Terrific Tip Tuesday: Display Tools

Fall Quilt Market is over. There will be much sharing (and oversharing) about it next week. But it’s time for the Friday edition of Terrific Tip Tuesdays!! This is a display/photo shoot tip. I discovered these little bendy things at Home Depot. They’re technically called rubber reusable twist ties and come in multiple sizes. They look like this and are very pliable.


Trust me, they’re a huge asset for photoshoots. You can tie them, bend them and make them do lots of things. And they very easily hold up things like this!


Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday to The Guru!
xo LC

Made with May Chappell Pretties

I love when people email me or tag me with a picture of something made with one of my patterns or tutorials. I’m constantly amazed with the pretties! And I really love when they take it in a new direction! Check out this Fantastically Fussy quilt made by Mia. She changed the way the blocks are set and it’s amazing!


Ann made this beautiful Lazy Sunday! I love the colors; it’s cheerful and serene which is a tough combo to achieve.


Such cute backing too!


This little bag was made with my Fiver Tote tutorial (using the Fiver gets Wider option). Sarah did a great job!


I love the mix of solids with that fun ribbon.


These cuties were made by my awesome friend Debbie!! She did such a great job that I stole them (borrowed;) for my booth in Houston. They’re made with my Dotty Pouch tutorial.


Shanna made this HUGE Lazy Sunday! It’s gorgeous! She made so many great color choices here.


This gorgeous Lazy Sunday was made by BJ! She’s a prolific quilter and fabulous person. I love the colors she chose.


Xandi made this adorable All Sewn Up sewing kit. I want to steal it. The scissor fabric is perfect!


She did a beautiful job!!


These two Lazy Sundays were made by the same person. I feel terrible because I didn’t note who sent them. If you made them (or know who did!), please comment and I’ll update the post! UPDATE: They were made by Lisa Marie! They’re just lovely:)


They’re both beautiful so I had to share!


Debbie made this Fiver Tote for Gail! I love her fabric picks; they’re perfect for the bird loving Gail.


These beauties were made for Seams Like Home in Alaska! I love that they showed multiple sizes. The Designer Star pattern includes information for 10″ to 100″.


These are just a few of the amazing samples! Keep them coming.
xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Traveling with Quilts


Today I am heading out to Houston for my first Quilt Market! I’m booth 2247; tell your shop owners. So I had to pack A LOT of quilts. The best method…the big roll. First I laid them out flat on top of one another. I put a large one folded in half on the top and bottom with all the babies in the middle.


Then I rolled them onto an upholstery roll. The Guru snagged a bunch of rolls from the local Joann (thanks to Mark, the manager!). I tied them off with strips of fabric.


A huge shout out to my sweet friend Amy who helped me roll (and reroll, I’m a perfectionist:) all my quilts! I owe you!
xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: A Storage Idea


Today’s tip is courtesy of Lynn at The Little Red Hen. It was originally spotted on Instagram and she was kind enough to let me share it here! You know those Aurifil boxes that hold twelve spools of thread. Well once you’re done with the thread, look what they’re perfect for!!


They can hold machine feet (Lynn is a fellow Bernina lover), bobbins and other notions! Thanks Lynn!

xo LC


A couple months back I saw that my friend Amy (aka Sukie…don’t you know who she is?!) posted to Instagram that she got a new Bernina 350. I immediately had to tell her that we are machine twins and she’s obviously a genius for getting the greatest little machine!! And she immediately replied that we should have a SEWOFF! Fast forward to now and we are ready to throw it down.


This is a friendly sewoff that’s really about making a project in your own style. There’s no winner or loser. Although if you like my project more, shout it from the rooftops! But if you like hers more, keep that to yourself…there’s no winner here and nobody likes a whiner. We’ve decided to make the Moda Modern Building Blocks quilt. I’ve wanted to make this since I saw it at Market last year. I got my pattern from Sewlux.


Here’s our schedule:
November 3: Blocks 1-8
November 17: Blocks 9-16
December 1: Blocks 17-24
December 15: Blocks 25-32
January 5: Blocks 33-40
January 12: Blocks 41-48
February 2: Finished Quilt

While Amy and I are quilting, Jemellia and Lee H are garment making. They’ve already started and are making some beautiful things. Follow along on Instagram using #sewoff. Then for the final round, all four of us are making a bag.


