Terrific Tip Tuesday: Wonders of Washi 2

Are you ready for some more fun with washi?! I use it all the time in my sewing world and I have a few more tips for today! When I cut the same length over and over, I mark my ruler with washi. It comes off easily when I’m done and no residue! I mark a smidge past the line so I can still use the line for alignment.


This week I found myself binding while I was out and about. My whole world is covered in thread, so it doesn’t bother me at home. But out in the (nonsewing) world, I try not to leave a trail of thread. Insert the wonderful world of washi! One upside down piece of washi and I was in business.


And one more! This weekend, I’m heading to a retreat. One unfortunate side effect of sewing among other sewists is losing your tools. Lots of us have the same tools and washi is cuter than sharpie!!


Happy washi-ing!
xo LC

More City Sampler Fun

Everyone is moving right along in the City Sampler classes at The Little General! I’m so thrilled with how all the quilts are coming together. The end is in sight!! My sweet friend (British) Sarah is catching up and fussy cutting like a madwoman!


Joan is doing a rainbow quilt. She counted how many she has/needs and is focusing on specific colors. Looking good!


Cynthia also showed some really fabulous fussy cuts! Those cube blocks are perfect!!


And as always, Theresa didn’t disappoint. She’s added in some new fabrics which look great!


Debbie started her sashing!! Love! She also added in some new pinks!


Tomoe also started her sashing. It’s been a heavily discussed topic in class on whether to go with black, white or add a color in the sashing. The black is perfect!!


The group at Sew Original is just getting started. This is their second round of blocks and they look awesome!! Cydney did some fabulous work with her AMH and added in some Tula!


Shirley is using mostly Tula and adding in from her stash. Since her stash is an entire quilt shop, she’s got options!! Love her colors!


Look at this fussy cut that Shirley did! Are you kidding me?! Amazing!


Chris had to miss the first class, so she caught up this month. They look wonderful!!


Denise is making a rainbow version! They look great!! She’s using the colors from the book as her guide.


The Guru is calling this quilt, the Happiness Project. It’s looking good! She’s going to add in some solids, but she is mostly using Wishes by Sweetwater.


Jeannie had to miss class. But she brought her favorite block to the makeup class. So bright and pretty!


And my blocks!! My quilt for the Little General group is coming along. I’m forcing myself to use some of the fabrics that I’ve ignored. I’m definitely looking for new things to fussy cut! I also haven’t quite finished all my blocks, but that’s okay…


Tula 3.0, my quilt I’m making with the Sew Original group, might be my new favorite quilt. I’m a bit obsessed. I’m using a background (Carolyn Friedlander Botanics) and adding vibrant colors.


xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Wonders of Washi 1

Do y’all have a love for washi like me? Washi tape is the fabulous paper tape that’s printed with lots of adorable prints and patterns. I’m a huge fan and I even have this adorable dispenser! (I bought it on Etsy.)


I’ve found quite a few uses for washi in my sewing room and I’ll be bringing them all to you as part of the Tuesday Tip series. Here are two that are thread related. You know how unruly monofilament and transparent thread can get. It begins to unravel the moment you open the plastic. I use washi to tape the end to the bottom. Washi doesn’t leave a gross sticky residue like most tapes would! You can actually tape directly to the thread on the spool and stay residue free.


I also use washi to mark my binding as I’m working on it. I stick the needle in to take a break and tape over it with washi. It makes it easy to find my spot and protects the needle from sliding out. AND residue free!


I keep washi in all my sewing boxes and in my binding kit!


There are so many great uses!! I’ll see you next week with more wonders of washi!
xo LC

And the Awesome Shirt Goes To…

Thanks to everyone who entered the Giveaway!! The Chihuahua spent the evening helping me with this quilt and picking two lucky winners!


Sometimes his version of helping really works against me. He chose number 19 & 88!



Jo and Nicole! Congrats y’all! I will email you for your address and you’ll get a sweet shirt from Patchwork Threads and a Designer Star pattern!



