So I Went to North Dakota

Last week my cousin and I went to Minnesota. I know what you’re thinking…it says North Dakota right there! ^^ We arrived in Minneapolis and drove up to the North Shore on Lake Superior. It’s gorgeous!! I’m already planning a trip back! We met a SUPER nice guy at the Duluth visitor center who was so helpful in planning our next few days. And he told me Fargo was only six hours away!! And I could walk across the headwaters of the Mississippi River en route! We were in Minnesota to check off Minnesota on our Visit All the States Tour and a quick detour over to North Dakota (and South Dakota!) would cross off even more for me! So off we went!! We stopped at the headwaters:)


Along the way, we found out ESPN College GameDay was going to be in Fargo!! What?! So I posted on Instagram.


Modern Textiles commented that they are in Fargo and located just blocks from GameDay! Obviously I had to stop by! Never doubt the power of social media!!


Can you even handle the cute?! Look at this packaging!


Every wall had something even more adorable than the last.


How happy are these mugs?! One now lives on my desk! And they had tons of Merchant & Mills loot. That’s a site where I often fill my cart and then back out because the international shipping is too overwhelming. They had everything! So I bought everything!!


They sell washi! Have I mentioned my love of washi?! Just here and here and here.


Can we talk about the wall of fabric? These gals have AMAZING taste! They literally had a wall of fabric I wanted to buy. I only got to meet one owner, Roxanne. She’s awesome! She’s definitely good quilty peeps!! And I’m sure Connie is just as fabulous.


Each of their displays was just so cute! These gals get an A+ in merchandising.


They had an extensive collection of wool felt. So pretty!


I want it all!!


So should you find yourself in North Dakota, go to this shop! Or if you’re in Minnesota, it’s quite close;) I look forward to my next visit!!

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Leaving an Opening


I love to make bags! Towards the end, you usually have to sew the lining to the outside with a hole for turning inside out.


Sometimes one might forget and sew the whole thing closed by accident. (I’ve never done it and I’m sure you haven’t either.) I pin all my pins perpendicular to the edge of the fabric, except a horizontal pin to note the “do not sew” area.


Happy Bag Making!
xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Scant Seams


Sometimes things work to where one (or both) of your fabrics need to be a bit scant. You might be trying to keep a point on your triangle or you could just be a tiny bit shy of having a large enough piece of fabric.


Shortening your stitch length is a great idea to add stability to the scant seam. I shorten mine to about 2.0. (I normally sew at 2.5.) This will get you the result you want without weakening the quilt top.


xo LC

Shirting it Up

Have you been furiously making shirts?! Let’s be real, I furiously make shirts the week before the deadline. But I do love to make a quick shirt here and there. They’re so fun to make!! I made this little guy out if some Liberty scraps.


And I made a special sewing shirt as a surprise for a friend.


We are about halfway there to the deadline in All Shirts 3.0! Shirts need to be mailed by November 1, a bit sooner if you’re international. You can read all the details and rules here. There’s also a sign up form. I’ll email my address to everyone on that form.
So go forth and shirt make!!
xo LC

MQG Leadership Extravaganza

Okay, so it’s technically a leadership conference, but that sounds so much stuffier than the amazing day of ideas, tips, tricks and networking that we have planned! This is something that I’ve worked on a lot over the summer; I’m chairing the committee to put on a Leadership Conference for officers of The Modern Quilt Guild. It will be held the day after QuiltCon on February 23, 2015 in Austin.

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 8.09.37 AM

The committee is full of so many amazing women with fabulous ideas for your guild! I cannot wait to start copying implementing their brilliance with the Triad MQG. The Pacific Northwest hosts a meet up for all the guilds in the area…I’m pretty sure the Carolinas needs to have this! Another guild did mini trunk shows. Seriously, so many great ideas!! And if I’ve gotten this from just the committee meetings, imagine what we will take away from the conference!

There are loads of plans for the conference and we are continuing to work on the details. Here’s the basic rundown: There will be a general session, followed by three more sessions. There are five topics and you get to choose three. There are some fun surprises, guest speakers (rhymes with Marilyn Leadpander) and so much more! Here are the topics:

A to Z: From Administration to Zombies, Everything You Need to Know About Managing Your Guild (General Session)

Stitch & B*tch: Conflict Resolution for Your Guild

Speakers, Teachers & Sewlebrities: Finding & Contracting Quilting Talent

Quilting Behind Bars: The (Il)legal Stuff

Keeping it Zentresting: Developing Programs and Guild Fun

Where’s the Swag Bag? A Guide to Sponsorships and Partnerships for Your Guild

So, why am I telling you about this? Because A. If you’re a leader, you should come! B. If you’re not a leader, you should tell your guild leaders to come! C. If you’re planning on being a leader next year, you should come! D. If you’re not in the MQG, you need to join! It’s truly one of the most rewarding parts of my quilty world! We want the most guilds to benefit from the conference, so registration is limited to two people per guild. Make sure your guild has a representative! Registration is about half full right now. All current MQG leaders received an email to register.

