Sewoff! Week 2

It’s time for another post on the Sewoff! Here’s the deal, the pattern we were working with is really more cutting directions than pattern. Amy and I chatted over the weekend and we’re struggling with inviting other people to join us on a pattern that could prove difficult for some. So we are changing it up! We are going to make my All Squared Up pattern!


We’d love for you to join us! You can buy the pattern in my Craftsy shop. I’ve discounted it to $6, no coupon code needed. We will be sticking with a similar schedule, our next post will be January 14, with final quilts on February 4. You can make one block or a big bed quilt!
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Around the World Blog Hop

Have y’all seen all the Around the World blog hop posts popping up? It’s a cool idea because you can trace back and see who tagged who and discover a million new blogs and a million new things that you want to make! (Or at least that’s what I did!) I was invited to join the extravaganza by Jen Kingwell! If you’re not already following Jen’s blog, then you should! She’s an amazingly talented quilter, pattern writer and now fabric designer! And I must add, one of my favorite people in the quilting world! The point of the blog hop is a glimpse into my world and then I send you on your merry way to a few new blogs that you’ll love discovering. So, here goes…I’m a pattern writer and teacher. My style definitely skirts the line between traditional with a modern touch. I love color and scrappy!

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 6.03.48 PM

My background is in graphic design and that comes in handy with pattern development. I love color and some of my most popular classes are my color workshops. I love teaching and count many of my students among my closest friends. I have a huge passion for quilting and enjoy passing that along. At heart, I am a perfectionist, but I balance that with the reality that life is too short! One of the most popular series on my blog is Terrific Tip Tuesday where I share little tricks and tips for making sewing and quilting easier. Check them out here.


Here are some things that I’m working on right now. I bought a pack of Denyse Schmidt charms from Marci on Instagram and I’m making a simple quilt. I love it!


I’m hosting a swap called To the Outhouse & Don’t Forget Your Shirt where we are swapping Carolyn Friedlander Shirts and Outhouses. All the details are here. This shirt was made by Cynthia Lees and outhouse by Carolyn Friedlander.


Now I’m going to introduce you to three awesome sewists! First up is Dana Bolyard of Old Red Barn Co. She’s a fantastic quilter and an even more fantastic person. She’s loads of fun and makes beautiful things, including her very own book! I met her at Sew South and feel lucky to call her a friend. Check her out here.


Next up is Elizabeth Dackson of Don’t Call Me Betsy! She’s uber talented with lots of books, patterns and teaching gigs. Her Craftsy classes are quite popular; she has a new one about paper piecing that I’m hearing good things about. On a personal note, she’s helped me more than words can say on the Leadership Conference for the MQG. She’s the bomb! Check out her blog here.

4857_Stills_005_SQ-WEB2_zps9a8b596bLast, but certainly not least, is Miss Ginny Fisher of Fishcreek Studio! She makes all kinds of pretties and is a great person to follow on Instagram. Her blog chronicles her projects and you’ll find lots of inspiration. She’s also a really fun gal to hang out with and her lake house is the perfect sewing destination when I find myself in the Midwest! Love her!! Check out her blog here.

Ginny updated pic 32013I hope y’all are all lost in the quilty inspiration of the Around the World Blog Hop as I was.

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Merry Mug Rug TUTORIAL

Today I’m joining Jennifer from Ellison Lane on the Merry Mug Rugs blog hop! She’s got a great line up of talented sewists full of fun holiday ideas. I’m generally not a huge mug rug person, but I’ve found A. People love them! B. Most mug rug tutorials can easily become potholder tutorials. C. They make fast, easy & fun gifts! If you need more holiday gift decoration and gift ideas, check out all my other tutorials!


We are going to make this fun little mug rug with buttons!


Let’s get started!
1. Supplies: You need two pieces that are about 10×10″. I used leftover pieces from a layer cake. You’ll also need a 12×12″ piece of batting. And 30″ of binding; I used a scrap!


2. Prep the Sandwich: Make the quilt sandwich. I pressed the pieces to the batting in lieu of pinning.


3. Quilting: Quilt the background. I did pebbles that looked like snowballs. You could also straightline quilt. Anything goes!


4. Trimming: Trim the piece to 8×8″.


5. Binding: Bind the mug rug. This is a great opportunity to use a piece of scrap binding.


6. Marking the Tree: Mark 1 1/4″ in from the sides and 1 1/2″ from the bottom on each side.


Mark a dotted center line of the tree as well. Make sure you just do small marks that you can cover with buttons. Remember, these are just a guide.


It should look something like this. I placed a button on the point so you can see them.


