Market Preview Party

It’s that time of year again! Quilt Market starts next week so I’m frantically finishing things up. Before I head off to Houston, my sweet friend Amy at the Village Fabric Shop is hosting a market preview party!

We had one before Spring Market and it was great fun! So come see the new quilts and enjoy some tasty treats!! It’s Monday, October 19 from 6 to 8 at Village Fabric Shop in Reynolda Village. Everyone is welcome, but no pictures please:)

xo LC

Market Prep by Review

I’m heading off to Quilt Market in Minneapolis!! Full disclosure: When this posts, I’ll be setting up my booth! I’m in booth 721, so come visit! There are presents:)

This market was unofficially sponsored by Starbucks. I’m usually a skinny cinnamon dolce latte kind of girl, but they’ve introduced two things that have changed my life. The tiramisu latte and the s’mores frappacino! Trust me, try them. Three words: marshmallow whipped cream. 

My other unofficial sponsor was Red Box. I went and sewed at our cabin aka the land of no internet. It was great because I was basically off the grid and got so much done! I thought it would be fun to review the movies I watched while I pieced. These are obviously just my personal opinion. Here we go!

Big Eyes: Five Quilt Blocks A fascinating true story of artist Margaret Keane. There were so many plot points happening: a controlling marriage, commercial success versus “real” art, finding your voice, how one lie can blossom. In her heart of hearts, she creates because she must. And I think we all can relate to that. Amy Adams was superb and her husband was superbly creepy.  

The Imitation Game: Five Quilt Blocks This was also a true story. I’m a huge fan of Benedict Cumberbatch, (If you don’t watch Sherlock, you’re making a life mistake.) so I expected that I’d like it, but I freaking loved it. It was a different era and it’s crazy to think how the world would be had they not succeeded. His life was cut far too short by ignorance which breaks my heart. Everyone should watch this. 

Whiplash: Five Quilt Blocks I did not expect I’d like this. Oh my, I was wrong! It’s about a drum student. Yep, two hours of loud drumming.  It was interesting to compare to my art school experience. Teaching something creative is about nurturing natural talent and there are definitely different ways to do that. This guy is certifiable, but each student must find their mentor.

You’re Not You: Five Quilt Blocks I have no clue when this came out, but Hilary Swank was robbed if she didn’t win an award for it. She’s a concert pianist stricken with ALS. I cried so hard that I couldn’t see my stitches. But it was so great!! 

Alexander & the Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day: Four Quilt Blocks It’s a fun kids’ book and a fun kids’ movie. We’re not winning any Oscars for Alexander here, but there are lots of laughs. 

Annie: Four Quilt Blocks I love Annie and this was a pretty great version. They updated it in all the right ways. Cameron Diaz is hysterical as Ms. Hannigan. The girl who plays Annie is perfect for the role. If you like Annie, you’ll like this!! 

Beyond the Lights: Four Quilt Blocks I’d never heard of this movie. The music is great and it’s a sweet love story. Very watchable while sewing as its super predictable. And Minnie Driver is in it! Who doesn’t love her?!

Boyhood: Four Quilt Blocks It’s worth seeing this just for how they filmed it over many so years with the same actors. I sometimes had trouble figuring out if time had passed because I was listening more than watching. I’d love to watch it again.

Gone Girl: Four Quilt Blocks It’s just as creeptastic as the book. I had read the book but I was still on the edge of my sewing chair. Read it! See it! In that order.

Horrible Bosses 2: Four Quilt Blocks The first one is funnier, but this one is still full of laughs! It’s a bit more criminally insane than I expected. I kind of want the weird shower thing they invent. Only kind of.

Rewrite: Four Quilt Blocks It was clever and fresh for being a Hugh Grant movie. (which is not to say that I don’t LOVE Love Actually!) It’s inspiring and reminds you that you’re never too old to live your dream or find your passion. I really loved it! Highly recommend.

The Vow: Four Quilt Blocks Another true story. She loses her memory and doesn’t remember her marriage or why she hates her family. I would’ve said ridiculously cheesy if it weren’t true. So I’ll give it an epic tale of love conquers all.

This is Where I Leave You: Four Quilt Blocks Who would’ve thought that a movie about sitting shiva would be really really funny?! I would watch this again because I’m pretty sure I missed some of the subtle jokes while I was listening.

