Terrific Tip Tuesday: A Bloody Issue


No one likes to poke their finger with a pin (or worse yet, sew over their finger), but it is so much worse when your blood gets on your fabric! I’ve found my words get less and less PG the bigger the mess. The best way to clean it, spit on it. Your spit gets out your blood. I’m sure there’s a fancy scientific reason that this works, but details aren’t important. It works.


Save the fabric!

xo LC

My First Booth Part 2

It’s hard to describe how it felt to stand in my booth. I was surrounded by a 100 square foot space of my work. My first booth visitor was Susanne Woods! I was just a little excited.


Guess who else came by my booth?! Denyse Schmidt! I’d never met her before. She’s just as wonderful as you’d hope. I was basically beside myself and the epitome of uncool. She was so complimentary and kind.


The Guru is a super fan so luckily we were both there when the came by!


I was thrilled to see the Olfa quilt that I contributed to earlier this year. My friend Amy and I found our blocks. The quilt turned out really amazing! Happy 35th Olfa!!


They used my block on the brochure!


Moda had their party at the baseball field which was beyond cool.


Soak was offering free manicures. I’m a huge fan of all of their products: nail polish, soakwash, flatter and handmaid. If only I could make my nails look like this.


Carolyn visited! Her Doe skirt was really amazing. She’s a great friend for answering hundreds of booth related questions over the past few months.


And the amazing Jen Kingwell with her daughter Lucy! They’re both brilliant quilt designers and can we talk about Jen’s new line for Moda?! Brilliant. Simply brilliant.


Roxanne and Connie from Modern Textiles came by! They own the super mod and fabulous shop in Fargo that I visited earlier this year. They’re such fun!


To be continued…
xo LC

Winged Tote TUTORIAL

Today I’m thrilled to be joining the Winged Blog Tour! Winged is the beautiful line from Bonnie Christine of Going Home to Roost. Bonnie’s work is gorgeous and she’s one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet! (And a fellow North Carolinian!) You can see the full tour schedule here. Make sure to check out the fabulously fussy cut potholders on Mish Mash from Friday. They’d be a great holiday present.


Today I’ll be showing you a simple tote with a fold over top. Let’s get started!

1. Supplies: You’ll need two 1/2 yards of fabric. (I recommend Winged;) You’ll also need a half yard of interfacing. I used non-fusible fleece. Soft & Stable, fusible fleece or even two layers of batting would work well too.


You’ll also need a set of prepunched handles.

2. Cutting: Cut two pieces from your lining that are 15 x 17″. If your fabric has a graphic pattern, you might want to fussy cut it so the design is straight.


Cut two 15 x 15″ pieces from your outer fabric.


Cut two 15 x 15″ pieces of interfacing. If you chose a fusible, fuse it.


Cut two 10 x 8″ pieces for the pocket.


3. Quilting: Place one outer piece on interfacing and quilt. I did straight line quilting with my walking foot. Quilt both outer panels.


4. Pocket: Place the two pocket pieces right sides together. Stitch with a 1/2″ seam around the edge leaving a 4″ opening.


Turn it right side out and press. Take one piece of lining and fold it in half vertically. Finger press. Fold the pocket in half vertically and finger press. Place the pocket on the lining using the fold marks to find center. Position it 4″ from the top. Make sure the opening is at the bottom.


Topstitch the pocket to the lining closing the opening as you attach. Back stitch at the beginning and end.


5. Form the Outside: Put the outer pieces right sides together. Sew the sides from top to bottom with a 1/2″ seam. You’re sewing in the same direction so that there is no pull in the fabric. See across the bottom as well.


6. Form the Lining: Repeat Step 5 with the lining pieces. Take care that the pocket is right side up.


7. Square the Corners: Fold the corner so that the seam from the side goes one way and the seam from the bottom goes the other. Place a pin in the seam to align the seams.


Place a pin in sideways and remove the perpendicular pin. Measure down 1 1/2″ from the seam intersection and mark a line.


Sew along the marked line.


Repeat for all four corners: two on lining and two on the outer piece.

8. Attaching the Handles: Place the handles 4″ in from the side and 3″ down from the top. Here’s a tip on attaching the handles.


9. Fold over the Lining: Fold the lining down 1″. Press.


Fold over again. Press.


10. Finishing: Put the lining inside the outside right sides together. I wanted to make the lining interchangeable so I just placed it in and did a few stitches along the seam to keep it in place. Alternatively, you could topstitch in place. You’re done!


Join Jennifer tomorrow on the Hopeful Homemaker for the next stop on the Winged tour!
xo LC

My First Booth Part 1

I’m still on a bit of a high from my first booth at Houston Quilt Market! The Guru and I packed up her Subaru Outback and drove. We were packed to the max!


It was a tight fit, but we got it in! We love a good road trip!!


Setup started bright and early at 10am. We found our spot and got everything unloaded.


My awesome Dad built my booth. We designed it together; there will be a separate post all about that! My Dad is good peeps.


