Terrific Tip Tuesday: Marking Darks


Today’s terrific tip is to mark dark fabric. It’s difficult to find something that both shows up on dark fabric AND is easily removed. Then I found this Sewline Chalk Pencil at Knit One Smock Too. It’s magical! And it was about $4!!


It easily marks darker fabric or busy prints. Or in this case, dark busy fabric! I found it easy to rub away once I was done with the markings. 


Go forth and mark!

xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Selvage Color


Today I taught a color theory workshop at A Stitch in Time in Franklin, NC. We talked about tons of tips for choosing fabric. Here’s one of my favorites! If you look at the selvage on fabric, you can see the base color. If it’s cream, then that fabric will work well with other cream-based fabrics. If the base color is pure white, it will work well with other pure white fabric. 


Happy fabric shopping!

xo LC

TUTORIAL: Round & Round Ribbon Mug Rug

I’m not usually one for mug rugs, but I saw a really cute little mini posted on the Renaissance Ribbon’s Instagram page. And I  immediately thought, how cute would that be as a log cabin?!


So here we go! If you’re local, Amy made some kits at Village Fabric Shop (formerly Little General). She’s also got tons of ribbon, so you can pick your own!

Finished Size: Approximately 8″ square.

1. Supplies: You’ll need one 12 x 12″ piece for the back and a 12 x 12″ piece of batting. Plus one 2″ x width of fabric strip for binding (or a binding scrap at least 40″ long.) Plus some Renaissance Ribbons!
Here is what I used:
— 2 1/2″ piece of 38 mm wide
— 2″ piece of 16 mm wide
— 3″ piece of 38 mm wide
— 3″ piece of 38 mm wide
— 4 3/4″ piece of 38 mm wide
— 5″ piece of 25 mm wide
— 6″ piece of 48 mm wide
— 7″ piece of 38 mm wide
— 7″ piece of 16 mm wide
— 7″ piece of 38 mm wide
— 8″ piece of 1 1/2″ wide

2. Prep the Back & Batting: This project is quilt as you go, so first iron the backing and put the batting on top of it like the beginning of a quilt sandwich.

3. Quilting the Ribbons: Place your first two ribbons in the center. Stitch along the length between the two ribbons.

Stitch along the right edge of the first ribbon.

Bury your threads on the back.

When you add the next piece, you will cover the raw edges. Just keep adding!

Work your way around and around adding a ribbon like a traditional log cabin.

4. Finishing: Trim to about 1/8″ beyond the edge of the ribbon.

It should look like this.

Add the binding! You’re done!

xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Tag Your Pattern


Today’s terrific tip is for organizing your pattern and fabric! While I’m choosing the fabric, whether at the shop or at home, I cut a sliver from the printed selvage side.

Then tape the sliver on the pattern. You’ll never question your fabric choices again! Or wonder what “blue flower dot” means!!

xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Reusable Nametags


Today’s terrific tip is from Lynn at Stitched with Love in Texas. I recently taught out there and she had these awesome nametags!!


She put Interfacing (double-sided fusible like Wonder Under) in between two pieces of fabric, cut out a rectangle with rounded corners and added a decorative stitch around the edge. Add a safety pin. Everyone writes their name with a Frixion pen! Reusable nametag!! Genius. Thanks for letting me share, Lynn! This will be awesome for classes and guild meetings!

xo LC

GO! Pillow Talk: Wedged Together Pillow

Today is FREE pattern day in the GO! Pillow Talk series! This month we are using the wedge die and learning about piecing before you send your fabric through the AccuQuilt! Head over to the AccuQuilt blog here to read all my tips on this. The pattern is here.


The pattern version is made with a mix of Carolyn Friedlander’s Archtextures and Doe lines. It makes for a lovely subtle and light pillow. For my second version, I used Cotton + Steel‘s first lines. 


I used a lot more fabrics than the pattern calls for. (That’s right, I don’t even follow my own patterns!) I used two strips per fabric, with eighteen fabrics. These were some leftovers from a layer cake. I quilted with vertical stitches 1/4″ from the seams using the always faithful Aurifil 2021 in 50 wt.


