Tuesday Tip: Save the Zipper Pull

We’ve all been there. Just when you’re about to finish up your project, you do the unthinkable. You pull off the zipper pull. Noooo! It’s the absolute worst. Today’s tip is preventative.

Before any trimming takes place, run a stitch along the edge to secure the zipper. Make sure that the seam is within the seam allowance of your project. This also helps to make your zipper lay just how you want.

xo LC

Back to School

Guess who is coming to Winston Salem?! Shea Henderson! Shea is the uber talented gal behind Empty Bobbin Sewing Studio patterns and the author of School of Sewing. Shea is one of my favorite people in the quilty world! You will love her creative energy and positive outlook!

 She’ll be doing a book signing on Tuesday, September 22 at Village Fabric Shop from 3-5. Then she’s speaking at the Triad MQG at 6:30. We meet at the South Fork Community Center on Country Club. Visitors are welcome! There is a $5 fee. Then Shea is teaching two classes on Wednesday, September 23 at Village Fabric. One class is about quilt finishing and one is all about zippers. There are a few spots left so call the shop or email Amy at villagefabricshop dot com to reserve your spot! Don’t miss out!

xo LC

More Class Fun!

I’ve been teaching a lot the last few weeks, but I’ve not been good about taking pictures! I taught a pouch class at Knit One Smock Too that was so much fun! Seriously, they were just a great group! And check out this pouch!! Love!!! (She was inspired by a pouch I had made.)

Then I taught the Lazy Sunday class at Studio Stitch. Regina & Jerrie are really funny, so we laughed through the whole class. And their quilt tops are gorgeous!! Regina worked from her stash and Jerrie used a Sphere layer cake.


I taught a voile string quilt at Studio Stitch. Once everyone has finished their blocks, it’s tons of fun to arrange them every which way!


We loved the chevrons!


But this also got top votes! These beauties are Kathy’s!


I love this arrangement. It’s the one I use the most often. Nancy’s blocks are so serene.


Nancy made chocolate cake. It was delicious!


We played around all night!0


I taught the AccuQuilt wedge at Sew Original. These are Denise’s. She’s using Leah Duncan Tule with solids. Love! I’m plotting to steal it!!


And the Designer Star class is underway at Sewingly Yours!


This wasn’t for a class, but Theresa made this with my All Squared Up pattern! I love it!! Theresa was my very first (and only:) ) student in my very first class. She’s amazing and talented!! And just a really great person. It makes me happy that she still takes my classes years later!


She also made this one because Theresa is nothing if not an overachiever!!


I’m starting to book up classes through the Fall! Lots of great ones coming up!
xo LC

Dotty Pouches 2.0

Is there anything better than cute polka dot fabric?! I’ve made my Dotty Pouch tutorial with the new Dottie fabric from Moda!


They’re just as fun as the Mochi version! I love the bright colors:) I added the zipper covers.


This set is off to live at Knit One Smock Too! They have all these adorable Dotties!!


I bought 1/4 yards and cut Color A and both pieces of the lining from three colors and Color B from the other three colors. Then I used the black for all of the zipper covers and piping. (This all only makes sense with the tutorial. :) )


xo LC

Zipper Cover TUTORIAL

I’m glad so many of y’all are enjoying my Dotty Pouch Tutorial! I’ve gotten a few requests from my pouch students for a tutorial on how to put zipper covers on that pouch.


Here’s how I do it! You will want to do this just before Step 5: Attaching the Zipper if you’re making the Dotty Pouches. Cut two pieces that are approximately 1 1/2 x 3″.


Fold one in half so it measures approximately 1 1/2 x 1 1/2″. Place it on the zipper with the open edges on the two sides and next to the metal end. The folded edge should be toward the majority of the zipper.


Topstitch along the folded edge. I usually use my Bernina #10 foot with the needle moved over two notches. Here I just used my 1/4″ foot.


OPEN THE ZIPPER! Lay the zipper along the top edge of your pouch. Fold the second piece as you did earlier. Place it on the zipper so that the folded edge is directed toward the other zipper cover. Place it so that the open edge is flush with the edge of the pouch.


Pin the piece in place. Make sure to carefully align the zipper teeth.


Trim the covers to be flush with the zipper.


Attach the zipper as usual.


And you should have this!


I made myself a little pouch for my hand embroidery stuff. (My usual pouch is on loan to Knit One Smock Too!) I used some of the new Violet Craft birds and Cotton + Steel Moonlit by Rashida Coleman-Hale. It’s heading to Camp StitchAlot with me!! I’m beyond excited!


And if you missed out on the first pouch class (or were wait listed), we’ve scheduled another one at Knit One Smock Too. It’s July 7 from 1-4. Also, Martha and I are team teaching my project from Stitch on July 24 & 31, 6-8:30. Sign ups are open! Happy Pouch making!
xo LC