We got the walls up pretty quickly! And then the real work started.


It looked like this at the end of the first day. We had All Squared Up hung on the back wall. We had also made the discovery that we were a row short on carpet squares. I’m still not sure what went down, but nothing a few beige bath mats in the corner couldn’t fix.


We hung the posters and yard sticks.


And then it was done!! Ta-da!


There were a lot of details in the booth. I wanted it to feel like my house. I love pieces with history and family connections. All the crates came from my cousins. The thread belonged to my Aunt Ann. I picked up that driftwood on the banks of Lake Superior.


The antique postcards in the corner are all from places I love. The crib belonged to my grandfather and his siblings.


I included a picture of May Chappell in the booth. Here’s the story on why I named my company May Chappell.


We were able to go to a few school houses. Carolyn’s was great!! She introduced this new pattern, Outhouse. Obviously a swap is in order; details on the blog this Wednesday!


We also loved Shea Henderson’s schoolhouse introducing her new book School of Sewing. I got zero pictures of it, but the book is awesome and deserved a shoutout. To be continued…
xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Storing Binding


I like to mass make binding. This relates heavily to my quest to immediately finish a quilt the EXACT moment I finish quilting. So I needed the perfect storage spot and I had these cool antique spools that The Guru gave me that I stole from The Guru’s house.


I’m certainly not the first person to put binding on a spool. But let me tell you how handy it is when you’re attaching binding…you can put the spool on your thread stand and unwind it as you attach it!
xo LC

Shirts 3.0 Deadline

I’ve just sent an email to all the Shirt swappers! If you didn’t get it and you need my address to mail in shirts, just email me or comment below. Some shirts are already rolling in. Check out these awesome ones from Cynthia!


The rules and details of the swap are here. The deadline to mail is extended to Wednesday, November 5!
Let the swapping commence!
xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Display Tools


Fall Quilt Market is over. There will be much sharing (and oversharing) about it next week. But it’s time for the Friday edition of Terrific Tip Tuesdays!! This is a display/photo shoot tip. I discovered these little bendy things at Home Depot. They’re technically called rubber reusable twist ties and come in multiple sizes. They look like this and are very pliable.


Trust me, they’re a huge asset for photoshoots. You can tie them, bend them and make them do lots of things. And they very easily hold up things like this!


Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday to The Guru!
xo LC

Made with May Chappell Pretties

I love when people email me or tag me with a picture of something made with one of my patterns or tutorials. I’m constantly amazed with the pretties! And I really love when they take it in a new direction! Check out this Fantastically Fussy quilt made by Mia. She changed the way the blocks are set and it’s amazing!


Ann made this beautiful Lazy Sunday! I love the colors; it’s cheerful and serene which is a tough combo to achieve.


Such cute backing too!


This little bag was made with my Fiver Tote tutorial (using the Fiver gets Wider option). Sarah did a great job!


I love the mix of solids with that fun ribbon.


These cuties were made by my awesome friend Debbie!! She did such a great job that I stole them (borrowed;) for my booth in Houston. They’re made with my Dotty Pouch tutorial.


Shanna made this HUGE Lazy Sunday! It’s gorgeous! She made so many great color choices here.


This gorgeous Lazy Sunday was made by BJ! She’s a prolific quilter and fabulous person. I love the colors she chose.


Xandi made this adorable All Sewn Up sewing kit. I want to steal it. The scissor fabric is perfect!


She did a beautiful job!!


These two Lazy Sundays were made by the same person. I feel terrible because I didn’t note who sent them. If you made them (or know who did!), please comment and I’ll update the post! UPDATE: They were made by Lisa Marie! They’re just lovely:)


They’re both beautiful so I had to share!


Debbie made this Fiver Tote for Gail! I love her fabric picks; they’re perfect for the bird loving Gail.


These beauties were made for Seams Like Home in Alaska! I love that they showed multiple sizes. The Designer Star pattern includes information for 10″ to 100″.


These are just a few of the amazing samples! Keep them coming.
xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Traveling with Quilts


Today I am heading out to Houston for my first Quilt Market! I’m booth 2247; tell your shop owners. So I had to pack A LOT of quilts. The best method…the big roll. First I laid them out flat on top of one another. I put a large one folded in half on the top and bottom with all the babies in the middle.


Then I rolled them onto an upholstery roll. The Guru snagged a bunch of rolls from the local Joann (thanks to Mark, the manager!). I tied them off with strips of fabric.


A huge shout out to my sweet friend Amy who helped me roll (and reroll, I’m a perfectionist:) all my quilts! I owe you!
xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: A Storage Idea


Today’s tip is courtesy of Lynn at The Little Red Hen. It was originally spotted on Instagram and she was kind enough to let me share it here! You know those Aurifil boxes that hold twelve spools of thread. Well once you’re done with the thread, look what they’re perfect for!!


They can hold machine feet (Lynn is a fellow Bernina lover), bobbins and other notions! Thanks Lynn!

xo LC