Let the games begin!
xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Squaring a Quilt


Today’s tip is a special request courtesy of Sarah at Stitching & Bacon. She asked me for tips on squaring a quilt. I put a chair next to my cutting table to hold the bulk of the weight. You don’t want anything pulling and stretching.


My best advice is use two rulers: your largest square and you longest rectangle. I start by lining up the square in a corner and trimming.


Then I switch to the rectangle. I constantly check the lines of the ruler to make sure they’re “square” with seams in the quilt. I line the ruler up with at least 6″ of already cut area; this keeps me square.


When you get to the next corner, switch back to the square and repeat the process. Works like a charm every time!

xo LC

Soakbox Challenge

A few weeks ago, Dani at Soak asked me if I’d like to join in a bloggers challenge. I love nail polish and their boxes of coordinated colors are gorgeous. I selected the Lizzy House collection. I was swayed by the white that has a thin brush.


(Image courtesy of Soak.)

Basically working with the contents of this box, I needed to create two designs. It’s such a beautiful palette!


I’m a fan of a few accent nails so I started by painting all my nails with the coral. I did two coats.


Then I painted half of one nail vertically with the yellow.


Next add three small triangles in yellow. Do this by angling the brush out.


Using the (amazing) thin white brush outline the division between coral and yellow.


For the next design, paint half the nail blue horizontally.


Using the thin white brush, paint a row of dots along the color division line on the coral side.


The final designs!


Happy Painting!
xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Clip the Curve


Last week, the Triad MQG welcomed Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness to Winston Salem. While she was here, I hit her up for her favorite bag making trick! She said this is a basic tip, but it’s served her well. When you have loads of interfacing and you’re sewing a corner, clip out the bulk as you would in garment sewing. So simple, but it makes all the difference!! Thanks Sara!


xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Attaching Handles by Hand


Welcome to the Wednesday edition of Terrific Tip Tuesday! It’s possible that I flat out forgot to post yesterday. (It’s been a busy week; Sara Lawson is in town visiting the Triad MQG!) I really like the look of leather handles and love to use the ones that come prepunched. These need to be hand stitched to attach. Because the pressure points on handles are at the top, I like to start at the bottom and sew one stitch on the right, then one stitch on the left and keep going back and forth.


The back will look like shoelaces. This provides reinforcement.


And the finished product looks like this. I used all six strands of embroidery floss. It makes for a strong attractive attachment.


xo LC

So I Went to North Dakota

Last week my cousin and I went to Minnesota. I know what you’re thinking…it says North Dakota right there! ^^ We arrived in Minneapolis and drove up to the North Shore on Lake Superior. It’s gorgeous!! I’m already planning a trip back! We met a SUPER nice guy at the Duluth visitor center who was so helpful in planning our next few days. And he told me Fargo was only six hours away!! And I could walk across the headwaters of the Mississippi River en route! We were in Minnesota to check off Minnesota on our Visit All the States Tour and a quick detour over to North Dakota (and South Dakota!) would cross off even more for me! So off we went!! We stopped at the headwaters:)


Along the way, we found out ESPN College GameDay was going to be in Fargo!! What?! So I posted on Instagram.


Modern Textiles commented that they are in Fargo and located just blocks from GameDay! Obviously I had to stop by! Never doubt the power of social media!!


Can you even handle the cute?! Look at this packaging!


Every wall had something even more adorable than the last.


How happy are these mugs?! One now lives on my desk! And they had tons of Merchant & Mills loot. That’s a site where I often fill my cart and then back out because the international shipping is too overwhelming. They had everything! So I bought everything!!


They sell washi! Have I mentioned my love of washi?! Just here and here and here.


Can we talk about the wall of fabric? These gals have AMAZING taste! They literally had a wall of fabric I wanted to buy. I only got to meet one owner, Roxanne. She’s awesome! She’s definitely good quilty peeps!! And I’m sure Connie is just as fabulous.


Each of their displays was just so cute! These gals get an A+ in merchandising.


They had an extensive collection of wool felt. So pretty!


I want it all!!


So should you find yourself in North Dakota, go to this shop! Or if you’re in Minnesota, it’s quite close;) I look forward to my next visit!!