Terrific Tip Tuesday: Lint Roll Precuts

Today’s Terrific Tip Tuesday is courtesy of the talented Pat Sloan! She is a wealth of quilting knowledge and this tip is such a great one! Before you unwrap your jelly roll, take a lint roll across the top and bottom to remove excess fuzz.

Look at all that fuzz that won’t be on your lap and sewing table! This would work on the edges of layer cakes and charm packs too. 

Pat heard this tip from Kim Einmo on her show. You can read more about working with jelly rolls on Pat Sloan’s blog
xo LC

Terrific Tool Thursday: Steady Betty


Tool time! (Feel free to channel Tim Allen’s voice.) Today’s tool is the Steady Betty. I discovered this while I was at Bernina University. It’s a foamy surface to iron on, but your fabric does not move. 

When I say does not move, I mean it’s stuck on there. We wish design walls had this sort of clinging power. (Hmmm) So brilliant. It’s great for tiny piecing and saves the fingers! Since Betty is holding on for you, there’s no need to clutch your fabric by the iron! 

They’re available from your local quilt shop, so shop local:)

xo LC


Listen Up

American Patchwork and Quilting Pocast guest Lee Monroe July 2015

Guess what?! Next Monday, July 6, I’m going to be a guest on American Patchwork & Quilting Radio hosted by Pat Sloan! The show airs live at 4 pm est. You can go here to listen live and also catch it afterwards on iTunes (search American Patchwork & Quilting) or here. It’s a great show to sew by; I listen on my Podcasts app. I’m pretty excited to chat about all things quilty!

xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Decorative Stitching


Today’s Terrific Tip came from my Bernina mastery classes. I said it to The Guru the other day and she said she’d never heard that. It’s rare for me to know something sewing machine related that she doesn’t. (Cue the silent cheering.) I would expect this would apply well to other machine brands, but check your manuals and ask hour dealers for your specific brand. When sewing a decorative stitch, set your speed to 50% and put your foot pedal 100% down. This way, you’re sewing at a consistent slower speed.

It will give you the best results on your decorative stitching. Plus, I use this tip for overcasting and such. Great stitches every time!

xo LC

Flat & Happy: Preparing the Fabric

Today starts the Flat & Happy series! It’ll be full of quick little tutorials on basic patchwork skills to better achieve flat & happy quilts!! These are all based on how I do things and you might not do it the same, but you might pick up a trick or two. Let’s prep some fabric! 

I start by spraying the back of the fabric with starch or a starch like substance. Flatter is generally my option of choice. Spraying the back means the starch will penetrate instead of evaporating the second your iron hits it.

I press everything with the selvage folded down the the existing fold. Make sure it’s straight. I offset the selvage about 1/8″ from the existing fold so I can see they’re straight. 


I prefer to prep about 18″ at a time. Once I’ve cut that, I prep the next section.


I don’t typically use steam. But if the fabric is super wrinkly, I’ll add some steam to help flatten it out!

xo LC

The Talented Mrs Kingwell

Jen Kingwell came to North Carolina! We kicked it off with a book signing at Sew Original! (I might have told her to wave like the queen in this photo…) Cyndy made that cute sign in Gardenvale for the event.


Then we headed to the Triad MQG for a trunk show. The guild had a blast hearing stories, asking questions and looking at all the pretties! She was a huge hit with the guild and might have even sparked a hand piecing craze!


The first class was at Sew Original. I picked my fabrics including these great African waxed prints from Crimson Tate.


Class was in Greensboro at Studio Stitch the next day. I had made all of this at the end of day two. I’m not going to start hand piecing everything any time soon, BUT I am sold on hand piecing an inset circle. That would have taken me twice as long on a machine and the results were perfect. No lost points!


We had fun!


As we were driving home, we passed a Dash game in progress and Jen had never been to a baseball game, so we went! And we ran into Amy, who had been in class! There’s a video of Jen & me singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame, but I’ll spare you…


Obviously, Jen had to pose with Bolt!


Next, we were off to the mountains for some rest, relaxation and stitching!


I finished my circle after the class at Stitch in Time!


My sweet family hosted a southern picnic in Blowing Rock! Pimento cheese sandwiches, fried chicken, deviled eggs…so yummy!


She taught at Sew Original in Boone and then we headed to Charlotte for a trunk show at We’re Sew Creative! I finally took some quilt pictures!


Jen is a genius!


I love this happy row of flowers.


So much brilliant scrappiness!


Sadly I was not able to swipe one.


It was a great trip full of laughter and stitching. I can’t wait for her to come back!

xo LC


Color Stories 1


And so it begins…  Today is the first day of the Color Stories series. I cut up my Robert Kaufman Kona color card and planned 52 palettes using every color. There are currently 303 Kona solids. I’ll post each Friday for a year. Here’s my first pull.


And here’s what it inspired from my stash!


See you next week!

xo LC