Terrific Tool Thursday: Mini Screwdriver

I was recently gifted the best little screwdriver! It’s perfect for getting into tight spots on your machine.

There are six interchangeable tips! One is perfect for the screws on the hard frame clutches I use. Double score! If you’re local, they’re available at Sew Original. If you’re not local, ask your local shop! 

xx LC

Terrific Tool Thursday: Above the Curve

I love the look of curved corners on projects. However I hate searching my cupboard for the perfect curve. Plus, using a plate can make using a rotary quite difficult. Then I found this corner tool from Creative Grids

Plus the markings help you out if you’re  making darts. There’s a center mark and inch markings. And since it’s a nice Creative Grids acrylic ruler, you get a clean rotary cut. I cut through three layers with Thermalon and three layers of lining with no trouble in one cut.

xx LC

PS: So it’s Tuesday, not Thursday. Oops! I guess you’ll get a tip this Thursday;)

Terrific Tool Thursday: Moda Match Maker

Before I even had this in my hot little hands, I knew it would be a Terrific Tool! It’s just such a genius idea…giant swatches of solids that easily separate so you can pull palettes. Thank you Moda

It’s called the Match Maker. I’m already plotting for next year’s Color Stories!! There’s even a little spot for notes on the back which would keep you organized during a big project. 

I scored this from Moda at Quilt Market, but they’re hitting stores now and are already available at Sew Lux.

xo LC

Terrific Tool Thursday: Pins


Often Tuesdays and Thursdays sneak up on me and I’m brainstorming for a tip or tool. So, I’ll send out texts to quilty peeps to see if they have any ideas. Tonight I texted my friend Amy and she suggested PINS. I know that you’re probably thinking, “Really?? Pins. Does that really qualify as a TERRIFIC tool?!” Well, if you’ve ever taken a class from me, you know I’m big on using the RIGHT pins.(Amy has been exposed to my thoughts on the subject.) There are no bad pins but there are pins that aren’t good for what you’re doing. No matter what, you want a cute pinnie:)


For Quilting: You want a sharp, super fine pin. It should slide into the fabric like butter. Seriously, no effort. You want glass head so the iron cannot melt them. My favorites are these long ones from Clover and these red ones! These are the pins I use the most. If you’ve never tried them, do it! You’ll never look back.

For Bags/Interfaced Fabric: I tend to use Clover Wonderclips more, but if you’re going with pins, opt for a thicker shaft. This will prevent bent pins. Iron safe is a bonus here as well. I like these cute button head pins from Dritz. The flower head pins also go in this category. I know they say “quilting”, but if you try the super fine quilting pins, you’ll notice the difference. 

For Appliqué: I love these from Clover. They’re short and strong. And perfect for appliqué. I also use them to pin ribbons in my stash:)

For Other Pinning Needs: I use these dressmaker pins from Dritz to pin my stash to comic book boards. (Google it, there are a million tutorials.) They’re great for that, but not great for quilting/bag making/appliqué. They’re also great for…dressmaking!

You have to find what works for you! If you’re pins are blunt, toss them. It’s not worth damaging fabric to keep a crappy pin. Happy pinning!

xo LC

Terrific Tool Thursday: Fray Check


It’s time for another terrific tool! Fray Check (from Dritz) is a must for every sewing room. It’s a product that you put on ribbons, fabrics and threads to prevent fraying. It dries clear so there’s no ugly spot (although I do test it on unique ribbons before I go to town). This image was taken right after application so you could see how much I used.


Here’s a picture of the same ribbon. On the right is the dry fray check and on the left is the piece that I didn’t fray check. I opened and closed the drawstring bag five times and this is how much it frayed. I’ll be trimming it and applying fray check later:)


You can also use it for making perfect buttonholes!

xo LC


Terrific Tool Thursday: Pinking Rotary Blade


It’s time for another Terrific Tool and today’s free tutorial inspired me on this one. I love the look of pinked edges, but I’m just not that great at cutting perfectly straight. Grab a pinking blade and you’re in business.


One thing to remember is that you only have one chance! If you miscut or don’t make it all way through the fabric, you’ll have to start a new path or match the design. There are other designs too, including a wave.

xo LC