7. Place the Buttons: Start placing the buttons. I glued them in place with plans to go back and sew them!


I used as many greens as I had mixed with bright colors.




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Sewoff! Week 1

You might have noticed that I’m a bit behind in this post. Things got busy! Amy organized Sewtopia, life happened. Don’t judge, we are pushing everything back. You can read all about the Sewoff here.

Here’s the new schedule:
December 10: Blocks 1-8
December 17: Blocks 9-16
December 31: Blocks 17-24
January 14: Blocks 25-32
January 21: Blocks 33-40
January 28: Blocks 41-48
February 4: Finished Quilt

Here are my blocks! These puppies are HUGE!


My one issue with this pattern is that it is really just cutting directions. It was intended to be a block of the month. I assume that most shops are working along with their customers with more detailed directions. However, I like to oversize my pieces and trim. This was difficult with how the pattern was written. I tried on the first block. You can see how unsuccessful I was here. I had to oversize the yellow pieces to compensate for shoddy quilty math on my part!


If I was making this again, I would redo the pattern for oversized pieces. There are a lot of triangles to make sure you keep your points! Here is a blocked #2!


I’m using Carolyn Friedlander ledger for all the background and bright oranges and corals with teal, lime and pink accents. I had to order more teal for this block!


And block #4! It’s 30″ square!!


Check out Amy’s post here. We’d love for you to join us by sewing along!!
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Terrific Tip Tuesday: Marking Fabric


In order to sew accurate half square triangles and flying geese, it’s important to start with a well marked square. I place my pen in the corner and align the ruler next to it. This puts the ruler in the right spot, so that the line goes to the corner and not next to it.


I draw the line starting in the middle and going out. This keeps the fabric from bunching. Draw slowly and carefully.


Perfect! But if it’s not, don’t be afraid to erase and try again.


xo LC

To the Outhouse & Don’t Forget Your Shirts Swap

I’ve hosted a few rounds of the All Shirts No Shoes swap. It’s been great fun and I’ve been amazed by the talent and creativity of this community. Shirts 3.0 is coming to a close. The shirts are all heading off to their new homes! We exchanged around 200 shirts which is amazing considering it’s the holidays!


So it’s time for the next round…with a twist! Carolyn has a fabulous new pattern, Outhouse. It’s meant for swapping! So instead of Shirts 4.0, we are doing the “To the Outhouse & Don’t Forget Your Shirts”! That’s right, we are swapping both SHIRTS and OUTHOUSES!


The patterns are awesomely detailed! Here are the rules.
1. You will get back the same amount of shirts/outhouses that you mail in. You can make five or five hundred. All the same fabric or different:) You can send just shirts or just outhouses! If you send 7 shirts and 12 outhouses, you’ll get back 7 shirts and 12 outhouses.
2. Ship your shirts to me by April 1. If you’re international, try to ship by March 20:) Once you sign up, I’ll email you my address. Signing up is how you get my address; it’s not a commitment to participate. I’ll update and post reminders about the swap here on my blog.
3. All items must come from a SMOKE FREE home.
4. You must include return postage. Please send a self addressed stamped envelope; it’s much easier for me.
5. If you’re international, I will send a PayPal request for return postage.
6. When you mail your package, please attach a notecard to the inside of a gallon bag as shown. It should have the following info:
A. Your Name
B. Your Mailing Address
C. Your Email
D. How many shirts/outhouses you sent.
E. Any special requests you have for the shirts/outhouses you’ll get back. (“I hate orange.” “Anything is great!” “No florals please.” “Masculine prints only.” “Love pink!”) I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to adhere to this, but I’ll try!!


7. Use the hashtag #outhouseshirtsswap on Instagram! Find your fellow swappers:)

A few details about the sewing!

1. Background for the shirts is white or cream. It can be anything that fits in this family, but it must be quilt shop quality (Robert Kaufman Kona, Moda Bella, FreeSpirit Solids). Robert Kaufman Kona from Joann is acceptable too! (Robert Kaufman has confirmed that if it says Robert Kaufman Kona, it is the same.) It should be solid; no tone on tones or prints. Carolyn’s white on white crosshatch is also a go!


Background for the outhouses should be light neutral. Prints are great as long as they’re more tone on tone. Carolyn’s crosshatch prints are great! Solids are also fine!!


2. The colored fabric is up to you! Use modern fun fabrics. No batiks or civil war prints please!


3. Remember to use a shorter stitch length and quality neutral thread. I use Aurifil, but it’s up to you. (Aurifil is pretty awesome though so I highly recommend it.) Make sure your seams are 1/4″!


