dull the blade. So label a second rotary with a P and put your dull fabric blade on it. Each time the fabric rotary gets a new blade, the paper rotary gets the old blade. (And the old paper blade goes in the trash!) If you don’t have two rotary cutters, just put a P on the old blade with a sharpie and switch out the blade when you’re cutting paper.


Now that you have a paper rotary cutter, you’ll find a million uses for it!
xo LC

Carolyn is Coming to Town

Ya’ll might remember me sharing my (somewhat overzealous) excitement for the Carolyn Friedlander class that I took a few months ago. It was such a wonderful experience!! And guess what?! She’s coming to Winston-Salem AND Greensboro!! I’m so excited that I can barely wait…and it’s not until August!!

First up is her Stripes pattern at Sew Original! It’s Friday, August 15! I have all kinds of plans for this pattern; it’s such a cool design.

1111-stripes-front-cover_405px-1 Check out this awesome version that she made with her Mom! Maybe The Guru and I will make one together?!


And on Saturday, August 16, you can join Carolyn again at Studio Stitch!! We are making the Olive pattern. I love this one too! If you’re local, you need to go see Muriel’s version that is hanging at Sew Original. The colors are amazing!


The workshops are $110 each, but it’s $200 if you do both! You will want to sign up immediately! Trust me, it’s a life mistake if you don’t take at least one of these classes. Carolyn is amazingly talented and so much fun!! I’ll be there for both! Call Sew Original at 336.760.1121 and Studio Stitch at 336.288.9200 to register!

xo LC

Images used with permission from Carolyn Friedlander.

Testing it Out

My friend Diane let me test her new paper piecing pattern! Here’s her post about it! I’ve been really slow to share it because I want to finish the binding, but that’s just not happening, so here it is in all its unfinished glory!!
She made an amazing set of lowercase letter paper piecing patterns. She has other patterns for uppercase and punctuation. She had specifically asked us to test some ascenders (b,d,f…) and descenders (j,p,q…). So I decided to make “maychappell”!

I used some Kate Spain for the “may”. This is one of my favorite all time fabrics:)

And Riley Blake dots from Studio Stitch for the “chappell”!

I used architextures for the background!!

This pattern is very simple if you’ve paper pieced previously. I enlarged it to 200%.

This pattern is really wonderful! If you’re looking for a letter paper piecing pattern, I highly recommend it!! I will say that this (or any letter pattern) are probably not good beginner patterns. But this one is well written, easy to follow and awesome!! Congrats Diane!
xo LC

The Theory of Color

I’m teaching Color Theory again this quarter at Studio Stitch! And adding it at Sew Original!! So excited:) I love color SO I love talking about it and teaching it. I just finished up the sample for Studio Stitch. I used solids which gives it a totally different feel!

My usual scraptastic version is hanging at Sew Original.

The block was designed by Anna of Six White Horses and you can download it here. I set the block on point and made the elements of the block in grey for the four corners.
Which version do y’all prefer?
xo LC