Terrific Tip Tuesday: Pressing Cards

When Shea Henderson visited, she gave me a few great tips to share here so I’m back with another one. When pressing a specified width, you can cut yourself a piece of card stock that’s the correct width to use as a guide. 

This is so much easier than trying to measure as you go! I have a metal guide that’s for this purpose but the iron makes it so hot. Thanks Shea!

xo LC 

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Lining Up the Fold

Today’s tip is courtesy of the talented Shea Henderson. When you’re stitching up the lining of a tote or pouch and leaving an opening to turn it right side out, stitch off the edge as shown.

This will make the lining naturally fold in. It’s freaking genius!!
xo LC

Back to School

Guess who is coming to Winston Salem?! Shea Henderson! Shea is the uber talented gal behind Empty Bobbin Sewing Studio patterns and the author of School of Sewing. Shea is one of my favorite people in the quilty world! You will love her creative energy and positive outlook!

 She’ll be doing a book signing on Tuesday, September 22 at Village Fabric Shop from 3-5. Then she’s speaking at the Triad MQG at 6:30. We meet at the South Fork Community Center on Country Club. Visitors are welcome! There is a $5 fee. Then Shea is teaching two classes on Wednesday, September 23 at Village Fabric. One class is about quilt finishing and one is all about zippers. There are a few spots left so call the shop or email Amy at villagefabricshop dot com to reserve your spot! Don’t miss out!

xo LC

My First Booth Part 1

I’m still on a bit of a high from my first booth at Houston Quilt Market! The Guru and I packed up her Subaru Outback and drove. We were packed to the max!


It was a tight fit, but we got it in! We love a good road trip!!


Setup started bright and early at 10am. We found our spot and got everything unloaded.


My awesome Dad built my booth. We designed it together; there will be a separate post all about that! My Dad is good peeps.


We got the walls up pretty quickly! And then the real work started.


It looked like this at the end of the first day. We had All Squared Up hung on the back wall. We had also made the discovery that we were a row short on carpet squares. I’m still not sure what went down, but nothing a few beige bath mats in the corner couldn’t fix.


We hung the posters and yard sticks.


And then it was done!! Ta-da!


There were a lot of details in the booth. I wanted it to feel like my house. I love pieces with history and family connections. All the crates came from my cousins. The thread belonged to my Aunt Ann. I picked up that driftwood on the banks of Lake Superior.


The antique postcards in the corner are all from places I love. The crib belonged to my grandfather and his siblings.


I included a picture of May Chappell in the booth. Here’s the story on why I named my company May Chappell.


We were able to go to a few school houses. Carolyn’s was great!! She introduced this new pattern, Outhouse. Obviously a swap is in order; details on the blog this Wednesday!


We also loved Shea Henderson’s schoolhouse introducing her new book School of Sewing. I got zero pictures of it, but the book is awesome and deserved a shoutout. To be continued…
xo LC