4. Leave on your paper! And sign the back with your name, blog (if applicable) and location.



Are you in?! SIGN UP here! Signing up is not a commitment to send shirts; it is the list that I will send my address to:)

Do you need a pattern? They’re both available directly from Carolyn! Email Include your name, paypal email, which pattern you want and mention this swap for free shipping during December. The patterns are $12 each.

Go forth and make outhouses and shirts!

xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Organizing Trim


My trim drawer used to look like this. It was bad news. I couldn’t find anything and when I did, I had to iron it before I used it.


So I cut a few comic book boards in half lengthwise and wrapped the trim. Organized and nice to look at!


I also realized that I should not buy any more trim. Probably ever.
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The Sewing Porch GIVEAWAY

I’ve recently cleaned up the Sewing Porch! Why you ask? Because I GOT A NEW SEWING MACHINE! Don’t worry, Macy is still around; she’s going to be my travel machine. I wanted a full size machine and I chose the Bernina 530 Swiss Edition. I’ll admit to being swayed by the super awesome red faceplate. This machine is pretty amazing! I’ll also admit that I might have gotten a new cutting mat to match. I do love red!


I moved out of my bedroom and onto the Sewing Porch about a year ago. I love the space since it’s full of natural light. I wrote about my old space here. There are lots of tips for organization! I have most things set up the same in the new space. Off to the side, I have my old laptop (for endless trivial tv viewing), my iron, two tv stand ironing boards and a basket for scraps under my desk. I keep scraps in there until it’s full (this is pretty close!) and then I make a scrap project and donate the scraps to my guild!


I still use my handy dandy red box from my old Bernina 830. It’s a great box for all my feet and such. I’ve long been a Bernina lover.


Here’s a good shot of the machine! And my view!!


To the other side, I have more stuff super important sewing loot! I love all the friends that made me these treasures and I hope that my treasures are loved in their sewing spaces.


The new machine does some pretty fancy stitching. I had to play!


And play some more!


So, it’s time for the GIVEAWAY! What should I name the new machine?! Lucy and Big Red have been very popular as I’ve chatted with people this week. But what do you think? Nominate a name in the comment section. If I choose your name, I will make you something cool on my new machine!!


I can’t wait to hear your ideas! The contest is open until I pick a name!!
xo LC

My First Booth Part 4

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! (And that all the international folk enjoyed watching the Americans gorge on food.) I am feeling very thankful and blessed for the amazing year I’ve had. This is my final installment about Market and, in my mind, the most important. I owe the biggest shoutout and thank you to all those friends and family that made something/finished something for my booth! (And everyone that listened to me talk about my plans ad nauseam the past few months.) I really cannot ever thank you enough! First of all, let’s talk about Shirley Bailey, you might know her as the owner of my main local quilt store, Sew Original. For me, she’s the binding fairy. She hand bound almost every quilt in my booth. You might know that I’m picky and her binding is PERFECT. Absolutely perfect. Shirley, I owe you:) I seriously don’t know what I would have done without you.


My sweet friend Tessa pieced and quilted this beauty! I had cut the fabric and knew that I wouldn’t get to it. I mailed it to Tessa and the USPS ate the package. So, I cut it again and mailed it off. She finished it (in about five days!) and shipped it directly to my hotel in Houston. She’s a really good friend. A really, really good friend. It’s going to be a free pattern coming soon:)


Sarah made this table runner with my Blue Ridge Quilt Pattern. We facetimed and picked really great fabrics. I love her quilting choices! She’s the best!!


Kelly Wood quilted this for me! I’ve stolen the image from Quilters Dream Instagram account; they took a fabulous photo. Kelly used two layers of Quilters Dream Select batting to make the quilting really show. I pieced this top with half square triangles based on my All Squared Up pattern.


She hid so many little gems in this piece. There’s a bee that’s an homage to the Flora & Fauna fabric that I used.


And she quilted honeycombs. Needless to say, she’s pretty amazing.


It was over:( I sent my quilts off to Country Fabrics in Minnesota for a trunk show. This was a huge relief as it cleared some room in the car.


Taking it all down is MUCH faster than putting it up!


My last big thank you is to my Mom & Dad. My Dad built my booth and went on countless Home Depot treks! (More on that later.) The booth was amazing and exactly as I wanted it to be. My Mom was my right hand man/The Guru/Chief Minion. She abandoned all her own sewing projects for the past two months to help me. I could not have done it without her. When I decided to do my first market booth, I asked them to help and they both jumped on board. I’m not sure any of us knew what we were getting into. I always joke that it’s a miracle that they answer my calls.


I’m already looking forward to Minneapolis in the Spring!

xo LC