Terrific Tip Tuesday: Stacking Rulers

Today is Tuesday Tip number 100!! I’m pretty excited and decided to celebrate by…posting a tip! This is an oldie, but a goodie. If your ruler is not wide enough, stack in another ruler. Here I’m cutting 8″.

Only one needs to be as long as your cut. This is an especially great tip for classes and retreats. You can bring one short ruler and one long ruler and make all your cuts.

xx LC

Love All Around TUTORIAL


Lately I’ve been feeling as though there’s a lot of negativity going around, from the election to world affairs to right here in our own quilting community. I decided to create a block called Love All Around. It’s all about coming from a place of love and kindness. Quilting brings me joy and I love sharing that with all of you! Let’s all try to take a second to send a note of support, offer a word of kindness, cheer for the underdog or offer a helping hand. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Or maybe keep thinking and find something nice to say!

This year, I’m going to make this block whenever I see kindness in my community! I want 2017 to be a year with Love All Around! I’m expecting to end the year with a sea of hearts…and an epic quilt. I’ve started spreading the love by asking a few of my stitchy friends to join in the fun!! I was more than a little overwhelmed when almost everyone said YES! The quilting world does love to spread love. The best part of sharing a tutorial is that everyone makes a unique block (and a few fun extra ideas!). Everyone will be posting today and through the weekend. Check out all the blocks:

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Let’s get started! Grab some scraps (or a dreamy stack of half yard cuts as I did!) and let’s get started spreading some love!

Love All Around Block Tutorial
Finished size: 8″ (Remember, this means it will be 8 1/2″ when you’re done making it and 8″ once sewn into your quilt.)

Use a 1/4″ seam throughout.

Supplies: Fabric A & Fabric B (hearts): One 6″ square and four 2 3/4″ squares of each. Fabric C (corners): Two 3 1/4″ squares. Fabric D (background): Four 4 3/4 x 2 3/4″ rectangles and two 3 1/4″ squares. *All the pieces are oversized for trimming, so if you’re a smidge short on fabric, it’s okay!


Making the Hourglass Unit: Place the two 6″ squares on top of one another. Cut in half diagonally. Make sure to align the 45° line along the bottom edge for a perfect cut.


Cut in half diagonally in the opposite direction as well.


You will only need two of each fabric opposite one another. Save the extra pieces for another block!


Stitch the triangles together in pairs as shown. Press to the darker fabric.


Align the seams and lock them together to stitch along the diagonal. Because you’re stitching along bias edges, they can be stretchier. I pin each end and the two seam allowances in the middle.


Trim the hourglass unit to 4 1/2″. I used my Bloc Loc ruler. Make certain that the center of the block where all four points meet is at 2 1/4″ on your ruler. Also make certain that the 4 1/2″ trim line will land where the two fabrics meet as shown by the pins in the picture.


If you don’t have a bloc loc, your trimming will look like this. Use the 45° line (marked with washi tape) and make certain that the center points meet at the 2 1/4″ mark (shown by the pin).


This is what you should have!


Making the Flying Geese Units: Put a piece of tape on your sewing machine showing the center needle line. Place a 2 3/4″ square on a 4 3/4 x 2 3/4″ rectangle. Align the top corner with the needle and the bottom of the corner with the tape edge. Stitch through the middle of the square diagonally keeping the bottom corner along the edge of the tape.


Repeat so that you have two with Fabric A and two with Fabric B.


Trim a 1/4″ from the seam line. It just needs to be neat, not perfect! I use scissors, but you can also use a rotary. Press towards the dark.


Place a matching square on the other corner of each piece. Stitch through the center of the square as you did in the previous step.


Repeat for all four flying geese units. Press towards the dark.


You will have this.


Trim to 4 1/2 x 2 1/2″. I used a Bloc Loc ruler.


If you don’t have the Bloc Loc available, make sure to center the point and have the point be 1/4″ from the edge as shown by the center pin. Use the 45° line on the ruler (marked with washi) to align the seam. Trim to 4 1/2 x 2 1/2″ as shown by the outside pins.


Making the Half Square Triangles: Place a piece of tape along the 1/4″ mark of your machine to extend the mark. Place a 3 1/4″ square of Fabric C and Fabric D right side together. Align the top corner of the square with the edge of your 1/4″ foot. Align the bottom corner of the squares with the edge of the tape. Stitch two lines each 1/4″ from the center line.