Blended: Three Quilt Blocks With Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore, this should’ve been funny, but it really wasn’t. Not terrible, but not good. Pass.

The Best of Me: Three Quilt Blocks The cheese factor was high even by Nicolas Spark’s standards. Poor boy meets rich girl. They fall in love. Rich girl’s family breaks them up. Old friend reunites them. You’ve seen it before and this wasn’t a good version of it.

The Longest Week: Three Quilt Blocks More weird than funny, but I do feel like I owe it another chance when I’m paying attention. It turns out Billy Crudup is still an actor. I last saw him as the mean brother in Inventing the Abbotts, which is an all time favorite of mine. 

A Most Violent Year:
Two Quilt Blocks My disc was scratched. I missed the first ten minutes and didn’t really enjoy the next thirty. I bailed and used the code that Red Box gave me to get something less violent. 

22 Jump Street: Two Quilt Blocks To be fair, I’ve only seen part of 21 Jumpstreet. (Unless we’re talking the Johnny Depp version, in which case I’ve seen them all!) If I were a twenty something man, this is awesomely hysterical. I’m not, so it’s just ridiculous.

Wild Card:
Zero Quilt Blocks This movie is so bad that I seriously considered asking Red Box for a refund. I want my $1.50 back and that hour of my life. I’ve seen elementary school plays with better acting…and plot lines. 

Happy Streaming! Assuming you have an Internet connection. My next post will reveal all my new patterns! 



Georgia’s Dresden & the Grand Opening

Yesterday was the Grand Opening of Trailer Stash! It was such a great day!! I revealed one of my new patterns (coming out at Spring Market). It’s called Georgia’s Dresden. I’m going to be doing a workshop for this pattern on May 4 with Trailer Stash. There is still space, contact Gina to register! Make sure you sign up for their newsletter so you’ll know about upcong events!



The workshop will be a great day. We will learn all about making dresdens, baby border dresdens and balance in scrappy quilts. Plus, you’ll learn options for appliquéing.


Gina will have the trailer parked at WinMock and we will be in the barn. It’s a gorgeous space with lots of room for sewing and laying out the projects. Plus, a yummy lunch is included. 



I had a little trunk show highlighting my patterns and upcoming classes. Remember, you can see my full teaching schedule here.


The trailer is adorable! Basically, there’s cuteness everywhere.



Anywhere that has boxes of Liberty is a happy place.


Love these Cotton + Steel basic bundles!


She’s carrying Flatter and Soak, two of my go-to products!


Check out the adorable (and delicious) cupcakes!


And loads more of pretty Liberty on rolls!


Congrats Gina on your opening! I’m so proud of you and happy to be a part of it!

xx LC

Mini May Clutched Pattern

It’s the final highlight of the May Chappell pattern extravaganza! Today I’m showcasing my Mini May Clutched pattern. Mini Mays are a new series of patterns that are designed to be completed in a three hour class. I love teaching and one thing that I hear over and over is that students would like to leave class with a finished product. Some of the patterns will include add-ons such as embroidery or appliqué. I’m quite excited about this series and the first one is Clutched!


Clutched is a hard frame purse and includes easy to follow step-by-step directions.


I made a sample with the pattern for Tula! She was pretty excited so I was basically beside myself. That face was meant to be a clutch.


I’ve taught this class quite a few times. Here are a few made by my students.


Here’s Cydney & Cynthia with theirs!


I made a bunch for holiday presents.


And this fun version with a Gardenvale mini charm pack.


I’m teaching it again this week on Tuesday at Knit One Smock Too in Winston Salem and Wednesday at Studio Stitch in Greensboro. Check out the schedule here and contact the shop directly to sign up. You can find the PDF here and the printed pattern here. Remember all PDF patterns are on sale through tomorrow!

xo LC


Eye Candy Quilt Pattern

The Eye Candy Quilt Pattern is up next for highlight week! I got to take an unexpected trip to my hometown of Dallas. It’s good news for you because I’m extending the pattern SALE through Monday! There’s just no time to unSALE the shop.


This quilt is great beginner friendly pattern! The pattern includes all sizes Baby through King. It highlights large-scale fabrics well.


I made this version with Tula Pink‘s new line Elizabeth! It will hit stores this Spring! It was such a fun line to sew with. Look at those faces! And Tula has the large scale backs that go with the line already available.


