A Very SURMA Summer

I’ve got a great group of sewing pals that get together to sew every few months. This time we headed to the

Ponderosa Quilt Retreat! I traveled handmade of course!

I always love the drive to the mountains!


We stopped in Black Mountain and met up with our friend Sarah from Stash Bash. Patchwork Threads were pretty popular!! This is Chrissy, me & Sarah.


I finished a quilt top! It’s for a secret project, so more on that later! Obviously who it’s for, not what it looks like, is the secret.


I used my new half square rectangle Bloc Loc rulers. Perfect points every time!!


Each of us made nine of something to gift to everyone else! This is the present table. It was pretty amazing!!


These are my little gifties!! I love each and every one!


I made Liberty patchwork pinnies for everyone!


And I finished my last block for my Tula 2.0 quilt. All 101!! There was a minor snafu and I made one of the blocks twice. We celebrated!


Nicole wore her awesome Designer Star patchwork threads while she made chihuahua shirts. She’s my favorite.


The facility is pretty well stocked! Check out the ruler & tool wall!! We played all weekend.


Tessa and I stayed until the last minute. We sewed like mad people!!


Thanks to Kim for having us!!


xo LC

Stash Bash

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of going to The Stash Bash! I’ve spent the whole week recovering and trying to catch up on sleep!


It was hosted by Chris aka Frecklemama. She is as much fun in person as she is online!! Love her! This awesome gift was made by Jill. And we all signed it!


I went with three of my super awesome sewing friends (they’re part of this group!) and we had the best time!! There were also some pretty amazing sponsors which led to pretty amazing swag bags and prizes throughout the weekend! Nicole, Tessa, me & Melissa!


As with all retreats, it’s really about the people!! So much talent! So much laughter!! So many new friends!!! I am already looking forward to seeing them next year!


I’ve been on sewing retreats before, but this was a totally different (completely awesome!) experience. First off, it’s at a camp! Anyone that’s ever heard me talk about camp knows I LOVE CAMP! Seriously, I once broke my leg on the first day of camp and stayed five more weeks (in a cast). I LOVE CAMP! This was a more cushy version with really nice bunks! This is me on my bunk!


And Tessa on her bunk!! So much quilty goodness in the bunk house!


Melissa braved the top bunk!


We sewed in the main lodge which had a GORGEOUS VIEW of the lake! So much natural light!! I want to sew in this room forever!


Our path through the woods!

IMG_3462And over the bridge!


We had a fat quarter swap!! These ladies are all so much fun! Jenny, Marcia & Laurel! And I got some really cute fabrics!!


There was a Designer Star Patchwork Threads sighting on Katie!!

IMG_3464I worked on a lot of things while I was there. I made this little pouch to hold all my bloc loc rulers. I used blind machine appliqué and a little hand embroidery!!


I also made a Designer Star with Bonnie Christine Reminisce. This line has great colors!


Nicole worked on MY medallion!! I love it!!!


Beth from Stash Fabrics brought part of her store to the retreat! A great pop up shop!! She is the sweetest person too! Love her!


And she has an awesome new website, so make sure that you check it out. Seriously, she’s got the best taste. She’s transitioning from Etsy to her own site, so if you don’t see something you want, let her know. I bought Dreamin’ Vintage from her. I cannot wait to sew with this!!


My Secret Sewing Agent (aka magical fairy that left presents at your sewing station) was awesome!! It was Lisa aka Modern Balabusta. She’s the best and spoiled me with Denyse and more!! She was also one of my favorite people on the retreat!


And she made me this ADORABLE selvage needle case and more yummy fabric and snacks! That’s a text bundle!!

IMG_3441I had my dear friend Tessa, so I spoiled her with lots of fun things!! And I managed to keep it a secret for the whole weekend which was amazing.


Tessa used my All Sewn Up pattern to make this for her secret agent. It’s so awesome and I wanted to steal it!!


Everything Tessa makes is just perfect!! LOVE!! The handmade tab…genius!