Cut apart the triangles. Press towards Fabric D/Background.


Trim to 2 1/2″.


Assemble the Block: Place all the units as shown.


Sew together as three rows of three units. As you stitch the flying geese unit, make certain that your 1/4″ seam crosses right at the point of the flying geese unit.


The corner unit seam will lock with the flying geese unit seam as shown.


A pin is your friend.


Press the top and bottom rows towards the corners. Press the center row towards the hourglass unit. Stitch the rows together and press the seams towards the hourglass unit.


Spread the love!!


I’ll be filling my year with lots of mementos of kindness. These blocks would also make a fun gift when you see a kind act or need to send a little love. Make them your own!!

xx LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Thumb the Appliqué 

Today’s tip is straight from The Guru! She and I are both big fans of freezer paper appliqué. When you’re doing a complex shape like this flower, no matter how carefully you cut, there tends to be a little different in each of your scallops. 

As you move the freezer paper from the front to the back, hold your thumb on one petal to keep it in the same location. This keeps the subtle differences to a minimum.

It’s something small, but it made a big difference when there was a lot of appliqué.

xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Striped HSTs

Today’s tip is all about playing with stripes! If you want to make a fun half square triangle, take a stripe and cut two identical squares from it. The size will depend on what you want you’re finished size to be. Place the triangles so that the stripes are running in the same direction.

Make the half square triangle as you normally would. And you’ll get this cool design! Try it with all different stripes; you’ll love the results!

xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Marking Darks


Today’s terrific tip is to mark dark fabric. It’s difficult to find something that both shows up on dark fabric AND is easily removed. Then I found this Sewline Chalk Pencil at Knit One Smock Too. It’s magical! And it was about $4!!


It easily marks darker fabric or busy prints. Or in this case, dark busy fabric! I found it easy to rub away once I was done with the markings. 


Go forth and mark!

xo LC

We’re Done!

My City Sampler crew gathered for a reunion! The gals at Sew Original are just finishing up! And quite a few of the Little General crew have gotten theirs back from the quilter. Chris has finished her top and her back. She’s going to quilt it herself on her new Bernina! The sashing makes this rainbow so happy!


Chris’ back is splendid! She ordered a back from IHeartTulaPink.com and it’s just awesome!


Cydney finished her top and it’s another glorious rainbow. I love that she did larger set in triangles so her blocks float.


Theresa has hers all quilted and bound. It was quilted by Pat Glaunert. Her block placement is just amazing. Love! Love! Love!


The back could be a front! She used extra blocks and did such a cool layout.


Debbie used pinks and greys. It’s wonderful! She has some perfect little fussy cuts hidden in there.


Her back is great too!


Gail made a king! It’s ginormous and absolutely beautiful!


She made a great little label.


The Guru is making this layout with these two sashing fabrics. She’s planning on finishing up this summer, but her blocks are all done. Since this is her second City Sampler, I’m still impressed! She calls is the Happiness Project!


Jeannie is working away on her blocks. They’re gorgeous and she gave each block a cute name.


Cynthia’s is awesome! She and I spent A LOT of time arranging the blocks. I love this layout and the teal was the perfect choice!!


I love each and every quilt! (And each and every one of these talented ladies!!) My crew at Studio Stitch will be done this Spring, so you’ll see their masterpieces soon.

xo LC


So Proud!

I always love to show off the work of my students, but this time I am particularly proud. I just taught my first group of beginner quilters at Knit One Smock Too! They’re amazing!! Here’s Betsy, Maggie, Renee & Catherine! (Summer had to miss the last class, but she did equally awesome.)


They learned quilting and binding too, but they’re practicing before they do these quilt tops. It was such a great experience for me and I think they enjoyed it too!

I’ve also met with my City Sampler folks at Studio Stitch. Heather is using batiks mixed in with pops of color. She’s barely repeating any fabrics!!


Jerrie’s is soft with pops of red and mustard. It’s for her bedroom and is just gorgeous!


Paula’s is bright and happy, just like her! I love her fussy cuts!!


Emily did this:( No cutting for her.


Regina has added loads of new fabrics and it’s looking great!


Cathy’s sweet little fussy cut birds are perfect in the sea of homespuns.


Sharon is also using batiks. She’s added pops of color among the neutrals.


