Are You Local(ish)?

Tomorrow I’m speaking nearby! I’ll be visiting with the Durham Orange Quilters’ Guild and talking all about color. I’ve got a GIANT pile of quilts ready to teach all about Understanding the Rainbow. The meeting is at St Thomas More Catholic Church, 903 Carmichael Street, Chapel Hill, NC at 7 pm. They welcome visitors and it’s a fun opportunity to check out a new guild home if you’re not already a member.

I hope you can make it if you’re in the area! And don’t forget to register for my blogoversary giveaway if you haven’t yet.  Happy Fathers’ Day:) 

xo LC 

Four Years! GIVEAWAY

Today is my blogoversary! It’s been four years since I started my little corner of the interwebs. I love chronicling my projects, sharing my students’ work and teaching a tip or two. I’m always torn about how to celebrate. There have been some fun giveaways and recaps. This year I decided on GIVEAWAY! There’s a bit of a twist…I’m going to create a large size flat rate box of quilty goodness specifically for the winner! What might you win? Scraps and fat quarters and maybe even a yard or two from my stash!

I’ll have to choose a notion or two that I love! Maybe it’ll be my favorite pins? Maybe it’ll be a tool I’ve featured? Bottle of Flatter anyone? I bet there will be patterns!

And finally, I’ll be making something! From mini quilt to pouch to tote…it could be anything! So how do you enter? Just leave a comment below telling me about you! Share your favorite colors, patterns, designers and anything else you want. US & International welcome. Entries open until next Tuesday, June 21! Mack the Chihuahua will select a winner using his magical powers (and/or the random number generator). And I might even choose a bonus winner with a really good answer!

xo LC

I’m Teaching at Quilt Con

Some of you might already be creating spread sheets and plotting the perfect Quilt Con schedule. Some of you might be saying, what is Quilt Con?! Let me address the latter first. Quilt Con is put on by the Modern Quilt Guild and is a giant quilting extravaganza celebrating modern quilting and all the ideas/discussions/making/creativity that comes with the modern quilting movement! You can read more about it here. A quick google search will yield countless blog posts about how life changing the event can be. In 2017, the event will be in Savannah, Georgia! You’ll want to be there!!


I’m very excited to be teaching and wanted to share a bit more about my workshops and lectures! I’m teaching four workshops and giving one lecture. My lecture is Thursday at 1:30. It’s called Techniques of the Trade: Tips for Easier Quilting & Sewing. This lecture was born on Tuesday…my Terrific Tip Tuesday blog series to be precise! It’s a lecture full of things you wish you’d already known mixed with tips long forgotten. There’s something for everyone who has a passion for quilting!


My first class is Thursday night, from 6 to 9. We’ll be making my All Sewn Up Sewing Kit. This fun little kit is the perfect size to pack for class or take your sewing project on the road. There are lots of lessons in perfecting your top stitching and bag making skills, plus a quick introduction into interfacing.


On Friday morning from 9 to 12 and Saturday evening from 6 to 9, I’ll be teaching my Understanding the Rainbow class. This class is based in Color Theory, but goes far beyond to apply your skills to your fabric selection and quilt layouts. We will make a dresden color wheel. The fabric is included in the class fee and I’ve already started pulling together some goodies!


My last class is all about free motion quilting on a domestic machine. We will focus on quilting those quick smaller projects, from table runners to mug rugs to minis. The only requirement is that you’ve at least attempted free motion quilting prior to class. My quilting method is very learn as you go and this class will be about exploring what works for you. I’ll also load in lots of tips and tricks and a few go to designs.


I hope to see you at Quilt Con in Savannah! And I’d definitely love to see you in one of my classes! Remember, you can also just get a show pass to enjoy the AMAZING quilt show and vendors. Let me know if you have any questions about the classes or Quilt Con in general!

xo LC

Let’s Learn

Last week I told you all about my new Craftsy class! In case you missed it, you can read about it here. My class launched just in time for Craftsy’s giant sale:) You can get almost ANY class for $19.99 this weekend! Check them out here.


Naturally, I had to take this opportunity to investigate all new things I want to learn. Here’s what I’ve found! Amy Smart has a great new class about using precuts. Amy is the mastermind behind Diary of a Quilter and one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. Her class is here.

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 8.45.04 AM

I also plan to make this bag! My Weekender is about fifteen years old and has seen better days. This looks adorable AND it has a should strap! This class is here.

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 8.45.42 AM

I want to up my leather sewing game so I’m going to check this out! I have limited leather sewing experience and sometimes it goes well and sometimes it goes in the trash. This class is here.