I got a surprise from a sweet friend! It’s going in my sewing studio!!
All of the swag was awesome, but this was a real highlight. Aurifil in the same color in every weight! I cannot wait to make a sampler with this!! I think it will be cool to stitch out all the weights side by side.

I also won this super awesome phone case/wallet! Love!!


It is easy to get caught up in all the “things” that we got! From pretty handmades to the awesome shirts from Sonya, but this weekend was so much about the people! I loved meeting each and every one of them. I left feeling so inspired by so many amazing women!! I will be there next year and hope everyone will be back!! I wish every weekend was a sewing retreat!
xo LC

A Very SURMA Christmas

This past weekend, my SURMA group got together for some sewing in the North Carolina mountains. After we met at Sew South last year, we had gotten together over the summer and had a blast. And it was time for more laughter, fabric shopping and catching up, with some sewing in between!


Last time we got together, there was lots of talk about the Accuquilt, so this time, I brought mine and the new Fall 2013 dies. There are lots of great new shapes!! I had brought fabric to make a clamshell quilt, so I showed everyone how it works and cut this!!


I’ve actually already sewn together the top four rows there. Here’s a close up! Because it’s accurately cut, it’s ridiculously easy to piece. And looks so precise!! I cut everything in about an hour:) Love that!


Sarah also cut everything for a clamshell quilt and sewed her first ever curves!! She’s loving it! Her curves look great!


Holli also got in on the clamshell action. She’s using an Acacia layer cake. She wants hers to be a bit larger so she ordered a couple more layer cakes and her own clamshell die for further cutting at home. It’s going to be gorgeous!! Chrissy is plotting one too.


I think you can tell that we are fans! There’s also a mini clamshell:) Tessa kept trying to get me back on track; I was supposed to be working on my Taffy quilts. They’re almost done, so photos soon. We did lots of quilt chatting! Holli and Sarah snuggled up with a good book.


We had decided to have a swap- which we called A Very SURMA Christmas! I had Nicole!! I made her my Lazy Sunday pattern in Acacia! Christen caught the best picture of her expression!! She was very surprised!


Here’s a glamour shot of the front!


And the back!! I love the raccoons!


I did infinity quilting. Shocker. I used Aurifil for the quilting which I love because it really sinks in and is so fine.


And Mack the Chihuahua struck a pose:)


I think she liked it because she used it all weekend. Loved quilts are the best!


And here us what I received!! Sarah is a big fat liar and had me totally convinced that someone else had my name. I actually thought it was Xandi!! But alas, Sarah had me! She had made this AMAZING BAG a while back that I freaked over! And she made me one!!


It’s basically the greatest bag that ever was!! Leather and linen. LOVE!


I had been plotting making my own bag to Sarah, so she knew of my love of interior zipper pockets and this Indian Summer print.


And my love of orange was acknowledged in the pocket lining.


And she made me an awesome little pouch to go with it!! She was the best partner ever!


My name was stamped on there:) Sarah, every single thing you gave me (even the freaking kitten calendar) was perfect! I’m so glad that we are friends!! I will think of you every time I use them:)


If there is one thing you always have to do while Uphome, it’s eat s’mores!!! Melissa and I are co-fire chiefs. This time, we introduced the Reese’s s’more. Thank you Pinterest!


My love of all things s’more is well documented and Nicole made me the coolest thing ever!! It’s a s’more carrier! What?! I know. Best. Invention. Ever. The pattern is by Cary Quilting Co.


Nicole has become a great friend over the past year! We met at a TMQG event that she came to and became better friends at Sew South. Everyone calls her Mom, Sweet Vic and she should be Sweet Nic! She’s the type of friend that understands how completely awesome a handmade travel container dedicated to s’mores would be to me. She’d mentioned the s’more carrier, but I never thought it would actually happen. And it’s so cool! You’re awesome and I love it!


It holds everything you need!


And the fabric is perfect!!


I am so blessed to have each one of these talented, amazing creative ladies in my life! Y’all keep me grounded and inspired. And I’m already looking forward to our next adventure.
xo LC