I did my own quilting on this one with infinity swirls through the lines of candy in a soft green and shells in aqua on the aqua. It took an entire spool of Aurifil on the background. I actually ran out with about 5×5″ left to go and had to run some thread off my bobbin to finish. I’m pleased with the quilting. It came out just as I envisioned it.


I got a bit out of control on the back of this quilt. I wanted to use every last precious scrap of Tula! I used the selvage to mark the line that I used. The name of the Elizabeth face print is 16th Century Selfie. That is awesome. You can see the quilting so nicely on the back.


And I finally cut my Plume Tailfeather! I still can’t believe it. It makes me so happy that I can see a big piece of this fabric on the back. This is one of my favorites of all time.


I also made a Christmas version of Eye Candy! I used Kate Spain‘s Joy! I’m going to finish it for next year.


The PDF version is available here and is on SALE! And the printed version can be found here.

xo LC

Crossing Paths Quilt Pattern

Today I’m highlighting my Crossing Paths pattern. It’s a really fun one and I love that fabric choice makes this pattern look totally different. I shouldn’t play favorites, but…


The pattern includes three different block sizes. I wanted to be able to use the pattern for all different scale fabric, so I designed small, medium and large blocks. This also means that you can make Baby through King quilts.


I made this version using the large blocks! It is a throw and sews up quickly! You only have to make four blocks!!


I had this vision of getting a picture with the baseball stadium in the background because the quilt reminds of the bases on a baseball field. It turns out it’s really windy on this hill! My friend Karen is a trooper and didn’t complain once during my ridiculous nitpicking of photoshoots.


I did a combination of straight line quilting and free motion quilting. It’s really densely quilted. I was reminded that straight line quilting takes forever. This was a really fun one to quilt.


I accidentally cut twice as many 1″ strips as I needed. I knew if I put them in my scrap bin that I’d never use them. Sewing 1″ strips is not really much fun. So I designed a fancy back. It took longer to piece than the front, but was totally worth it! Plus the quilting really shows through here. I also matched the pattern of the navy Tula Pink fabric when I pieced the sides.


I fussy cut the binding on this quilt. It needed to happen. That’s a print from Terra Australis.


The version on the pattern cover is the Medium blocks and made into a Queen. You can see how moving where you use light and dark fabrics totally changes the look of the layout.


Do you ever have a piece of fabric that you just love?! Even though it is not really your usual style? The red flowers were like that for me! I fell in love with them, despite the metallic floralness that was going on. Metallic is not usually my jam, neither is floral. This quilt is also significant because I’ve wanted a red and white quilt for ages and now I have one! Woot! I used the blue print for the back which is a nice surprise.


And here are the small blocks! This was made with Sara Lawson‘s Jungle Ave fabric for Spring Market 2014. It was the original design before I added the other block sizes. I wanted to highlight this adorable elephants!


These ellies were made for fussy cutting! And how great is the subway print?!


I used the selvage with my label!


Crossing Paths is available as a PDF here and as a printed pattern here. All PDFs are on sale through Friday.

xo LC


All Squared Up Quilt Pattern

This week I’m highlighting all my new patterns. First up is my All Squared Up quilt!

AllSquaredUpCoverThis pattern is not brand new, I initially released it as just a wall hanging. Now there are directions for Wall Hanging through King! If you have a copy of the earlier version of the pattern, just shoot me an email and I will send you the updated version.

AllSquaredUpBackCoverThe cover quilt is really special because The Guru and I pieced it together!! I chose all different Denyse Schmidt fabrics. I love that they work so well together. I can’t wait for it to live on my bed!

allsquared2Gina Allen of Ginabean Quilts did the quilting! I love what she did.

AllSquaredUpDetailThe PDF pattern is available here and the printed pattern is available here. This is a really fun pattern to piece!

xo LC

My First Booth Part 4

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! (And that all the international folk enjoyed watching the Americans gorge on food.) I am feeling very thankful and blessed for the amazing year I’ve had. This is my final installment about Market and, in my mind, the most important. I owe the biggest shoutout and thank you to all those friends and family that made something/finished something for my booth! (And everyone that listened to me talk about my plans ad nauseam the past few months.) I really cannot ever thank you enough! First of all, let’s talk about Shirley Bailey, you might know her as the owner of my main local quilt store, Sew Original. For me, she’s the binding fairy. She hand bound almost every quilt in my booth. You might know that I’m picky and her binding is PERFECT. Absolutely perfect. Shirley, I owe you:) I seriously don’t know what I would have done without you.