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 8.45.23 AM

I can’t limit myself to just sewing and quilting so I’m going to check out Continental Knitting:) I’ve tried to learn before, but I never really got into it. I think with the slow view feature, I’ll be able to pick it up and stick with it.

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 8.44.45 AM

Let the learning commence! I’m also going to find a good cupcake class for my future as a  cupcake master! So check the classes out if there’s something you want to learn:) (Full disclosure: I get paid if you buy a class.)

xo LC






Color Stories 29


Today’s pallete is bit of a challenge for me. These aren’t my usual colors; I usually go for purer colors. But I still think this is pretty.


These colors aren’t super prominent in my stash, but here it is! I kind of like it. This project was supposed to be a challenge to work outside my color comfort zone.

xo LC

Listen Up

During Quilt Market (I still need to write my recap!), I had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie from Quilt Addicts Anonymous. She has a fun website full of BOMs, tutorials and tons of cool quiltiness. Plus, she told me she is starting a new podcast called Sit & Sew Radio. Her background is in Communication/TV/Radio so it makes total sense. She used to work for NPR; so obviously I geeked out. Guess who her very first guest is…Me! You can listen to it here

It’s a fun episode! I was once again reminded that my brother and I have the same laugh and I only told about three cheesy jokes which is really low for me. Plus, the other two guests are really interesting! I’ve already extensively checked out the cool bobbin case that’s discussed. 

xo LC

Terrific Tool Thursday: Bobbin Buddies

Today’s tool is so simple that it’s genius! It’s a Bobbin Buddy! It’s a little notion to keep your bobbin and thread paired up.

I use a lot of Aurifil 40 wt and Aurifil 50 wt in my favorite soft white, 2021. This means no more guess the weight of the bobbin.

Thanks to my friend Stephanie who introduced me to these!

xo LC

My Craftsy Class is LIVE

Well, not LIVE technically since I filmed it a few weeks ago. But it’s now available for purchase (Full disclosure: I get paid if you buy my class;) I’m pretty excited to tell you about my class, but honestly the best way to hear about it, is checking out the trailer here. It outlines the class and really gives you a preview of the information covered. Plus, there’s a picture of Mack the Chihuahua. Oh, did I mention that link gives you $20 off!?!


This class focuses on techniques to be an efficient piecer while maintaining accuracy. It’s full of ideas and tools to make things easier and more precise. There are two patterns included in the Class Materials to “practice” what you’ve learned but the class is designed for you to apply to all your projects! Here’s one of the included patterns.


It’s designed for Advanced Beginners and beyond! Basically, you should have successfully made a quilt before. Whether you’re on Quilt 2 or Quilt 92, you’ll discover something new!


Now that I’ve talked about the class, I should introduce you to Craftsy in case you’re not familiar! Craftsy is a site where you can learn all kinds of things, from photography to painting to gardening to cake decorating. (Hello, I will be master of the cupcake by summer’s end!) They also have a really great platform where you can share your projects. The best part about their classes is no expiration date. You can watch as many times as you want FOREVER. The site is interactive, so you’ll be able to make notes and post questions anytime. You can also see previously asked questions. I’m a successful graduate (that’s not a thing; I made it up) of a few Craftsy classes: Next Steps with your Walking Foot with Jacquie Gehring, Sewing Fashion Knits with Linda Lee & Start Foundation Paper Piecing with Elizabeth Dackson. These are just a few that I’ve enjoyed, you should check out the full catalogue!


I try to keep it real in the class and I think it’s a lot like taking a workshop from me in person. There’s a tense moment where I accidentally sew over a pin and freak out! HAHA! Sewing over pins is bad. It’s always bad. If you’re going fast, it can shoot up at you. And if you’re going slow, it can still knock your machine out of alignment. It’s bad.


I can’t wait to hear what y’all think and start answering questions! And seeing projects you’ve made!! Let me know:) Oh and the giveaway winner of the class is jansteffe, so check your email if that’s you!

xo LC


I’ve Been Craftsy

I’m so excited to share that I now have a Craftsy class!! I’ve basically been bursting with the news for months! I put a ton of work into it and cannot even begin to tell you the sheer awesomeness of everyone at Craftsy! It will be launching soon and I’ll be doing a more detailed post then. It’s called Quilt Faster: Accurate Streamlined, Piecing. But for now, who wants to win it?! Just click here and you’ll be entered. You have until May 30. Many will enter, one will win! Technically Craftsy is picking the winner, but Mack the Chihuahua will be there in spirit!

Back to my regularly scheduled Quilt Market. New pattern reveals & more soon!

xo LC