Barbara is making a rainbow of Tula and friends. It’s gorgeous!


Susanne’s Kaffe collection is to die for! Love the way the big scale prints fit into these tiny cuts.


Nancy is also using Tula mixed with a rainbow of complementary fabrics! Love!


Lydia’s are so cheerful!! I love her rainbow of blocks.


Marsha’s are bright and fun! She’s got some wonderful fussy cuts in there.


Justi’s looks great! She’s using lots of Joel Dewberry!!


I’m obsessed with this tree Justi did! Perfect for the windowpane block.


Kathy is also using Kaffe! I love her color pairings. She played catch up this month!


xo LC

Eye Candy Quilt Pattern

The Eye Candy Quilt Pattern is up next for highlight week! I got to take an unexpected trip to my hometown of Dallas. It’s good news for you because I’m extending the pattern SALE through Monday! There’s just no time to unSALE the shop.


This quilt is great beginner friendly pattern! The pattern includes all sizes Baby through King. It highlights large-scale fabrics well.


I made this version with Tula Pink‘s new line Elizabeth! It will hit stores this Spring! It was such a fun line to sew with. Look at those faces! And Tula has the large scale backs that go with the line already available.


I did my own quilting on this one with infinity swirls through the lines of candy in a soft green and shells in aqua on the aqua. It took an entire spool of Aurifil on the background. I actually ran out with about 5×5″ left to go and had to run some thread off my bobbin to finish. I’m pleased with the quilting. It came out just as I envisioned it.


I got a bit out of control on the back of this quilt. I wanted to use every last precious scrap of Tula! I used the selvage to mark the line that I used. The name of the Elizabeth face print is 16th Century Selfie. That is awesome. You can see the quilting so nicely on the back.


And I finally cut my Plume Tailfeather! I still can’t believe it. It makes me so happy that I can see a big piece of this fabric on the back. This is one of my favorites of all time.


I also made a Christmas version of Eye Candy! I used Kate Spain‘s Joy! I’m going to finish it for next year.


The PDF version is available here and is on SALE! And the printed version can be found here.

xo LC

On the Frame

Yesterday, I played on the Bernina quilt frame at Sew Original! I quilted my Meadow Flowers quilt on it.


Basically, it’s a 12 foot frame that you put your sewing machine on. I was using a Bernina 820. (I usually quilt on The Guru’s Bernina 830.) It’s nice to have the large frame but also the stitching of a Bernina. Plus all of the needle and thread options of a regular sewing machine.


There’s definitely a learning curve. I’m used to quilting from the middle out and quilting in whatever direction I want. It’s just something to get used to!


The absolute best part? Loading the quilt! Goodbye pin basting! It was awesome! It’s possible I needed some assistance and Gina Boone walked in at the perfect moment!! The whole set up took less than twenty minutes! Thanks Gina!!


As I was about to leave, Chris walked in with a quilt to baste. I offered to show her the machine. (Since I was such an expert at that point!)


After we got it all loaded, she admitted she had never done free motion quilting! Well, you only live once. She did great though!!


Now, I’m trying to figure out if I could fit the frame in the corner of my studio!
xo LC

A Day with Nina

Last Friday, my LQS Sew Original sponsored a day with Nina McVeigh to learn more about the Bernina quilting frame and Quilter’s Creative Touch. Nina is a wonderful Bernina educator and I was very excited to meet her!


It was interesting to see Creative Touch in action. And Nina had loads of ideas to make it your own design.


Her quilts were amazing!! This whole cloth left me speechless. It is just awesome!!


I love this criss cross design. These patterns are from One Song Needle Arts.


She brought a lot of samples of her amazingness!


And the best part if the presentation was a little segment on machine binding techniques. I’m usually a strict hand binding person, but if I can get good looking machine binding, I’m open to it. This was a cool technique she does with yarn. (More on this later!)


And this version with ric rac which is adorable.


And the bias binder! I have one, but I have definitely not yet mastered it looking perfect!


She did this beautiful decorative look on a pillow. Love!!


Her pillows were inspiring!


She used dual thread for this look.


Gorgeous quilting!!


It was a great day! And Nina was just as awesome as I had hoped!! If you ever have a chance to take a class from her, do it! After class, I headed to Chapel Hill for Carolyn Friedlander!! More on that soon!
xo LC