I used the same leftovers for a scrappy back!


The pattern calls for six pieces on the back. It’s also scrapalicious!!


These pillows actually look pretty good together! I’m pretty sure they’re going to live together. 


The wedge die is one of my favorites! I use it A LOT! I have a quilt tutorial made with it here, plus loads of other projects! It’s really versatile.

Go forth and make pillows! They’re faster than quilts;)

xo LC


Terrific Tip Tuesday: Ironing Batting


Thanks for all your kind words on last week’s post and a huge thanks to those of you that linked up or shared your tips in the comments section. (I’ve emailed a winner!) I’m back today with a new tip! I press the quilt top and backing to the batting when I’m making small quilts (usually anything up 45″). Basically if I can fit it on my ironing board, I do it. I start with the backing and then do the front.


Then I pin baste as I normally would. It makes for a smoother quilt.

xo LC

All the Way from Melbourne

Guess who is coming to North Carolina!? Jen Kingwell! I still can’t believe it. Jen is absolutely one of my favorite quilters!! Her work is beautiful and unique. She thinks of color and shape in such interesting ways. Her quilts are total eye candy! If you don’t already follow her work, you should check her out here.

She’ll be starting out with a book signing on Tuesday, May 26 at Sew Original Winston Salem from 2-4. UPDATE: The book signing is actually 3:30-5! They’ll have Gardenvale from Moda on hand. This is also a great time to meet and greet!

She’ll be doing a trunk show at the Triad MQG meeting that evening. We meet at the Southfork Community Center at 6:30 PM. It’s $5:) There will be books available for purchase here too!

On Wednesday, May 27, she will be teaching at Sew Original Winston Salem. She will be teaching Georgetown on my Mind. I’ve had this pattern for ages. I just love it! It’s a full day workshop, with lunch included for $130. To register, call the shop at (336) 760-1121.

On Thursday, May 28, she will be teaching at Studio Stitch in Greensboro. Her workshop will focus on the Bring Me Flowers quilt. Lunch is also included. The workshop fee is $130 and you can call the shop at (336) 288-9200 to sign up. If you do both of these workshops, there is a discount of $20.

On Saturday, May 30, Jen will head to the mountains for more teaching. She’s doing a hand piecing, applique and quilting class at Stitch in Time in Franklin. The fee is $40 and you can register online.

Then she is heading to Sew Original Boone for a class on Tuesday, June 2. Call the shop for more information at (828) 264-1049. Then, sadly she heads back to Australia. I’m already looking forward to our visit; I’m sure it will be here quicker than expected. If you live locally (or within driving distance), you need to be at one of these events. Jen is genuinely one of the most amazing quilters you’ll ever meet! She’s creative, inspiring and kind… all things I love to be around!!

xo LC

AccuQuilt Block Design Competition

It’s that time of year again! The AccuQuilt Block Design Competition starts today! I won second place in this two years ago and it started my relationship with AccuQuilt. The reality is that they make a great product that I really love using and that’s why I talk about them a lot! The prizes this year are their products and a ton of other loot from equally awesome sponsors: AURIFIL! (you know my love of all things Aurifil), Andover, Robert Kaufman and more. You should enter!! Seriously, you just design a block that can be made on an AccuQuilt and submit it. You don’t have to actually make the block, you can submit a digital file. Read more about it and enter here.


I designed four entries for this year! You can vote for me once per day. Please do!! Click on the block to be taken directly to the voting page. You do have to submit your name and email to vote, but that also enters you to win a GO! Cutter!!





Thanks for voting! And go enter!!

xo LC


Outhouses & Shirts Deadline Approaching

We just have a couple weeks before the mailing deadline! It’s April 1. Here are all the details of the swap. I love receiving all the packages! This will be the first time that we are doing both outhouses and shirts. Remember, you get back as many outhouses as you send and as many shirts as you sent. They are not interchangeable.

I have sent out an email with the mailing information. If you did not receive it and are participating, please email me. LC at maychappell dot com. Let’s see those shirts! Let’s see those outhouses!!

xo LC