My sweet friend Tessa pieced and quilted this beauty! I had cut the fabric and knew that I wouldn’t get to it. I mailed it to Tessa and the USPS ate the package. So, I cut it again and mailed it off. She finished it (in about five days!) and shipped it directly to my hotel in Houston. She’s a really good friend. A really, really good friend. It’s going to be a free pattern coming soon:)


Sarah made this table runner with my Blue Ridge Quilt Pattern. We facetimed and picked really great fabrics. I love her quilting choices! She’s the best!!


Kelly Wood quilted this for me! I’ve stolen the image from Quilters Dream Instagram account; they took a fabulous photo. Kelly used two layers of Quilters Dream Select batting to make the quilting really show. I pieced this top with half square triangles based on my All Squared Up pattern.


She hid so many little gems in this piece. There’s a bee that’s an homage to the Flora & Fauna fabric that I used.


And she quilted honeycombs. Needless to say, she’s pretty amazing.


It was over:( I sent my quilts off to Country Fabrics in Minnesota for a trunk show. This was a huge relief as it cleared some room in the car.


Taking it all down is MUCH faster than putting it up!


My last big thank you is to my Mom & Dad. My Dad built my booth and went on countless Home Depot treks! (More on that later.) The booth was amazing and exactly as I wanted it to be. My Mom was my right hand man/The Guru/Chief Minion. She abandoned all her own sewing projects for the past two months to help me. I could not have done it without her. When I decided to do my first market booth, I asked them to help and they both jumped on board. I’m not sure any of us knew what we were getting into. I always joke that it’s a miracle that they answer my calls.


I’m already looking forward to Minneapolis in the Spring!

xo LC

My First Booth Part 3

I’m back with more picture goodness from Quilt Market! This was hands down my favorite booth! I loved the whimsy. It’s Alexander Henry!


Carolyn Friedlander always does impeccable work and this year was no different. Love the dark wall!


And here’s Carolyn and Nichole chilling on the amazing sofa! She quilted those cushion covers. You need to read about it here. Amazing!


Alison Glass also had a great booth! I thought her fabric display was quite clever. It would be easy to shop the prints and mix/match your choices!


Here’s the super cute Melody Miller! The new lines of Cotton + Steel are fab, a great mix of vintage and modern.


Tula Pink‘s new line Elizabeth inspired quite the fantastical booth! Don’t you want to sit on that thrown?!


I made Tula this clutch with her new line! I’m not sure I’ve ever been that stressed sewing something!!


Here’s Sara Lawson in her booth! The quilt above her was done by the super talented Casey Johnson, a fellow Triad MQG member.


And another of Sara with a bag made by Kim Johnson, another Triad MQG member! Awesome booth!


I’m pretty excited for Priory Square by Katy Jones and her booth didn’t disappoint! It was like walking into a mod tearoom.


Look at the moss mannequin in Bonnie Christine‘s booth! Her new line Cultivate is just lovely.


Looking back at these pictures brings back just how inspiring everyone at market is!! I can’t wait to sew!
xo LC

My First Booth Part 2

It’s hard to describe how it felt to stand in my booth. I was surrounded by a 100 square foot space of my work. My first booth visitor was Susanne Woods! I was just a little excited.


Guess who else came by my booth?! Denyse Schmidt! I’d never met her before. She’s just as wonderful as you’d hope. I was basically beside myself and the epitome of uncool. She was so complimentary and kind.


The Guru is a super fan so luckily we were both there when the came by!


I was thrilled to see the Olfa quilt that I contributed to earlier this year. My friend Amy and I found our blocks. The quilt turned out really amazing! Happy 35th Olfa!!


They used my block on the brochure!


Moda had their party at the baseball field which was beyond cool.


Soak was offering free manicures. I’m a huge fan of all of their products: nail polish, soakwash, flatter and handmaid. If only I could make my nails look like this.


Carolyn visited! Her Doe skirt was really amazing. She’s a great friend for answering hundreds of booth related questions over the past few months.


And the amazing Jen Kingwell with her daughter Lucy! They’re both brilliant quilt designers and can we talk about Jen’s new line for Moda?! Brilliant. Simply brilliant.


Roxanne and Connie from Modern Textiles came by! They own the super mod and fabulous shop in Fargo that I visited earlier this year. They’re such fun!


To be continued…
xo LC