I’ve been told that it’s really obvious when I’m excited about something on my blog. So, just to be clear, I am SUPER excited about this! Please email me with any questions! And I’ll see you February!!

xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: The Power of Black & White


For me, one of the best steps in laying out a quilt is putting all the blocks on the design wall. I want the right balance of color and value. Plus, I want my favorite blocks to shine.


A great way to double check is turn the photo into a black and white image. (Or on my iPhone, I just take another picture in black & white.) This really shows the values and I can move around anything that seems off.


It’s a great way to check your choices. I also use this trick when I’m choosing fabrics, especially if value is important.


The black & white image shows the value!


xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: As Thread Leaves the Spool


We are back with another Carolyn guest post, hand sewing style. When you’re stitching, it’s best to thread the end of the thread that you pulled off the spool first and knot the end you pulled off last.


The thread is less likely to knot up on you. Also, this way, you’re stitching in the same direction that the thread came off the spool.


xo LC

Winner! Winner!

It’s time to pick a winner from the Imagine Quilts giveaway! I caught Mack the Chihuahua accepting bribes. Can’t you see the guilt?


So I used the random number generator myself and the lucky winner is number 21!


Her favorite dog is her pooch! I approve.


Plus, there’s a surprise!! You win the e-book of Imagine Quilts by Dana Bolyard AND a pack of Carolyn Friedlander’s Botanics Aurifil thread. Thanks to Dana for the bonus prize!! Congrats Sue!


I can’t say enough nice things about this book (and Dana!)!! Make sure you check it out!
xo LC

Carolyn’s Big Visit

Last week was Carolyn Friedlander’s big visit to North Carolina! It was even better than expected (and I had high expectations)! We started with a trunk show and book signing.


Cynthia made her a shirt! She’s an active participant in the All Shirts Swap.


The next day was the Stripes class at Sew Original. Carolyn talked about arranging prints in color order. It was a great new approach to color and applies easily to this quilt. It was fascinating to see all the different arrangements.


I made this. It’s going to grow up to be a pillow. It’s for my pal Sarah.


Amy made these! Gorgeous!! She’s doing a Wake Forest themed wall hanging.


Then we headed to dinner at The Porch! Here’s Shirley, owner of Sew Original, Carolyn & The Guru.


Sarah showed off her just finished Tangelo! A full reveal is coming on her blog soon. She worked on this during countless retreats and FaceTime sewing events over the last year. It was so exciting to see it finished. It’s amazing!!


The next day was the big class at Studio Stitch. There were so many fun folks in this class! We worked on another paper piecing pattern, Olive.


A bunch of the gals from my sewing group came to the class! Here’s Carolyn, me, Xandi, Melissa, Amanda Jean, Sarah & The Guru.


Here’s Shirley with her block. I love how well stripe fabric works on this block. Carolyn’s original had stripes as well.


Here’s my block! It’s also going to grow up to be a pillow!!


Then we went out for burgers and shakes!


Carolyn brought tons of her quilts from her new book, Savor Each Stitch, and patterns. Eye candy was everywhere. This is Facing East from her book. It’s on my “to make” list!


Aerial Grove, which is also from her book, is a favorite of mine. I love the subtle color change in the background.


This is Stripes, the pattern we made at Sew Original. It’s so interesting how she played with color.


Sessoms, a pattern, is also an amazing color study. This is a close up, but the color change across the quilt is fascinating.


And here is Botanics, an appliqué pattern. It’s amazing in person; photos can’t do it justice.


They’re all so unique, yet her aesthetic shines through. I love the use of color and different fabric types.


This is Olive, the pattern we made in the second class. Stripe fabric are so cool in this pattern. Love!


The last class was needle turn appliqué at Thimble Pleasures in Chapel Hill. I’ve never done needle turn and enjoyed the class. My assistant also enjoyed the class!


And Nicole and Amanda Jean had a blast! We were definitely the trouble table, but it was so great to hang out and stitch.


All in all, it was a great weekend of stitching and friends.
xo LC

The Talented Mrs. Gray, Let’s Try Again

The Triad MQG is hosting Karen Gray on Tuesday! She was snowed out back in January. Karen is full of fabulous ideas and I’m certain that it will be a night to remember. Karen hosts Modern Fabric Group Therapy at The Little General and makes many awesome things. She made this adorable dog bed for Mr. Mack.


We meet at Southfork Community Center on Country Club at 6:30pm. It’s the large building behind Cricket’s Nest. We always meet the fourth Tuesday of the month. See you there!
xo LC