For those of you that didn’t win, you still have until Tuesday to order your shirt!! Use the MAYCHAPPELL10 coupon code! Remember that 20% of proceeds go to Quilts of Valor!!
xo LC

Quilts of Valor & Patchwork Threads GIVEAWAY

Have y’all seen the AWESOME new patchwork inspired shirts creeping up on social media?! They’re adorable!! They’re made by a great company called Patchwork Threads! And they’ve used my Designer Star block for their new Quilts of Valor shirt! 20% of the proceeds go to Quilts of Valor! An amazing shirt AND a good cause:) You know you want one, so click here and use the coupon code MAYCHAPPELL10 and get your patriotism on!


I’m so excited!! You can bet I’ll be sporting one for my Memorial Day/Independence Day festivities! And I have to GIVEAWAY a couple shirts too!! There will be TWO WINNERS! Each will receive the QOV Designer Star shirt and the Designer Star pattern!! Only open to US mailing addresses.
As always, there are lots of ways to enter!
1. Leave a comment about your favorite Independence Day activity! Mine is watching the fireworks waterfront at my Aunt’s in Charleston!!
2. Follow my blog with Bloglovin or RSS feed.
3. Follow me on Facebook.
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7. Subscribe to my blog via email.
8. Post, tweet or blog about the giveaway for extra entries. (One for each time you do it!)
There are lots of ways to get an entry; you can do just one or all of them. Please post a separate comment for each entry! Entries open through 5 pm on Sunday!! Mack the Chihuahua will select a winner; he tends to use the random number generator in between naps.

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of going to work with Operation Sew Thankful, a Raleigh area Quilts of Valor group. My friend Kari had asked me to donate my Designer Star pattern to the group and to come over and teach a mini class.


Everyone was so nice! That’s probably to be expected since they’re all volunteering for such a great group!! My talented friend Chrissy, who owns Sew Lux Fabric with her Mom, put together kits for the group. She’s keeping them available in case you’re interested in making a Quilt of Valor! She made this beauty in the class!!


Lisa, who runs Operation Sew Thankful, made this gorgeous version!! She’s actually sporting a Patchwork Threads shirt in this picture!


Sandy made another one from the Sew Lux kit! Love it!!


And sweet Nella made this! She’s working with the group to make a quilt for every veteran in her high school class.


This one turned out great too! Love the yellow!!


Kari made hers scrappy!! She used some really cool fabrics, including a plane print since this one is earmarked for an Air Force veteran!


Thanks for inviting me to your group Kari!! I loved meeting all of you!
xo LC

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Paper Blade

Today’s tip is an oldie but a goodie! If you like to paper piece, you know you have trim up the paper when you’re done with the block. But you also know that using your rotary on paper will dull the blade. So label a second rotary with a P and put your dull fabric blade on it. Each time the fabric rotary gets a new blade, the paper rotary gets the old blade. (And the old paper blade goes in the trash!) If you don’t have two rotary cutters, just put a P on the old blade with a sharpie and switch out the blade when you’re cutting paper.


Now that you have a paper rotary cutter, you’ll find a million uses for it!
xo LC

Appliqué with Sue

My quilty friend Sue is AMAZING at machine blind appliqué. You really can’t believe she does it on the machine!! This is a quilt she made…on her machine! She’s crazy talented! (It was quilted by Gina Allen and made in a class with Kathleen Baden.)


I just can’t get over that she does it on a machine. She preps everything with the freezer paper method and then uses a blind hem stitch with transparent thread. Gorgeous!


Then I found out she does classes!! So excited! So we got together and I got to work.


She had made a little tea towel and I made a version of that!


I’m in this group called Handmade Birthday Club and each month you send a handmade birthday present to the birthday girl. This month is Courtney, so I picked colors she would like. She loved it! I still cannot get over how hidden the stitches are.


Thanks Sue for an awesome class! If you’re local, she’s teaching it at The Little General. One more picture!


xo LC

Carolyn is Coming to Town

Ya’ll might remember me sharing my (somewhat overzealous) excitement for the Carolyn Friedlander class that I took a few months ago. It was such a wonderful experience!! And guess what?! She’s coming to Winston-Salem AND Greensboro!! I’m so excited that I can barely wait…and it’s not until August!!

First up is her Stripes pattern at Sew Original! It’s Friday, August 15! I have all kinds of plans for this pattern; it’s such a cool design.

1111-stripes-front-cover_405px-1 Check out this awesome version that she made with her Mom! Maybe The Guru and I will make one together?!


And on Saturday, August 16, you can join Carolyn again at Studio Stitch!! We are making the Olive pattern. I love this one too! If you’re local, you need to go see Muriel’s version that is hanging at Sew Original. The colors are amazing!


The workshops are $110 each, but it’s $200 if you do both! You will want to sign up immediately! Trust me, it’s a life mistake if you don’t take at least one of these classes. Carolyn is amazingly talented and so much fun!! I’ll be there for both! Call Sew Original at 336.760.1121 and Studio Stitch at 336.288.9200 to register!

xo LC

Images used with permission from Carolyn Friedlander.

Terrific Tip Tuesday: Phone Pic

Today’s tip doesn’t apply to folks with fancy pants machines. You know when you’re using a specialty stitch and you get everything all set up and then you try to take notes on all the settings, but your notes don’t make sense the next day?! If this doesn’t happen to you, you can join all the people in the fancy pants machine category! It used to happen to me a lot, then I started taking a phone picture of my settings. Works like a charm! Fancy pants machine users can use their memory components.


And if you’re like me, it’s also possible that you’d forget to change the settings as well, so I use the post it system for that! I stick a post it with CHANGE SETTINGS to the front of my machine. A simple reminder!!
xo LC

From Stars to Crosses (& Everything in Between!)

I’ve been teaching all over lately! I started at Studio Stitch for a sewing machine cover class. We used the Empty Bobbin Cover Up pattern.


Nancy used these pretty florals! Her sewing machine is in the family room so she wanted something that she’d like in there.


Gail used bright and fun fabrics! She had gotten these fabrics at a quilt show and was saving them for a special project; this was perfect!


Jane used Sweet Serenade for hers! It’s very pretty. I love that the chevron fabric makes that section look pieced.


Debbie used lots of Bonnie & Camille. Her accent stripe is horizontal…we are going to use the phrase “happy accident”. And I love that she ruffled the bottom!!


The Guru also took that class, but she’s still finishing. Her machine was in the shop for its annual physical, so she’s waiting to make the bottom border perfect. Will post a pic soon!

Then I headed down to Linderellas for the scrappy star class. We are using Sarah Fielke’s Stars in Your Eyes pattern from Quilting from Little Things.


You end up with lots of fun shaped scraps and Marge made baby stars. Love!


Michelle is using Simply Color and she mixed in lots of solids!! I love how the ombré looks on this.


Jessica is doing a patriotic version. She even mixed in some homespun. It is so pretty!


Julie embraced Kaffe and her love of color. I love how bright and fun it is.


Marge, Julie’s Mom, also used Kaffe. The background makes them look totally different. She had initially chosen a light celery color, but this dark blue is awesome!! It makes the stars pop!


Marge has completed her top! Check out the cool borders she made with her scraps!! Love! Love!! Love!!!


Lynn also finished her top! She used Scrumptious and it’s amazing!!


Then I headed back to Studio Stitch for granny blocks! This was the class that I wasn’t sure if it would happen; we rescheduled twice because of crappy weather. I had a very special guest in this class… Sweet Vic! I met her at Sew South last year and her daughter is one of my best sewing buddies. She’s been trying to take one of my classes and it finally worked! She did a great job and got her strips sewn before she had to leave.


Marquita finished her pretty grey and pink block! It’s gorgeous!!


Kelsie also finished hers. She’s using really pretty autumn colored batiks.


And Susan! She is using Sphere from Zen Chic. This is such a great line and I love the hint of yellow.


Then I headed to Sew Original for another Scrappy Star class. Gail is almost done with hers. I love that she did non-scrappy stars. It’s gorgeous!!


Shirley is also using Sphere by Zen Chic. She’s making a queen and has finished half her background and all her stars! Quite the labor of love!!


Denise made hers out of Denyse Schmidt. The background is little dark green dots. It’s gorgeous. I’m considering stealing it!!


Next up was the Modern Cross class, also at Sew Original! Gail, Shirley & Denise were repeat offenders and were joined by Trish, Cynthia & The Guru. There were some grumblings about the photos, so we did a group shot!! These quilts are going to be AMAZING! We are using Modern Log Cabin Quilting by Susan Beal.


I enjoy teaching so much and I’m so proud of what everyone makes.
xo LC